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  1. wer chelsea rite to let joe cole and miroslav stoch go? reason being?? nothing. put in your views
  2. Re: La Liga-low rated youngsters how about the new galactico? SERGIO CANALES! best young spanish attacking player.can play wing and AM. dont talk abt pedro with him. they both play different roles.
  3. Re: tevez yes..a very nice deal.. tevez isnt so fluent with the arab dollars!! so benzema is younger and i think better. do the deal mate!! Good Luck!
  4. Re: Buffon=Lampard+van der sar? ohh well but he can still play for more 3 or 4 years. he is 31. i have only got 11.0M which i have been saving for cissokho. he wants a midfielder in the deal. so lampard is the only option. but he is going to 96 in the coming ratings?
  5. i have been contacting the juventus manager to buy buffon. Van der sar is expected to retire any time soon. he wanted a midfilder with a goalkeeper and however he is ready to take vandersar. i do not think lampard can go any further than 95? can he? is a rise possible? i got De Rossi with xavi in the midfield to replace lampard but got no good back up to replace him. but i seem to be happy to get buffon as im getting a replacement goalkeeper. is this a good worth deal?
  6. Re: ConnorCleary67's Worldwide Riser's. wer's pato mate? he's sure a +1 to 93.. it's job well done!!
  7. Re: Pato or benzema? pato is linked with chelsea and man city in january though it is not possible as AC Milan dont have a replacement. He feels needed by Milan whereas real madrid can manage it without Benzema. So i personally feel i have done good business by taking pato and giving off benzema. Pato's value will touch 32.0M if he does get a 93 which is for sure. Is he gonna bite 94? 93 is sure!!
  8. Re: Pato or benzema? so can i call it job well done for the exchange deal?
  9. Re: .Dan_DG17.'s Rating Predictions For The Premier League. is it possible for fletcher to bite 92?
  10. Who is a better player of the two? i have got benzema who is rated 93 on my Manchester United Squad. i dont play him as i got rooney and david villa both rated 96. I have also got diego milito. I made a bid today for pato with an exchange of benzema. The bid was quickly accepted. I think it is a good deal because pato is needed by AC Milan whereas Benzema can be loaded off anytime he does not perform for Real Madrid as they are cash rich and will find a replacement. Pato has also been better than benzema form wise. There is a sure rise for pato to 93 is it possible for benzema to get 94?
  11. Re: When Will Rafa Get The Axe? he will not get sacked. but he will be leaving this season to go spain and join the rich real's as pellegrini cant make up a good team performance. real can afford to pay for his compensation to liverpool of about 23M so liverpool would love to do that and balance their books financially. i think the club name should be changed from liverpool FC= liverfool FC as long as rafa is the manager.
  12. Re: xavi for gerrard? i want to keep xavi..as he plays CM for me.. i got XAVI, Lampard and DE ROSSI, wer DE ROSSI is a cover for injuries.. and i got diego(94) and arshavin (93) in the am role.. dnt really need gerrard..but he can also play cm so i would hav managed him there coz he can neva drop as he is a lord @ liverfool (sory to the liverpool fans) they are nothing without gerrard. and torres is hardly in form without gerrard. so impossible for gerrard to drop.
  13. Re: gerrard for xavi guyz made a mistake. the title shud hav been gerrard for xavi. instead of "xavi for gerrard" i got xavi and want your ideas if i should get rid of him?
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