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    Anyone watching The Voice 2?

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    Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread
    Sweet mate but ive got a funny feeling theres already a team about' date=' will have to look into it
    PS3 mate, that any good?
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    Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread)
    Can someone upload a picture of Markus Halsti and Jiloan Hamad as them pictures are quite old.


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    Re: Riferimento: My Top 10 Most Overrated Players/Underrated Players
    For me it's good, agree with almost all you said.
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    Flase advertising
    I have been viewin the forum for months never feelin the need to post (bit like facebook never status update but check everyday for nosey and see who from school days is fit now )
    This thread has made me register and post.
    Point 1: it's become completely off topic ( which may I add wasn't explained enough so for 20+ pages people have been postin their most overrated players in soccermanager and others real life who only some guidance which seems to be ignored)
    For real life (which I think it is pointing towards) I have to say ibrahimavic - I hate his face!!!! He is greedy arrogant and not world class, scores the odd brilliant goal but missed too many chances.
    In th reserves for most overrated is rafael!!!! As a liverpool fan workin in manchester all I get is sh1t off mancs all day. Unlike the majority of them I'm a realist and won't slag off or talk up a player cause of who he plays for. But they fm not shut up about him . He is I unco-ordinTed lump who is to rash in his decision making (this mAy be his age) he is average going forward and alan Hutton has looked a far better player rb (and that's saying something)
    Point 2: where do People live and do they have an atlas. People referring to epl being down there when referring to la liga as up here!!! I wish it was that was round - it probably wouldn be ******* down now and masseranno wouldn't have left us for climate reasons (n.b. Not overrated - excellent at what he does but as a player not needed by barca - greed = Wasted career be at juve within a year)
    Point 3
    First someone mentioned FIFA AND EA as a reference !!!
    I think defence has took a back burner in the prem especially this year and blackpool are to blame for that teams like arsenal , chelsea and man utd have had an easy ride for years with teams just sitting back and waiting for the inevitable but Blackpool and holloway have made teams think different and realise that if you go at em they aren't all world class. Sunderland Bolton to name a few are fearless now. Arsenal have only had one decent defender for years in varmehlan and now he's injurred thy have none. Terry is average although luiz seems world class. Vidic is prob the only world class defender in the prem. (remember Liverpool fan)
    Point 4
    La liga v's prem
    I watch 10 hours of football a week + easy and today and yesterday were 2 nice examples today Madrid 7 - 0 getafe, yesterday Valencia 0-1 barca.. La liga is a 2 team league they are set out as 2 world class (I know Madrid are a bit pooh but I'll let em off) 2 very good (Valencia/Villarreal) 3 who cares (ath Madrid/ Bilbao/ espanyol) 13 sh!t!!!!! Top to beat everyone and only get challenge against eachother (Valencia bent over till barca slipped it in yesterday and they were 3rd place AT HOME).
    Prem better fairness abd quality all round . Bottom can surprise and beat top and you will get 2 shock results a week ( hense my **** football coupon record)
    Barca are best team in world FACT but they have had the benefit a team thats played for years together and at least 36 easy games a season to practice.
    Final point messi v ronaldo
    I hate the slimy greasy permatanned premadonna but can't say he isn't amazing . Most talented at speed and he is going ti break all scoring records ever BUT he only plays at this level agains smaller clubs . Prob why he is doing so well in la liga as i said all teams bend over for madrid and barca. You look at his goal records always disappears in big games.
    This is why ATM messi is number 1 in my opinion . Big game player brilliant scoring and assist record abd does all this without pens or free kicks.
    And about the arsenal game I think if his disallowed goal stood like it should have done then they would be travelling to neu camp 2-0 down it doe help they have best striker in prem in van persie.
    Sh1t o forgot KUYT OVERATED!!!! go most Liverpool games watch all he is average at best Paula ratcliffe can run all day doesn't mean she should play for the mist prestigious team in the world!!!
    Ha ha longest 1st post ever.
