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  1. Re: Hello, back from a year or two break What are data packs?
  2. First joined this game around the start of 2009 and loved it and was a gold member. Just loged on since ages and want to give it another go. This game has changed so much, hard to get my head round it all:D
  3. Just started playing sm again after a year away from the game, have no idea on who the hot talents are now. In need of a few players around the 87+ who are looking likey to rise to 90?
  4. Re: Recommend a Player! Thanks everyone :-)
  5. Having been a way for a while I am looking for a few players in the 86-89 bracket that are certain 90s in the future. Any position is fine and all help will be appreciated and repped!
  6. Re: Setting Up A Website - Need Writers. Name: Myran Szostak Most Knowledgeable league: Npower Championship (England) Current email: Myran999@hotmail.com
  7. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed ! yeah:( im millwall:o Signed Farias(87) and Onyewu(87) More big signings to come!
  8. Re: Dan Griffin's Avatar Request Store! ッ love it:D repped;)
  9. Re: English Championship 7027(51429) Forumers Needed ! Im back from the dead:rolleyes: Took over Milwall:o
  10. Re: English Championship 6395 - Discussion Thread How did you get offered Arsenal:eek:, you've only been at Tottenham (your 3rd club) for a few matches:o Ive been at Sunderland since the beginning and got offered the Portsmouth job:o:D
  11. Re: Improving squad yeah i suppose:p ozil is a future 94+
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