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  1. For now Sorry Mo, I woke up at the wrong time for you I guess
  2. Nice try Craig. Looks like you are still stuck with them! Ben @ Spurs looks dangerously close to losing his job though. Anyone know what's up with Ben? And who is Adolf Hitler, banned but offered the Donny job. That mischievous monkey? And nice to finally see a manager back at Watford. Hey, he's called Dan. And there's a Dan at Liverpool. Wait a minute...! In other news, finally the curse of the new unlucky forum is broken and Boro chalk up a 4-2 win over former champs Swansea. Up to 15th now. I think my chairman was pleased with that at the end of the season. Next up a banana skin at winless Swindon.
  3. Will try. No promises. Will probably take me about 3 months to find out what you liked. Can someone provide me with a link to the how to navigate the new forum thread please? Oh speaking of the new whitewashed forum, forum 2.0, is anyone else finding that it's unluckier than the old one? 4 games in and still not a win, even against Ben's Spurs which for me is usual a banker. There's only one conclusion really: forum 2.0 is cursed for sure!
  4. Post number? Is that a windup?! It's not in white text is it? Must be, I can't see no post number...Oh, I get it. You have post numbers if you via posts and then scroll through 5 years' worth of drivel to get to finally get to the recent posts. But if you click on recent posts the post numbers just don't appear. Well why didn't you say? Unless for SM to make this so counter-intuitive...
  5. Ha-ha, nice. I guess I might be wrong about the 3-5-2 being passé this season. Maybe we just need to learn to passé the ball better. Ugh, bad joke. Still, Chelsea are a strong team so no complaints to the loss there. But to lose against Mo's Forest?! And to an Iniesta goal nonetheless! Should he be plying his trade in Div 2?! Well done Mo. I'll take a draw against Huddersfield to get this title bandwagon rolling... P.S. Is it true that is DrSean;s 13th consecutive newcomer award? I think it might be!
  6. The Missing A.K.A. After the Apocalypse Reports vary widely on how or even when it happened. All that is known is that several weeks ago, on Wednesday May 27, without warning, the world as we know it was turned upside down. Plucky survivors are only now emerging from this cataclysmic event. Slowly they have been gathering in familiar places, bonding together, and dazed and shaken they are trying making sense of events and pick up the pieces of their broken world. Periodic poster Boro boss Jooles was one of the first to stumble his way onto the now unfamiliar 7046 thread. Soon he was joined by others, Liverpool’s Dan the man, former Derby failure Nikidinho, then tentatively bigtunna , mistermalcom, and hog0101, who cussed and bemoaned their way onto what was now seemingly passing as the forum. “Everything went black for a while” recounted Carlisle manager Alurcard, “and then I was surrounded by a brilliant white light, in place of the familiar green pastures of old. At first I thought I’d died and that this was heaven,” Anth continued, “But then I realised I was in hell.” It was not clear, however, of whether he was describing the new forum or life in division 2. In the days following the apocalypse one by one familiar faces were found and guided to the safety of familiar pastures. Millwall boss Craig was found naked and shivering in his blog; Biggamemo was discovered wedged in a tiny space between divisions 1 and 2; and touchingly, Man United supremo SOAP was found huddled together with Fulham boss Dom Latchouce in the vast expanse of the empty Craven Cottage trophy room doing whatever was needed to keep each other warm and comforted. It has yet to be confirmed whether the ‘happening’ was a deliberate SM attempt to subvert the EC7046 end of season voting or not, or whether it was orchestrated by sirmarkhughes to allow Liverpool to slip into the SMFA Cup under the cover of darkness. As many point out the timing with the end of votes was particularly uncanny but SM spokesman have denied any such plot, instead asking that you submit a ticket and they get back to you to close it in a couple of months. For now though, survivors are resigned to their fate and struggle on as best they can in this strange new world. As to where everyone else has gone, nobody knows, but if you come across these missing souls please lead them safely to of the EC7046 discussion thread, lest that world, and others like it, disappears forever in this strange white wasteland we find ourselves inhabiting. The future is bleak, but for the sake of our children's children we must struggle on...
  7. Ha-ha. How on earth did you find that?! Oh wait, because you are now automatically directed to 5 year old posts perhaps? Reminds of when it all began though. Pretty sure it was me that bought Boro to give enough paying managers to get this setup going early. Oh, back in the days when it used to be so exciting!
  8. I would rep you all for your insightful comments if it wasn't for the fact that I have no idea how to rep, probably can't comment when I do rep, and highly suspect that the whole rep system has gone to the dogs like everything else. How else are we going to know that Dan is such a top man if we can't see his rep rating and only have his posts to go from?! Sad that it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to make this post
  9. Hey, the good thing about this forum killing is that it got me re-reading those early EC7046 days, which funnily enough you featured heavily in! Fun times back then and totally bringing things full circle with you posting now
  10. You think the recent changes have scared the others off? Or maybe they just can't find their way here? I hate change, as inevitable as it is. Doesn't look the same. So unfamiliar. Sure feels like a step down. You think it was an SM plot to subvert the 7046 end of season votes?!
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread It's been a while so here's a brief report on the MR thread highlighting the latest emerging talent from the ranks for Boro's youth
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