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    Re: African Championship 1
    A 3-2 loss for Bidvest means that Sunday's game against 3rd place Al-Hillman Imp is just huge, with a draw perhaps even letting Ashanti Gold in through the back-door! Way too tight for my liking.
    Well done to Bourkey too for a well deserved title. You bounced back from that stuffing Bidvest gave you really well.
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    uh oh. grammar police.
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    Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread
    it takes ages to get there but say i have 15,000 coins ill set my max buy now to 15,000, search, press right trigger until 59min 55sec about then keep refreshing the page and you should get cheap bargains, i've had Ribery for 1,200 coins VDV for 750 coins plus many more, you can easily make 100k+ in a night, look on ea forums for a better description of how to do it though mate.
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    Re: My Fifa 11 Manage Mode Road!

    After 2 seasons with Australian side Perth Glorey FC now 41 year old Mark Bosnich who was there player manager has hanged his boots for the 2nd time in his long career the Keeper was well none for his days in the Premiership with Aston Villa, Chelsea and Manchester United but after signing a 2 year deal with the Australian side playing 65 games for the side as there capting getting 50 wins for the side with 10 draws and 5 losses many would have said this was his best spell yet but he has dissident to look more to his Managing life now and has joined Spanish 2nd tee side SD Ponferradina the side was before the season taken over by a un none source who is backed from a multi billionaire in Japan the manager has said he has been given a big cash sum to spend on the side it is rummerd he has around £2,056,233,420 yes this is a big fee for a manager to have but he has to put the cash with his Wage bill and not to loss the Chairman trust with his cash and to bring in some players to push this side up to Div 1 and to become one of the best teams around the world he has one 4 cups in 2 seasons and was payed £27,800 to join the side on a 2 year deal this is a rise to his £7,650 a season with his old side and the manager has said he has not joined this side for the cash but to make it the best up coming side ever.

    With his new found Transfer money manager Bosnich has not wasted any time bring in new players but the first two was Free Agents he managed to snap up 37 year old Striker Robbie Fowler who worked under him with his x side getting 28 goals in 2 seasons witch sore him get called up to the England side but only the B team at that, the old timer joined on a 1 year deal worth 7,500 a month yes this is a lot for a player who is not going to be round for long but the manager who has seen what this player can do could not let him sign for another side,
    The 2nd signing was a Free Agent also in the form of R. Lukaku the 19 year old Striker joined on a 5 year deal worth 11,000 a month and the manager has said this is one of the best young players around we may be forced some time to sell him but for now he is not going no were soon as he is still young,
    The team then went on to loan M. Diarra and S. Canales from Real Madrid for the season both players CDM - CAM both will be payed 43,000 a month and the manager has said this is grate news for us to get two top names in on loan we may sign Diarra this season if he dose well but for now we thank the Madrid manager for the loans,
    The team also brought in some up coming stars, A. Dragovic joined for £4,500,000 the Center Half is geting payed only 2,000 a month but is a 1st teammer under Bosnich the manager also sore Jeffrin join from Barcelona the 24 year old Right Striker joined for £6,000,000,
    The manager sore another 9 players sing for the team and all 9 was bigger players,
    Del Horno LB, Miguel RB, Navarro LB, Perrea CB, Matthieu LB, Cesar GK all joined from there respected signed for a combined £22,000,000 the manager was said to be real happy with the deals for the mid ranged players and hopes they can all do well,
    The big signing well if they are called that any more came in the form of David Beckham and T. Henry the two Legend will be payed only 50,000 combined but both will need to keep match fit for the season ahead after costing a massive £21,000,000 and both will end there playing days here.
    The shock signing came in the form of Pedro the Barcelona star signed for £29,000,000 and will get payed 60,000 a week with his new side he is the player to watch but how long will his life here last.

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    Re: Nathan Redmond-The New Aaron Lennon
    Added to DB at 75.
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    Re: Fifa 11 SM Pro club team.
