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  1. Re: Once Big Talents Who Never Made It After The Big Move remember and read my descriptions at the bottom before making your mind up
  2. Re: Once Big Talents Who Never Made It After The Big Move
  3. Re: Pato vs Aguero right i'll reject it:D
  4. Ricardo Quaresma-once being tracked by everyone and often called the new ronaldo, he flopped After a £19m move to Inter. 4 months after the move he was awarded serie a's worst player. now on loan at chelsea where he has not started a game. Antonio Cassano-once a massive talent at Roma, left after a feud with Totti. Move to Real Madrid never worked out. 4 goals in 29 games there he is now at Sampdoria where he has scored only 5 so far this season. Mati Fernandez-joined Villareal for £9m as a 20 year old after being crowned Chile's and South Americas best player. Villareal beat off interest from Chelsea and Madrid for him and they put a £50m buyout clause in his contract. 27 months on he has never nailed down a regular game at Villareal and has been dropped by Chile a few times. Lukas Podolski-despite a phenomenal record for Germany Podolski has had series of fall outs at Bayern after joining for £10m from Koln. Has falling out with much of the staff and has always been third or fourth choice striker. Bayern have no choice but to play him right now because Klose and Toni are injured. Will rejoin tiny Koln this summer. Djibrel Cisse-once the Benzema of seven years ago Cisse was France's best talent. Never fulfilled his potential at Liverpool after a big money move, he returned to France with Marseille only to get booed. Now with Sunderland. bear in mind these are not bad players they just never fulfilled their huge potential
  5. Re: Pereira RAFAEL CARIOCA - Grêmio value is 7m, is he worth it?
  6. Re: Right now i'm listening to... i'm listening to Lil Wayne Lollipop
  7. Re: My Milan Squad - Advice on a BIG deal sought good squad i would play 4-1-3-2 abbiati 90 zambrotta 94 garay 91 pepe 93 zanetti 94 de rossi 94 diego 94 villa 95 silva 92 benzema 93 rooney
  8. yildiz adayi plays for besiktas and has a £1m buyout clause already!
  9. Re: pls help me mate garay and guardado garay should stay at 91 as he is only on loan at racing santander from real madrid. guardado should stay his form has not slumped or gotten any better so both players should be safe both are young and are going to valuable in the long term anyway
  10. Messi Benzema Pato Aguero Keirrison Hamsik Balotelli
  11. Samir Nasri i know he will either stay or increase but increase to what. after the rating change i dont know whether to sell nasri or not. he should rise to 93 considering his brilliant form this season
  12. Re: Macheda and Possebon Going to Rangers On Loan Maybe that should be it now
  13. Re: VUCINIC or VICTOR VALDES? roma previosly rejected a £24m bid for vucinic from real madrid in january so i would try and get him
  14. Re: Post your favourite lyrics. Eminem Sing For The Moment these ideas are nightmares to white parents whos worst fear is a child with died hair and who likes earings like whatver they say has no bearing its so scary in a house that allows all swearing you see him walkin around with his headphones blaring the moment has gone stone cold and he don't care hes a problem child what bothers him all comes out when he talks about his f***** dad walking out!(i hate you) cuz he hates him so bad that he blocks him out if he ever saw him again he would probably knock him out his thoughts are whack hees mad so hes taling back talking black brainwashed from rock and rap he sags his pants two rags and a sox cap his stepfather hit him so he socked him back and broke his nose this house is a broken home theres no control he just lets his emotions go!
  15. Re: Alvaro Negredo-New Torres what else did i foreget?im new to the forum ok
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