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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread :rolleyes: http://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/van-der-vaart-says-arsenal-move-would-have-been-fantastic-2103540.html
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11661_6280326,00.html Does anyone else agree with me when I say that we should sign Raul? If you think about it, it makes for a perfect signing. As a team, we seem to be almost scared to just take a shot on goal so, instead we always pass the ball around and lose our chance to score. However, with Raul he's not scared to take a shot and has scored some bloody good goals in his time as well as the fact that he's a pretty clever passer of the ball.
  3. Re: Future Arsenal XI? No, I mean if you were to make a team out of Arsenal's current youth.
  4. Okay, so with all of the promising talent coming out of the arsenal academy, how many of these players will actually make the future Arsenal team, say in 5 or 6 years time? Here's my prediction: Sczechny Nordtveit - Bartley - Miquel - Gibbs Frimpong Vela/Walcott - Ramsey - Wilshere - Watt Aneke/Simpson
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Errghh ! Look at Fabianksi's shirt
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I never said he'll 'definitely' become Fiorentina's number 1' date=' but if you think about it, he's spent something like 5 years at Celtic and has always been their first choice keeper so, I doubt he'll want to be kept as a bench-warmer. Plus, there are reports swarming around the net too. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/gunners-boosted-in-french-keeper-chase
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread On a different note, now that Boruc is moving to Fiorentina, do we think that this could trigger Frey's arrival at Arsenal? Because, surely he won't want to settle for second best, right? I sincerely hope so...
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread The whole goalkeeping issue really frustrates me. We're not going to win anything with Almunia or Fabianski in the team. Ochoa possibly? Haven't seem him play in the World Cup yet so, hopefully he does and he'll open Wenger's eyes.
  9. Re: Official FIFA World Cup 2010 Discussions Thread Predictions for Brazil-Korea game? I'm thinking it's gonna be a free-scoring Brazil side so, 3-0. Happy Days !
  10. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread Will Ochoa displace Oscar Perez in when he does get back to full fitness?
  11. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread Only I Had Him In Fantasy Football Team
  12. Re: FIFA World 2010 Discussions Thread Are we surprised Ochoa isn't playing?
  13. Re: World Cup Fantasy Football I made a mini-league with friends earlier, but I'm not sure who to put as my sub striker - Bendtner or Mexico's Hernandez? They both cost the same, but Hernandez is on fine form and Mexico are likely to progress further. Please help !
  14. Re: 90+ LB and CM Riser? Motta [89] and Bastos [90]?
  15. For my fantasy world cup team, I've shortlisted these 2, but i'm not sure who of the two. Johnson is around 2 mil less so, with that money I could improve my team in other positions. Here's the scoring system: Tackle won: 2 pts Blocked shot: 2 pts Clearence: 2 pts Interception: 2 pts Clean sheet (per ten minutes): 2 pts Goal scored by a defender: 40 pts Assist: 10 pts Taking the scoring system into consideration, who would be more likely to score more points. Please Reply ASAP!
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