    Clarkey for manager!!!!!
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    Neuer for me.
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    Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep?
    I would do it for Forlan and lots of cash. It also depends on the stats of your other strikers as well.
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    These are my first rating predictions. Any comments would be much appeciated.
    Luca Caldirola 75>80
    Davy Propper 75>81/82
    Luuk De jong 80>83
    Luc Casnos 75>82
    Nacer Chadli 77-81/82
    Frantisek Kubik 75>81
    Christian Eriksen 82>84/85
    Johann Berg Gudmundsson 76>82
    Kolbeinn Sigthorsson 75>82
    Philippe Coutinho 78>83
    Joel Obi 75>80
    Josip Ilicic 79>84
    Ezequiel Munoz 82>85
    Antoine Devaux 82>85/86
    Yannis Tafer 77>81/82
    Apoula Edel 84>87
    Matthieu Dreyer 78>83
    Adrian Gunino 78>83
    Kevin Theophile-Catherine 75-83
    Nampalys Mendy 75>83/84
    Dejan Lovren 86>88
    Andre Ayew 84>87
    Lynel Kitambala 77>83
    Serge Aurier 75>82
    Mario Gotze 75>83
    Sven Ulreich 82>85/86
    Stefan Bell 75>80
    Nicolai Jorgensen 77>82
    Shinji Kagawa 85>87/88
    Patrick Herrmann 77>83
    Diego Contento 82>86/85
    Thomas Muller 88>90
    Holger Badstuber 88>90
    Lewis Holtby 85>87
    Peniel Mlapa 75>83
    Nick Ross 70>78
    Fraser Forster 80>84/85
    James Forrest 75>80-82
    James Dayton 70>78
    Barry Douglas 67>77
    John Brayford 74>80
    James Bailey 72>80
    Phil Jones 80>84
    Josh Mcquoid 69>77
    Seamus Coleman 83>86
    Jason Steele 75>80
    Adam Bogdan 70>77
    Wilfred Zaha 75>80
    Rhys Taylor 70>77
    Marvin Sordell 73>80+
    Tomasz Cywka 76>81
    Luke Hyam 75>80
    Marc Albrighton 75>83
    Ciaran Clark 75>79/80
    Fran Merida 83>85/86
    Igor Martinez 78>83/84
    Jon Aurtenetxe 75>82
    Mikel San Jose 86>88
    Mateo Musacchio 85>87/88
    Joao Victor 70-77
    Ruben Perez 77>82
    Lopez Juanmi 75>80/81
    David De Gea 87>89
    Daniel Opare 75>82
    Thibaut Courtois 74>83
    Jorique Antheunis 70>78
    Nuno Reis 75>81
    Kevin De wolf 70>75/76
    Thomas Kaminski 76>80/81
    Katuku Tshimanga 75>80+
    Renato Neto 75>81/82
    Sean Johnson 70>75
    Danny Earls 75>79/80
    Gomes Pereira Juninho 75>80
    Tony Tchani 72>80
    Andy Najar 73>80/81
    Tim Ream 75>81
    Michael Stephens 73>80
    Does anybody know any that I can add?
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    Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
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    Atlético de Madrid

    Sergio Asenjo 88 > 88/87
    Asenjo was injured horribly in May and may not return until the new year. He is a good young keeper, but De Gea is even better, so it's unlikely that he will play even when he returns. In the Summer, either Asenjo will leave as he needs first team football, or De Gea will leave and Asenjo will retake the number one position. I think it would be unfair to drop a player's rating when they have a serious injury, but it is a possibility he could fall to 87.
    David De Gea 87 > 88/89+
    Outstanding. The best goalkeeper in the world in my biased opinion. He has been the best player this season and should rise to 89 or possibly even higher. There is a chance he could move to a massive club for big money in the summer, but he's fine with Atlético at the moment. If he's available then you MUST buy him!
