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  1. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? Pirlo Ribery Iniesta
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fellaini yes please! and with tevez going to juventus hopefully higuain is all ours
  3. Re: Austins guide to different styles of play Need help please. I'm about to play a manchester utd side that hasnt logged in for 14 days, alot of his players are injured and almost all are on under 20% fitness. I want to record a 10+ goal against them but what tactic/formation is best for the most goals? He will be using a 4-4-2 formation and his only strikers that arnt injured are both 85 rated so I wont have to worry much about defending. My whole team is 93+ and I have cover for any position. what should i do to exploit they're weaknesses?
  4. Re: Limit The Number of Players I have 140 players with barcelona in the gold championship lol. it has to be done to compete/trade.
  5. Re: new position I know lol I hate it. To much to read just to select a position...
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Was debating whether to buy tickets for that match, SO GLAD I DID!
  7. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread First time i've checked the tables in a while. Can't believe i'm already 9 points clear with barcelona lol. Should be able to win all 4 trophies this season Champions cup against chelsea may be tough tho.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I've done £5 on 2-1 Arsenal with Vermaelen as last goal scorer @ 200/1 £1005 return Can just imagine the match now. Podolski scores 1-0 arsenal Montpellier equilise in 55th min, 1-1. Late header in 88th min by vermaelen from a corner kick, 2-1! Arsenal celebrate their win, drinks are on lee!
  9. Re: Official England Thread England Win 2-0 @11/2 £5 returns £32.50. tonights pints paid for
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread GREAT! there goes his injury-free season after just 3 games!!
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread 2 bets going on todays game 0-0 @ 10/1 1-1 with cazorla FGS @ 60/1
  12. Re: Official Gold Championship 178 Thread Still trying to sell villa mascherano pedro. aint recieved any offers for villa and pedro (not even 1...) and mascherano has recieved cash only bids... come on lol
  13. Re: Help with deal cheers just wondering, does willian from shakhtar have any potential? manager wants to do a swap of willian for adriano.
  14. Im barcelona in a GC and ive recieved an offer from swansea for abidal. allen + sinclair. I understand abidal might retire this year so I need to clear him. But do sinclair and allen have a future? heard allen is linked with liverpool?
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