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  1. Re: tactic helps, I can not win I can't win either. Nervous times as WBA are top of the league with a one point lead and with one game to go. Hope my tactical changes yield good results.
  2. Re: More player injuries ? More frequent and with occasional bad spells, occasions where you are resolved to playing players out of position and scrape through with bare means. Also, the number weeks that a player is unavailable because of injury must be reflected in turns, through my eyes using two different measures within one entity is woefully amateurish.
  3. I know it sounds a bit backwards but I would like more injuries in my side. I currently have 2 players who are injured and would not mind a couple more to ease squad rotation and assist in preventing fringe players becoming unhappy (I have 3 of these amongst a squad of 20). One could argue that I should just rotate my players on a regular basis though any manager worth his salt knows if your best players are fit you play them. What do people think? Perhaps an injury rating could also be implemented and updated as is done with player ratings? A rating of ?/5 might appropriate to prevent extremes, Very Unlikely, Unlikely, Neutral, Likely, Very Likely. It would add a realistic consideration to making transfers and might even bring the game more in line with the real world in light of the recent troubles at Manchester United and Arsenal.
  4. I think there should be a limit to how many times this rule takes effect. One club in my GW has been unmanaged for weeks but I am unable to buy from them as somebody takes over then quits 10 minuets later thus resetting the 7 day period. Its so annoying that people who have no interest in my GW disrupt the enjoyment of those that do, therefore I propose the 7 day period should not be reset unless the club has been managed for 7 days. Agree ?
  5. I like the new traffic light thing that's going on, it's not perfect but then what on SM is I'm not sure how the system effects the game and the possibility of win/loss but I assume it would be something like; Red - 50 % reduction in player rating Amber -25 % Green - 0% It would be great if the scale could be expanded a bit to better consider players in their secondary positions. If my earlier reasoning was correct then both of the following variations would produce the same result RB/CB - CB - LB/CB DM/CB - LB/CB - RB/CB Perhaps a 5 tier sytem might be more appropiate ?
  6. Re: Signature of The Week Competition I hope my entry has not been over-looked Things could get Messi.............. http://img265.imagevenue.com/img.php...122_360lo.jpg
  7. Re: Signature of The Week Competition Im calling my entry..... This could get Messi Sorry ))) I was in a rush, work to do. Dont know how to make it work so heres the URL http://img265.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=39724_messi_122_360lo.jpg#
  8. Re: Goalkeepers needed!! help plz Have a look at Alvim GUILHERME from Locomotive Moscow. He has been Loco's first choice keeper since the last Russian changes so should get a healthy rise (+ 5/+6 > 85/86 ?)
  9. Re: Top 10 best risers in seria A ? Alberto PALOSCHI should rise to around 87 as he has played the most minuets and scored the most goals for Parama who are currently doing very well in Serie A following their recent promotion back to the league. A great long-term prospect too as he consistently represented Italy at youth level.
  10. Re: rising goalkeepers.. Try looking at Alvin GUILHERME from Locomotive Moscow. He is currently rated 80 but seems to have took over the number 1 spot at his club so will most likely rise to 84/85 (and rise again if he can keep his position). A bargin at aroun 2 million.
  11. Dose anybody know why GUILHERME has been the #1 keeper at Locomotiv Moscow since July ?
  12. Re: Santon + Keirrison SANTON has played so little this season, and now he is injured until after the Italian changes. He probably will not rise, he defintly will not rise to 88.
  13. Re: RM and LM Risers PABLO HERNANDEZ should rise to 90
  14. Re: moussa sissoko deal If you are in a crisis then take him, he is not a bad player with NT caps.
  15. Steshaa

    Gael Kakuta

    Re: Gael Kakuta Its quite likely that if he plays today he will be added, SM tend to make exceptions to the minuets rule for top clubs.
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