    Joel 75 > 75/76
    With Asenjo's injury, Joel has been in the squad for every game this season. He also made 2 league appearances last May, and looked very promising in pre-season. He played the whole match and kept a clean sheet vs. Rosenborg in the Europa League so could get a small rise for that, and should play in the Copa del Rey next week.
    Juan Valera 87 > 87
    Valera is not a great footballer, but he did okay in some games he played last season. Now we have more cover and his chances have been limited, although he played against Getafe the other day and set up a great goal for Diego Costa. He will stay for now and will probably do so for quite a while, no need to take a chance on him.
    Antonio López 89 > 89
    Our captain has now lost his place to the excellent Filipe, but will probably still get games this season. His performances in the last year have improved a lot, but I very much doubt he will rise.
    Filipe Luís 89 > 89/90
    If it wasn't for his injury for Deportivo last January, Filipe would probably have hit 90/91 already, he was their best player by miles. He is just finding his way into our team but has impressed so far. If he keeps on playing at a high level and gets a recall to the Brazil team then he will definitely reach 91 by the end of the summer, and could rise now. Definitely worth signing, he's probably the best left-back in La Liga.
    Juanito 88 > 88/87
    If you have Juanito, sell him as soon as possible. He probably won't get any minutes in La Liga this season and will keep dropping until his retirement. His contract is up in the summer and will definitely not be renewed.
    Tomáš Ujfaluši 90 > 90
    Ujfa has been playing great recently and was rewarded with a new contract. He was unfortunate to drop in the last changes, and probably deserves 91, but will not rise at his age. Note a probably position change to RB/CB.
    Álvaro Domínguez 87 > 88/89
    Great young defender who will definitely rise, and should hit 90 in the near future. He was called up to Spain's first team last month as an emergency, but their manager insisted that he stayed with the U21's as they had important qualifiers. At the moment he has a minor injury but will return to the first team in a week or so.
    Luis Perea 90 > 90/91
    I didn't expect Perea to play much this season with the arrival of Godín, but I believe he has played every minute of every game this season. Not only that, but he has done pretty well, improving a lot over the last 12 months. Once all of our defenders are fully fit, Perea will probably drop to the bench, but there is no chance of a rating decrease at the moment. Unfortunately at his age a rise is very unlikely.
    Diego Godín 90 > 90/91
    Godín is a brilliant defender, and has transformed our back 4 this season. So far he has been arguably our best outfield player this season, and really impressed in the World Cup for Uruguay too. He has a good chance of a rise, although I am not 100% sure what SM will do. Definitely keep him if you have him though.
    Tiago Mendes 89 > 89/90
    Tiago had a good World Cup, and has been a very consistent performer and a regular starter since he joined us in January. He could rise, but I expect him to stay at the moment.
    Ignacio Camacho 83 > 83
    Unforunately Nacho's career has stagnated since he broke into the team 3 seasons ago. Quique has really limited his first team opportunies, which is annoying because he is a very good prospect. Hopefully he will get chances in due time, but may not rise for quite a while.
    Raúl García 89 > 89
    Raúl dropped in the last changes, and hasn't shown any signs of improvement. Due to Tiago's ineligibility, he played all of the Europa League games last year, but now more of a squad player. He will probably stay at the moment, but his career is moving backwards. He'll probably be sold in the summer.
    Fran Mérida 83 > 84/85
    Fran has played a few games this season and looks promsing. He has filled some new postions such as on both wings and as a second striker and done okay. He will get plenty of chances this season filling in for players, so should keep on rising. For now, he should get an 84 or 85, and if he establishes himself, then the sky is the limit. He has a lot of potential.
    Paulo Assunção 90 > 90/91
    The unsung hero. I can't for the life of me understand why he dropped from 91. That is the rating he deserves, but he will not rise due to his age. The role he does for the team is very important but goes unnoticed. There should be zero chance of him dropping, but with SM you never know.
