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  1. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Sweet mate but ive got a funny feeling theres already a team about' date=' will have to look into it PS3 mate, that any good?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Without doubt mate as long as your buying.
  3. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Hello boys, Some of you might remember me some might not i aint been around for a while haha, but basically last year we managed to get a pretty successful Pro Club going and im pretty sure we could do the same this year, so how many of you would be up for it? Id make the team and stuff just looking at numbers and needed a team really of a decent standard so thought id try my luck here.
  4. Bourkey

    Bye Bye Bourkey!

    Re: Bye Bye Bourkey! Couldnt resist coming back last time, but it had been something silly like six weeks since i was last on so just thought id say goodbye, again. ahaha, and i know alot of you wont even care as its mad how much the forums changed in that time but for the people that did know me, thank you for making my stay so good. Oh and by the way its a definete leave this time, as last time i kept my clubs, this time i havent got them anymore. I did what i came to do and that was win Div 1 with my Div 4 Bradford and ive done that now so Adios everyone. Its been a good few years. You may still see me around, but no time soon maybe in a few months closer to the summer. Cheers, Bourkey.
  5. Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio! A Professor Green ava would do lovely if it is'nt any trouble please mate. Cheers.
  6. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread WAHEYYYYYYYYY! Madrid with the second leg at home, coulda been better but still fairly confident about it if im honest!
  7. Re: Riferimento: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players For me it's good, agree with almost all you said.
  8. Bourkey

    Rap Music

    Re: Rap Music UePtoxDhJSw Can't get enough of it. Also; JsZZ8caB5dw WOW. Edit: Just went through the rest of the thread and seen Akala posted before, not sure about Wiz though but at least it means you boys have good taste.
  9. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Pleasing too, Ekotto is too much of a liability.
  10. Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League Haven't been on the PS3 in a lil' while apart from the other day when I felt like a cod sesh haha so i might join, but i'll see as not sure i'll be able to get the games done although i did last time, so i suppose.. Shotgun Cameroon!
  11. Re: Fifa 11: P.S.3 Forum League I'll have a look through the teams later and pick one, doesn't look like many good ones are left though!
  12. Re: The Official Tottenham Hotspur Thread Great news. Was delighted with the result Tuesday, i was expecting a draw, but gotta the best feeling of the night was Ibra's disallowed goal, I went absolutely metnal i've never been so happy! :L
  13. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Please tell me your XBOX or else those deals are amazing!
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