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  1. I bet all the ratings are done by one person in there spare time. Its too difficult to get it right in very single league, every six months.
  2. I have Depay. Memphis DEPAY of £15,640,000 plus Lukas KLOSTERMANN and Dušan VLAHOVIĆ . I need a bigger squad is this a good deal? Will depay ever get 93 at barcelona?
  3. lol i really dont like the new interface. Too slow etc.
  4. Yea i had it set to 40 plus. Maybe its some old legacy 'bug' Van Dyke kimmich and KDB are worth £52 million. So not sure what is going on.
  5. i mean on the search page. not the drop down like you showed. For example: I search for all french players, nothing on the list only kante benzema and varane at 94 tops no 95 mbappe.Search for all world top forwards i get nothing.
  6. Why can i not find Mbappe on the game search? I search for all french players, nothing. Search for all world top forwards i get nothing. can anyone confirm this too?
  7. I guess if your goal is to win as many cups/leagues as possible then managing a massive amount of teams would be the best way. :/
  8. I think +5 is too much. It could work as a temporary +1 Buff when a players does well getting a hat-rick etc. Or a random player doing really well in training gets a +2 for a game or two. And possibly a player getting a -2/-1 Debuff for a few games for being left out the first team.
  9. Maybe having Gold Game worlds with different rules would be able to suit different managers play styles. For example GW's with lower squad cap and increased transfer requests. 100 players on loan all not showing any concerns spoils things. Players who have not been played at all putting in transfer requests at the end of season to create interesting bids. Plus i fear for the new user interface. As a graphic designer i still find the old one better to work with. its faster to find things. Suggestion: Make forum text field wider please.
  10. I have the opportunity to buy some Monaco players such as, GEUBBELS ISIDOR MBOULA PELLEGRI. Which one do you recommend most? Plus any others that are well worth a mention. Thanks
  11. What do you predict for these Udinese players all on 87 a the moment. Barak Fofana TROOST-EKONG STRYGER LARSEN Walace
  12. I noticed that Milivojevic scored 12 goals this season. I think making him the highest scoring midfielder in the league. Is he the main penalty taker or something? At 28 is he a good investment?
  13. Non really I have a big squad and have never seen them play.
  14. Is Dahoud worth keeping at 23 and still 88? Also, Max of Augsburg doesn't seem to have progressed much this season should i sell ether?
  15. Jadon Sancho looks a very interesting player. 18 months younger and progressing very fast atm. It will be very interesting to see their careers develop.
  16. Interesting, Not sure how it will work. Sounds like he is cloning the game into a 'stocks and shares' bitcoin trading game. If you managed to accumulate a large portfolio of valuable players you could then sell them on for bitcoin cash. Maybe SM would take a fee like an agent every trade. You can see they have a new interface for it as well. Maybe you could even sell a club.
  17. With no UI updates etc the game feels like it is being run by one person at the moment. The ratings changes at the moment can't be taking more than ten minutes to do each day.
  18. With it taking so long now, I wouldn't be surprised if Van Dijk gets a plus Two.
  19. Is Kane now on the same level as most of the 95's such as Aguero now? And better than the 94 players. Do you see a rise shortly or in the summer?
  20. Which of these 89 rated goalkeepers has the best chance of going to 90 next? Perin, Strakosha, Gulácsi, Neto I have Strakosha.
  21. Will AUBAMEYANG go down soon? I have been offered to sell him for Aguero + Mina. Is mina a going to rise at everton?
  22. Is Sergio Rico safe at 91? At £24mill I cant afford to make a mistake with him. (I just had Cech -2 on my main team )
  23. GW 113 has been stuck since June now believe it or not with no message to the players who have reported it countless times. Which shows the lack of attention to the game now.
  24. Is there any news about this game world, its been broken for a long time now?
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