    José Antonio Reyes 89 > 90/91
    Reyes is establishing himself as one of the stars of the team. Last season he was probably our best performer and has started the season very well. For some reason he didn't rise in the last changed, but will almost certainly do so now. He deserves a 91, but I can't see that happening unless Spain give him what would be a very deserved recall to the national team.
    Simão Sabrosa 92 > 92
    Had a very under par year in 09/10, but has started this season pretty well. He already has 4 goals and is our top scorer, and he's getting more involved and playing a lot better. It's unlikely he will rise, especially as he has now stopped playing for Portugal, but his 92 is safe for now.
    Mario Suárez 87 > 87
    Mario did pretty well for Mallorca last season, but he is just a squad player for Atlético. He has only started one game this season, but for me he is a better player than Raúl Garcia and deserves to play a bit more. At the moment his rating will stay the same.
    Diego Forlán 94 > 94/95
    We all saw him set South Africa alight in the summer, but Forlán has had a shocking start to the season. He seems to go through this every year, but it seems worse now. At the moment he is 7 games without a goal, his worst run in an Atleti shirt. SM can't drop him, and there is still a chance he could rise due to his excellent World Cup, but I think 94 is more than okay for now.
    Sergio Agüero 94 > 94/93
    So far he has missed most of the season with injury, but he is still our most important player by miles. He makes us play and ties everything up in attack. Yes, his goals may have dried up a bit and the performances are not as outstanding as 2 years ago, but he is the most talented player in the team and deserves his rating of 94. Everyone now talks about Forlán, but Kun is the main man. He is about to sign a new contract too
    Diego Costa 86 > 87/88
    When Diego returned from Valladolid, I didn't think he would be much use, but he has proven me wrong. The absence of Agüero has given him chances and he is growing in confidence by every game, and is outshining Forlán. He has scored 3 in 3 now and causes defences problems with his power and work rate. He should rise to 87, and is definitely one to watch.
    B-team players
    There are some B-team players on the databse who I will summarise here. Keep an eye on Jorge Pulido, Koke and Borja, who have played mainly for the reserves, but are likely to feature at some point for the first team. They are the three most promising players from the B team and have all represented Spain at youth level. Borja is currently out with a long term injury, but will probably play as first team back up when he returns.
    19 year-old winger/striker Alberto Perea should be added to the Database soon with a rating of 75. He impressed in pre-season and finally made his debut vs. Universidad de las Palmas in the Copa del Rey recently. He is expected to feature more for the first team in the future and is definitely one to watch!
    César Ortiz, Iván Benítez, Vitor Huvos are also B-team players, but I don't expect any of them to get anywhere near the first team. Their ratings will stay, and are definitely not worth taking a chance on.
    Loan players
    We currently have 6 players out on loan who are all worth keeping an eye on, they are Leandro Cabrera, Rubén Pérez, Eduardo Salvio, Keko, Germán Pacheco and Ibrahima Baldé. The biggest name here is Salvio at Benfica, who is rated at 87 and was brought for big money in January, but his chances look to be limited, as do Cabrera and Pacheco's. Keko and Ibrahima both seem to be playing regularly for their Segunda division clubs, and Rubén Pérez is now a regular started for Deportivo and Spain's U21's. Rubén is someone who I would highly recommend signing, as he could be in for a big increase to around 84/85.
    Top Goalscorers
    Kun Agüero 7
    Diego Forlán 5
    Diego Costa 5
    Simão 4
    Fran Mérida 2
    Diego Godín 2
    Raúl García 1
    José Antonio Reyes 1
    Tiago 1
    Current line-up
    De Gea
    Ujfaluši - Perea - Godín - Filipe
    Reyes - Assunção - Tiago - Simão
    Agüero - D. Costa
    Subs: Joel, A. López, Fran Mérida, Camacho, M. Suárez, R. García, Forlán.
    Injured: Asenjo, Valera, Domínguez.
    I will update this regularly, the current preferred line-up based on current form, so you know who is playing and who isn't.

    Anyone think any different?
