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  1. Re: Cannot offer to buy one of last two goalkeepers
  2. "Cannot offer to buy one of last two goalkeepers" This message keeps coming up whenever you try to buy one of the remaining two keepers from an unmanaged club. It's annoying the hell out of me because I've been waiting for 6 months now and nothings changed.!! Nobodys taking over the club so the player is just sitting there doing nothing. You can't offer one of your current keepers because it's an unmanaged club so theres nothing you can do but hope SM miraculously decide to make the team buy another keeper. Anyone else been in this situation??
  3. Re: Please help me with my Barca Problem... Valdes Alves -------- Puyol --------Pique Busquets Pedro(arrow fwd) ---- Mascherano ---- Xavi ---- Iniesta(arrow fwd) Villa ---------Messi (3-5-2) Tackling Style ---------- Normal Mentality ------------- Attacking Passing Style ----------- Mixed Attacking Style ----- Down both flanks Tempo ------------------ Fast Pressing --------------- Own half Tight Marking Use playmaker ----Xavi Use target man----Messi You're 2nd team (reserve team for cups etc.) would currently be: ................Neuer............... Richards ... Cac
  4. Re: Unmanaged Club deal? Sorry it's the highest bid that gets accepted...... It's annoyed the hell out of me in the past entering into massive bidding wars for players, especially when you have to guess what the other teams have offered.
  5. Re: Who to sell and Who to keep Keep Pato, Hulk and Gomez Personally, i'd sell Dzeko (or IMO try trade him for someone else).....unless of course he moves away to real as he's supposedly rumoured to be going.??? How accurate the rumour is I don't know. I doubt he'll ever rise in the EPL as we won't be able to adapt to the pace at which the league is played. He's not that good of a player in my opinion.
  6. Re: Who to sell? cheers for all the help :) the manager who owns eto'o doesnt particularly want to sell him so that's a bit of a downer, i can still try though...... my two main strikers atm are higuain and pato so don't particularly want to get rid of either. Its quite competitive so doubt i'll get anyone else. I won the last two seasons with my sunderland team (don't know how by looking at the other teams in the league...must be my tactical genius ) but still need to try improve my squad. I don't have any good DM since Pique changed, but Cambiasso is available so need to snap him up as
  7. Re: Who to sell? £40 million plus whatever else I can raise from other players etc...
  8. Hi, i've got a strong side but lack high ratings upfront. All the strikers are taken up by other clubs so need to try prise them away by offering some kind of part exhange deal. I have 5 high rated defenders in - Maicon, Puyol, Pique, Lahm and Lucio but only play a 3-5-2 formation so Lahm and Lucio usually end up missing out on a starting XI spot. These are great for back up in all the cup games etc.. but I was wondering if any were worthwhile in a deal for Eto'o - seen as he's the only "available" top striker. Who would you sell out of the 5 defenders? Lucio ??
  9. Re: Players erm, 92 is fine but I'm always open to improving my squad. I'd say somewhere along the lines of 93-94+ and the fact someones offered £25m for him, its made me wonder whether to keep him. I've got Higuian upfront so i could put him on the wing and play another fwd 94+ upfront. The problem is finding someone because everyones taken. I think i might just keep them both
  10. Re: Players Okay thanks Ps the only other option i could think of was dropping pique back from dm (where i play him) and buying cambiasso. This could also mean i make a profit in order to possibly buy a decent winger as there all taken and would need a lot of money ?? Its only a thought but do you think i should just stick with puyol and malouda ?
  11. Hi, I've had an offer of £47m for Puyol and £25m for Malouda in a fairly competitive game world. Thinking about accepting but replacements are hard to find, especially wingers. Any thoughts? Cheers
  12. Re: Your best SM Decsion/Deal paid just over a million for pedro and only 100k for henderson
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