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  1. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! Mine had to be fixed twice, and all I got back both times was 1 month of Live. Not worth it really but can't complain I guess!
  2. Re: Official Xbox 360 group/thread! My gamertag is SpokenPuppy My subscription lasts until the 15th of this month, and seeing as I rarely use the 360, my skills have deteriorated of late! But the games I go on are: Halo 3 GTA 4 Forza 2 bout it I have a few more games but have no real interest of going on the online
  3. Re: JUVENTUS rating prediction ! Jesus some of you guys need to lighten up! He's just predicted ratings, in a matter of his opinion. It matters not if you have a different opinion to him, because at the end of the day it's down to SM. Chillax!
  4. Re: Antonio Valencia *must* get a 91. I think Valencia deserves 91, but I have a sneeky suspicion that SM will rise him to 90 this time, then 91 next time. Whichever way it goes, he surely will get it! OR I WILL GO SICK peace out
  5. Re: Making your own formation? Brilliant idea! hope to see SM make it a reality, it would sure bring a lot more flexibility.
  6. Re: What would you do? I recommend you sell: Drenthe (isnt getting much game time at Madrid, he will drop) Gallas (getting on a bit) Nani Giovani not really sure about the rest maybe sell Van Der Sar and get a younger keeper like Lloris or Asenjo? Some good players to get would be cenre back Nicolas Otamendi (86) should rise to 89 in the next Argentine changes I believe. Aly Cissokho is also a good choice Ermm... Neymar (82) or Keirrison (87) are good prospects can't really think at the moment sorry mate!
  7. Kanoute happy at Roma Recent signing Fredric Kanoute has said in a Roma news conference that he is very happy at the club. 'At Sevilla, the medical staff didn't treat me very well,' the 32 year old said after the 2-0 win at Schalke, a game which the veteran missed out on for the younger Fernando Llorente to stretch his legs for the 8th time this season. 'Here at Roma, i suffered a small injury, and straight away the medical staff gave me the best possible treatement. I only missed one game.' The Malian forward is Roma's top scorer this season, netting 13 goals in 14 appearances, a feat which Vucinic has not been able to achieve in 2 seasons under manager Underwood. Montenegran star Vucinic has been shifted to the wings with the arrival of Kanoute, and has played expectionally well, assisting 7 times in 19 appearances but only scoring 4. Despite the good situation with the centre forward Kanoute, Roma have struggled with finding a good attacking midfield to play behing the striker. Underwood has rotated between Brazilian tank Julio Baptista and Italian ace Alberto Aquilani, but has so far been unable to choose between the two. 'It is difficult,' said James Underwood, 'Alberto is more of a playmaker, who assists the striker and wingers, but Julio scores more.'
  8. Re: Roma Gameworld 4236 We regret to inform you that our news board had been down for some time, but we are back and will fill you in with all results since the cataclysmic Arsenal match! League: Lyon 2-3 Roma League: Roma 2-0 Hamburg Cup: Roma 0-1 Palermo League: Stuttgart 2-2 Roma League: Roma Youth 1-0 Fiorentina Shield: Santos 2-4 Roma Youth League: Sevilla 0-2 Roma League: Roma 6-2 Milan League: Chelsea 3-1 Roma League: Villareal 1-1 Roma Shield: Spartak Moscow 3-0 Roma Youth League: Roma 0-1 Internazionale League: Athletico 1-3 Roma League: Roma 0-1 Liverpool League: Manchester United 2-5 Roma League: Roma 2-0 Lazio League: Real Madrid 2-4 Roma League: Roma 1-4 Barcelona League: FC Porto 3-0 Roma League: Roma 3-0 Bayern Munchen League: Schalke 0-2 Roma From now on, we shall give you full match reports, and apologise for any inconvenience.