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    Re: || English Championship 7322 || Aldershot Town || 'The Rise Of The Phoenix' ||

    New Signings Deemed Unfit As Aldershot Beaten Easily!
    Aldershot Town 0-2 Tranmere Rovers
    Mahon 43'
    Labadie 84'
    Stadium: Recreation Ground.
    Attendance: 4,362
    Referee: Fred Graham
    Half Time Score: 0-1
    41% Possession 59%
    10 Total Shots 18
    9 Shots On Target 10
    3 Corners 3
    0 Yellow Card 2
    0 Red Cards 0
    For Aldershot Town this was the start of a new era. The start of a special age. The Rise Of The Phoenix. However he was dogged with bad news with all of his new signings having to pull out due to low fitness. His patched up team squaring up to Tranmere Rovers. However these changes may have proved critical towards the outcome of this match as the Aldershot machine broke down. From the start they were pinned back with Morrow coming close for the Rovers with a crisp volley that skimmed the bar. Aldershot did manage a rare attack when Morgan fired just over on 34 minutes. In the 43rd minute a mix-up between Halls and the Aldershot goalkeeper Young meant Mahon had an easy tap-in to fire Tranmere into the lead. A free-kick in added time nearly made it 2-0 with McLaren bringing out the best in Young who redeemed himself after his clanger two minutes earlier.
    Half Time.
    Any hopes of an Aldershot resurgance were crushed when Tranmere hit the post and the bar in the space of 5 minutes. Morgan was trying his best to fashion a chance at the other end with his pure strength taking him past two players before a last ditch challenge from Broomes preventing him form getting a shot away. A poor tackle from Halls was lucky to escape with a warning. The resulting free-kick was defelcted in by a jubilant Labadie who put the Rovers to far ahead of Aldershot. A last minute goal for Aldershot was denied with Morgan being deemed to have handled the ball over the line. A bad loss for the Shots means they have to win next week to prove themselves. Ryan is confident new players will be signed before then with a few departures along the way.
    Full Time.
    ★яιѕєє 域 тнєє ρнσєηιxx★

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    Bourkey reacted to cadnams in Division 4 Challenge - Aldershot Town   
    Re: Division 4 Challenge - Aldershot Town


    Aldershot 7-1 Bradford
    J. Spearing 26, 49
    F. Macheda 43, 61
    J. Durmaz 52
    I. Jiminez 67
    B. Sigurdarson 68
    J. Hanson 83
    Bottom of the table Bradford City were the latest team to feel Aldershot's wrath as they thrashed them 7-1 to record their 8th win in a row and further their lead at the summit of Division 4. Jay Spearing opened the scoring for Aldershot on 26 minutes after finishing off a slick passing move with a clever finish before Federico Macheda caught out the flat-footed centre back with a moment of pure genius before showing great composure to finish. That's how it stayed at half time, before Aldershot scored five in the second half for the second game in succession to turn it into a whitewash. Jay Spearing grabbed his second of the game four minutes into the half after heading home a cross from the right hand side before Jimmy Durmaz towered over his marker to head home Aldershot's fourth three minutes later. Macheda then netted his second and fifth in his last three games after showing great technique to curl a shot into the top corner. Two goals in two minutes then made it seven when Israel Jiminez, up from the youth ranks to cover Rodrigo Erramuspe's injury, finished with ease after some neat passing left him in plenty of space and Bjorn Sigurdarson headed into the top corner after a good cross. James Hanson grabbed a scant consolation for his team on 82 minutes after the defence gifted him too much space and he coolly slotted home from 10 yards out. Goalkeeper Enrique Bologna was awarded the man of the match award for his performance. Aldershot hope to make it 10 in a row, when they visit Priestfield on Satruday evening to play Gillngham.


