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  1. I been playing this game for 8 years next month and always been a gold member and only just renewed my gold, if the new interface is anything like they tried to make us change to at the start of the year i will be quitting this game and requesting a refund for my gold membership as I wont be getting what i paid for!
  2. 23 days left, Is anyone that knows whats going to happen going to reply?
  3. Hello, all i want to know is if the old interface is gonna stay for good or is it going to be replaced by that rubbish that was released the other day? i currently have 24 days of gold membership left and would like a definite answer before it expires because if the new interface is coming for good i wont waste my money paying for another year, i want to play soccer manager NOT football manager!
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    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread Thank you Sir Rahul
  5. Hello everyone I have been playing soccer manager for 7 years now but i don't post much but for the last few months i have been noticing lots of Goalkeepers getting man of the match, usually my oppositions goalkeeper, now your probably thinking sour grapes lol but it is not, far from it, i'm all for "Good Goalkeepers" getting the odd MOTM now and again however this is not the case, im seeing a lot of lower rated keepers getting a rating of 10 and MOTM and winning their team the game when the rest of the team average 5-6 ratings, if this was happening as a one off i wouldn't even be here posting this but its not, i won a game last night with one of my teams the score was 4-1 to me and guess what? the oppositions keeper gets MOTM again this is also not a one off it seems to be happening a hell of a lot. Just in general in all games i think Goalkeepers are getting to high of a rating in games, low rated keepers in low rated teams if not getting MOTM still seem to get a high rating even if the team is clearly beaten, i won another game last night which i won 7-1 now the opposing keeper didn't get MOTM but did get the highest rating in his team which was a 9 when the rest of the team had ratings of 5-6 I could sit here for hours showing you all screenshots of games where the keeper gets an undeserved MOTM or a very high rating when the team is clearly beaten and the rest get 5-6 ratings This is making the game seem even more unrealistic to me. What does everyone else think about this? it surely cant just be me that this happens to:confused:
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    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread Help, i want to start a new thread but cant find any option to do so the only thing i seem able to do i comment on existing threads, can anyone tell me how to start a new thread? or where the options are? because im stumped:(
  7. Re: I am making a new game world Hi, Could i have Man City please?
  8. Re: Owning a custom GW Hi, no you wont lose control of the game world but if it is a publicly open world then someone may join and take the club/clubs in question, if it is locked then you are ok to quit your team and then offer yourself the other club, hope this helped.
  9. Re: Friends Requests Come on guys must be someone that can let me know if this is a site problem or just mine.
  10. Hi, I have just been made aware by a couple of friends that they have sent friends request on SM but i don't seem to have any message telling me this nor can i find an option that says friends requests, i have been on sm for 3 years and sending and receiving friends requests has always been very simple so am i missing something that has changed? or is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  11. Re: SMFA blocking sale You go to my game worlds - admin custom game world - edit advanced rules, in there you can change the game world economy, choose if you have player concerns on or off, SMFA monitoring transfers on or off and all the other basic league rules, hope this helped.
  12. Re: SMFA blocking sale Hi, in your own gameworld (im assuming this is a custom league) you have the option to turn off the SMFA monitoring transfers leaving all members of you league able to do transfers the only problem is you can only do it at the start of a season (turn 1) so if you are currently passed turn 1 you will have to wait till the beginning of your next season, hope this helps.
  13. Re: Question about custom game World
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