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  1. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread A and a in Ultimate team.
  2. Re: The Most Talented Squad To Be Relegated Liverpool this season
  3. Re: Who is the first player you would want to sign Pato, he's a babe.
  4. Re: Fifa 2011 (Xbox 360) League I may sound stupid, but I really don't understand the transfer system
  5. Re: Fifa 2011 (Xbox 360) League How do I join? because my name is down but i don't know how to get in
  6. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Career mode as Lyon, a few months in and only lost one game, 2-0 to some team which I simmed. Lloris Micah Richards---Cris---Toulalan (Great at CB)---Cissokho Walcott---Gourcuff---My VP---Briand Lopez---Michel Bastos Am loving this game at the moment, might not get Black Ops because of this and just get Reach Playing my VP as a Stocky 6 7' CB to get some of the defender challenges, just the same squad as above except Toulalan swapped with my VP and then moved to the right with Gourcuff at LCM. Gourcuff is out for 49 days , at least the injuries are realisitic and frequent in this as opposed to the 'one injury a season' way of doing things in Fifa 10. Oh, please check out my Youtube channel, Fifa goals, compilations, funny things, CoD stuff, random stuff, and more! I should be a salesman.
  7. Re: The Inbetweeners - Official Thread Just missed it i've missed all 5 episodes so far, gonna watch it on 4od though
  8. Re: Fifa 2011 (Xbox 360) League Could you please add my xbox live (Moshing Sheep) as I won't be on tonight, possibly not tommorrow and definetly not the rest of the week until sunday and I'll probably forget to join he league etc.
  9. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread A tip for Pro Club Championships- play a 4-3-3, with 4 players controlled by gamers, the rest CPU. Have the central striker MASSIVE, then the two wing strikers midgets so there speedy like mad, then play a beast defending mid pro at cm
  10. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread ....and a neat free-kick http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/39512067
  11. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread passing ftw http://www.easports.com/media/play/video/41353820
  12. Re: Fifa 2011 (Xbox 360) League Gamertag: Moshing Sheep Team: Hearts? (If they're 3 stars or under, if not then I'll find another) Times available: Weekdays 4pm-6pm, maybe 8pm-10pm as well if I'm not going out weekends vary MSN: PM me for it
  13. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I'll defo join, can VPs be used? As long as I can be Accrington Stanley Gamertag: Moshing Sheep
  14. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread Man, what happened to beating France twice?
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