    Hartlepool 1-6 Aldershot
    F. Meza 8
    L. McSweeney 43
    B. Sigurdarson 48
    E. Israelsson 61
    F. Macheda 74, 77
    J. Fernandez 79
    Aldershot score 5 goals in the second half to easily see off previous league leaders Hartlepool 6-1 at Victoria Park. Aldershot quickly opened the scoring on 8 minutes when Fernando Meza scored with a towering header after an inch perfect cross from the wing, but Hartlepool levelled on 43 minutes through Leon McSweeney slotted home a great solo effort after beating 2 defenders. The teams went to the dressing rooms level at half time but thinks quickly changed in the second half. Just 3 minutes had been played before Bjorn Sigurdarson rifled a powerful shot into the top right ahnd corner of the goal to give Aldershot a 2-1 lead before Erik Israelsson casually rolled the ball into the net after some kamikaze defending. Three goals in the space of 5 minutes then sealed the win for Aldershot when Federico Macheda latched onto a rebound after the Hartlepool keeper parried a shot, before Macheda again got onto the scoresheet after yet more terrible defending as he calmly slotted home from 10 yards out. Jose Luis Fernandez netted his team's final goal on 79 minutes after a quick turn and firing a fast, low shot past the keeper. Sigurdarson was given the man of the match plaudits for his performance. Aldershot's next game is a home game against bottom of the table Bradford, and, even though their record is terrible, boss Chris Adnams knows he can't be complacent and underestimate them.

    Aldershot 1-0 Stockport
    F. Macheda 29
    Aldershot Town have extended their winning streak to 7 games as they saw off a plucky Stockport outfit 1-0 at the Recreation Ground. Federico Macheda scored the winning goal for his side on 29 minutes after blasting home after the Stockport defence failed to clear the ball. Plenty of chances came and went for both teams after that but none of them amounted to anything, and Shots' boss Chris Adnams is happy and relieved to come away with 3 points from the hard fought encounter. Macheda was awarded the man of the match for his game-winning performance. Aldershot suffered a setback, however, as defender Rodrigo Erramuspe suffered a leg injury and will be out for the next 2 league matches. It is likely Israel Jiminez will have to come up from the youth ranks to make his debut for the Shots in the next match against Hartlepool.

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    Re: ; Fercasti AVATAR Requests/Portfolio!
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    Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke
    He must be rubbish if people on here say he is. I mean, he has only been a regular for a team that has won the champions league and for a country that has won the world cup. Forumers on SM know alot more about football than Pep Guardiola and Vicente Del Bosque obviously.
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    Re: A 10k riser is not just for christmas!
    ok thanks' date=' I might go through all my players which are probably quite popular 70's due to the forums and try and get them updated.
    In the meantime here is an update on all the players Choppers mentioned below with my rating predictions, but remember it still may be a long time before these players will get rated by SM again so they might be higher if the player gets more games between now and then. its just an update:
    [b'](Bosnia & Herz) [/b]
    HAMZIC, Dino Gk 22 --- 70 up to 76-78
    Starter this season for FK SARAJEVO
    KARIC, Elvis Gk 30 --- 60 up to 72-74
    Transfered to Željeznicar not starting for them so far.
    VELAGIC, Azur DM 18 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Looks like he will be cover for the first team this season 2 starts after 20 starts last season.
    TAYLOR, Rhys Gk 20 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Starter for Crewe (on loan) from Chelsea
    ADA, Patrick CB/RB 25 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Another starter for Crewe in League 2 (4th Div)
    TOOTLE, Matt RB/RM 19 --- 65 up to 73-75
    Another Crewe player starting regular
    HERCEG, Jakša Gk 21 --- 70 up to 72
    Not a first teamer for Zagreb, 2 starts last season zero this small rise.
    BAJTO, Boris CM 25 --- 70 - 73
    Started 3 games this season and came on as sub 3 times also for Lokomotiva in the 1. HNL should get a small rise. Can't find any info on what he did last season.
    YANKO, Arik Gk 18 --- 70 up to 72
    Isreali u19 starter but only one pro game so far small rise.
