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  1. Aodhan

    Which team?

    I'm the Celtic manager in a World Championship, and I've been building the squad up and I've turned down a number of decent offers to manager big teams, but now I've been offered the Chelsea job which looks tempting Celtic http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&clubdetailstab=squad&cid=569215&clubid=2591961&sid=5657 Chelsea DROGBA, Didier CF96 - TORRES, Fernando CF96- - MILITO, Diego CF95 - ESSIEN, Michael CM-DM 95 - TERRY, John CB95 - COLE, Ashley LB94 - CECH, Petr Gk94 - CARVALHO, Ricardo CB 93 - COLE, Joe Wing/AM 92 - KEITA, Seydou CM-LM 92 - BOSINGWA, José RB92 - RAUL, González F-AM91 - MATA, Juan Manuel Wing-F91 - MIKEL, John Obi CM-DM91 - SENNA, Marcos DM-CM91 - PALACIO, Rodrigo F-Wing90 - HLEB, Aleksandr AM-W90 - DIARRA, Mahamadou DM-CM90 - FERNANDO, Francisco DM-CM90 - FERNANDES, Manuel CM-DM88- - MAGALLON, Jonny DDef88 - WOODGATE, Jonathan CB88 - CUDICINI, Carlo Gk86 - WOODS, Michael CM75 Which team should I take? Bearing in mind that it's a world championship and it's hard to get a big team with big players
  2. Re: Community > Player Ratings (Updates) To check which leagues are being reviewed next, click into on of your clubs and go to Gameworld which is on the toolbar along the left hand side. Then click onto Player Database Changes and it will show you what leagues are currently being reviewed and which leagues will be reviewed next. Hope this helps
  3. Re: What should I buy ,sell Looking through the league you have players such as Gourcuff, Aguero and Demichelis at unmanaged clubs with over 21 players so if I was you I would snatch them up because players of that quality won't be free for too long in a World Championship!
  4. Re: Could Someone Give Me Some Advice On My Team Selection I would try a 4-2-4: Mandanda Friedrich - Bodmer - Garay - Vermaelen Kallstrom - Seedorf Pedro - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ben Arfa Fabiano - Llorente
  5. Re: Goalkeeper Scoring
  6. I had no idea which section to post this in and I spent about half an hour debating over where to put it... Last night I had a match and I had Hernanes on loan as a CM. He was recalled and instead of putting a newly fit Busquets into midfield, or Mariga or M'Vila, the Assistant manager (or whoever it is who makes these decisions) decided to put Apoula Edel, the 84 rated GK into CM. He scored a goal and assisted in another! I was just wondering if anybody else has ever had any similar experiences? Maybe there could be a competition to see who's got the top scoring goalkeeper of Soccer Manager History!
  7. Re: Your team for World Cup 2014 !! Ireland 2012 Given O'Shea - Dunne - St Ledger - Coleman Duff - Gibson - Fahey - Mc Geady Keane - Doyle The above team will hopefully still be around for Euro 2012, but I'd doubt that they'd last as long as 2014... 2014: Given Foley - Wilson - St Ledger - Coleman Lawrence - Gibson - O'Hara - Mc Geady Stokes -Doyle
  8. Re: Powerful squad Cant Buy Win? I would try a 5-3-2: Akinfeev Pique - Lucio - Zanetti De Rossi Alves - - - - - - - - - Jansen Lampard - Xavi Drogba - Eto'o I would maybe have forward arrows on Lampard and Xavi for home games and have them normal for away games
  9. Re: Rate my SUPER-DELUXE team? I think you need more quality midfielders for your first team so I'd give it about a 6 out of 10... The second team has a much better balance and I'd give it about an 8/9 out of 10!
  10. Re: External offers From experience I've noticed that if you're selling a player that belongs to the club you are managing in real life, or if he belongs to a club that is managed in your set-up, then external clubs will offer basically chairmans value for them. But if the player plays for an external club then the club will offer you a better deal... they will offer you a decent bit more than chairmans value, and they'll offer more above chairman value the more valuable the player actually is, i.e maybe £500k more for an 80 rated player and maybe £4million more for a 90 rated player well that's what i think anyway...
  11. Re: SM Rating as a normal member you get to add a third club when you hit a certain reputation level... from glancing at the help section it doesn't really say when, but it said something about being a professional, which is level 75... i'm not totally certain about this though and you might have to wait longer or may get it sooner!
  12. Re: Aussie Rules - Rules Once a year us Irish make a stab at playing it too... And we beat yous the last time!! Right enough it's a compromise series with a mix of rules, but it's basically the same thing!
  13. Re: Bring back Chairmen Investments.. I think that your chairman should give you a small cash bonus if you are offered the managing job at another club and you reject it! It would also encourage people to manage clubs for longer and not jump ship once a better offer comes along!
  14. Aodhan

    Player Stats

    Re: Player Stats Emanuel Villa Appearances: 9 Goals scored: 15 Assists: 9 MoM: 3 Average Rating: 9.00 Javier Hernandez Appearances: 13 Goals scored: 13 Assists: 11 MoM: 4 Average Rating: 8.92 One of the most reliable strikerforce I've ever had on Soccermanager, and I've been on it over 2 years!
  15. Re: World Cup Fantasy Football I've made a team!
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