  9. Re: Love Juventus! But who should I sell out of these two... Cheers mate!
  10. Sell Molinaro, or DeCeglie? Or even both? If so, who could I buy to replace them as 2nd choice LB? (3rd choice is Caceres). Also, I am selling Legrottaglie, and am lining up a move for Lille's Rami. Is this a good choice? Help would be appreciated
  11. Re: ronn's AC Milan rating prediction! Anyone who thinks Ronaldinho is rubbish can go and... well, can go away! Yeah he's had a dip in form, perhaps through lack of confidence? I must confess I don't keep watch over Serie A much but he's a great footballer! Gotta love Ronaldinho, he is just pure class. Support Ronaldinho! His best form will return!
  12. Re: Best formation and/or tactics for my new Juventus team? james underwood (champ) is my name haha and cheers
  13. Re: Best formation and/or tactics for my new Juventus team? ahhhh great advice guys cheers.... jesus.. you cant ask anyone else.. gotta do everything yourself!
  14. I have just taken over Juventus in world champ 7302 (lucky eh?). They have only played one game so I would have them for pretty much the whole season. There have been no transfers, so I have the original team! I'll post a link to show the team anyhow. So.. what formation and tactics do you guys think I should use? thanks http://www.soccermanager.com/club.php?action=tc
  15. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Cheers haha
  16. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings What is gonna happen to Muntari's rating? Is he getting games for Inter?
  17. Re: Sell Kranjcar? Cheers guys Gonna go along with Distin and/or Fofana
  18. Re: Sell Kranjcar? Cheers well they're both under a transfer ban but they end soon I think. Not sure if I wanna sell Collison though.. he's welsh
  19. Hey, season has just ended for me and my Portsmouth team and I got 4.3 mill prize money, which lifted me out of my debt Anyway, I need to buy another winger and a left back, but I dont have the funds. The only player I can think of selling is Kranjcar, or perhaps Distin. But if I sell Distin, I will need to get someone like Otamendi to fill the gap. Who should I sell people? Here is a link to my team (which I hope works!)-if it doesnt, I shall manually type the team on a new post! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=185132&clubid=18911616&sid=22501
  20. Re: Rate My Team Thread Rate my team please im proud of it myself, as I finished 2nd in both of my first seasons in charge, and am currently 1st in div one atm Hope the link works! http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=185132&clubid=9599652&sid=20242
  21. Re: Role definition This is a really interesting theory. Thing is, I think that the match engine probably isn't smart enough. Notice, though, that I put emphasis on the word probably! I can't think of how to word my own opinion on this, as it wouldn't make any sense. Nevertheless I think that your theory on this could be correct. Indeed, unless you already have done, it would be a good idea if a few of us (including you, ofcourse) could investigate and take control of a club on SM purely to experiment. I just hope a member of SM doesn't reply to this and dissapoint us!
  22. Re: Birmingham City FC ratings I agree with these guys, good post! Seems like you know what you're talking about so if anyone contradicts you they can go and.. themselves.
  23. Re: Wayne Rooney - Over Rated X Brilliant player, no question. More than deserves his 96, and needs 97 in the near future. I just don't like it when people compare him to Torres... it makes my blood boil! They are both brilliant at what they do, but they are both different. And let's be honest, Rooney is the more complete player. I'm not saying he is better, what I'm saying is that Torres isn't. Anyway... Rooney for 97!
  24. Re: Roma Gameworld 4236 Roma stunned even their own fans last night by completely annihalating Arsenal in a 4-0 victory. Arsenal's slow start to the season has been reflected by their poor performances. Last night Roma showed that even defensive tactics can be attacking. Llorente, Taddei, Olic and De Rossi all added to the score sheet, with only Van Persie of Arsenal coming close. 'I am very proud,' said James Underwood, 'it was a crucial home win, and what is more, we kept a clean sheet.' Roma are now top of the table with 7 goals for, and 0 goals against after 3 games.
  25. Re: RM Needed and LUCHO GONZALES doubt! Navas is a great player, so if you can get him... do it! Yeah I think Lucho may go down, unless he impresses. 93 is the highest rating in the french league and the rating also belongs to Toulalan. Then again, if you can keep Lucho and get Navas...
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