    ZHILKOV, Minko Gk 21 --- 70 to ? Possible none riser
    Looks unemployed, Can't find any info anywhere so i've no idea how many games he played last season so dunno if he will rise.
    ZEIGER, Philipp CB 20 --- 70 up to 72-74
    Transfered or possibly on loan to Plauen in the German Regionalliga (4th Div)
    ROHRACKER, Dominik AM/Wing 21 --- 70 up to 73-75 (possible position change to Wing/Fwd)
    Transferred or loaned to Sandhausen in the 3. Liga, 5 starts and 5 subbed on 1 goal.
    HOLZ, Marco RB/RM 20 --- 70 up to 73-74
    Started about 1/3 of Wacker Burghausen games this season in the 3. Liga (3rd Div)
    QUOTSCHALLA, Marco Fwd 22 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Starter for the Schalke 04 reserve team in the Regionalliga
    BIDNY, Yehor CB 22 --- 70 up to 72-74
    Transfered or again possibly on loan to Krymteplitsiain the Persha Liga (Ukraine 2nd Div) started about 1/3 of their games so looks set for a small rise (eventually)
    GREGORIC, Miha CB/DM 21 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Still cover for the first team seeing rare starts for Gorica in the top Slovenian league
    KRCIC, Amer Fwd 21 --- 70 up to 73-75
    Still acting as cover at Domžale
    KOLMAN, Nejc Wing 21 --- 68 - ? Possible none riser
    Started 13 games and made 4 sub appearences for Nafta last year but has since dropped off my radar, could be back in their youth set-up could be looking for a club could be a plumber in Southampton, who knows?
    KOTORA, Igor RB 21 --- 70 up to 75
    Started half of FC Nitra's Games so far this season, played more minutes than last season already.
    RUUTH, Ilari LB 20 --- 70 up to 73
    The Finnish season is just about over but IIari only managed 23 minutes this year, still due a small rise to 73 at the most for his 14 starts the season before.
    ZIZOV, Eli LM/AM 19 --- 71 (no rise)
    Young Isreali has been likened to Messi (Don't read too much into that) but he is still in the Braga youth squad probably worth keeping if you can spare the cash, probably no rise yet.
    ARDILES, Roberto AM 23 --- 70 up to 73-75
    After starting about half of Melgars games last season it looks like he has been transfered to León de Huánuco also in the Peruvian Primera Division, has yet to break into their team but its still early days in the season.
    DYNAREK, Dawid CM 21 --- 70 up to 71 or no rise Possible none riser
    No game time this season and only 32 minutes last season for Cracovia Kraków in the Polish Ekstraklasa so I doubt he will get a rise.
    VESOVIC, Marko Wing/AM 19 --- 70 up to 74-78
    Montenegran u21 has started most games for table topping Crvena Zvezda in the Serbian Super Liga, still early days in their season but if he keeps playing he might even reach 80+ by the time they get rated.
    MASANSKY, Tomas Fwd 21 --- 70 up to 72-73
    His team Kladno were relegated last season but on the up side he has been getting more game time.
    RAKELS, Deniss Fwd 18 --- 68 up to 77-80 (STAR BUY *I MEAN KEEPER)
    Still banging the goals in at Liepājas Metalurgs in the Virsliga. He has 13 in 22 appearences this season so should be one of the better keepers on this list.
    COBELLI, Juan Fwd 22 --- 70 up to 72-73
    Starter for Municipal Iquique in the Chilean 2nd Division their season is nearly finished and they still have a chance at promotion so he should get a rise at some point.
    KRIVOI, Maksim Fwd 22 --- 71 up to ? Possible none riser
    Transferred or possibly loaned to Navbahor in the oil rich PFL of Uzbekistan, Navbahor aint on the SM database so I dunno if or when he will rise tbh.
    MILJKOVIC, Emil Fwd 22 --- 72 up to 74-75
    Got some good game time for Nafta last season, he is now at Ferencváros in the Hungarian Premier league and has started 2 games out of 9 so far.
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