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  1. I really enjoy playing soccermanager and have done now since 2009. I have a great game in a Gold world where i have built a team from scratch and really enjoyed it, however I simply feel like the Gold game worlds have been ruined. There are far too few managers now competing in game worlds as too many new game worlds are released. My game world originally had a stable 200 managers in it. This has now drastically dropped to around 45. The drop came as soon as too many new game worlds were released. Its killed the game and the competitive edge to gold game worlds in my opinion. And to expect me to pay 12 quid for 12 months more of gold gaming in a game world with so few managers is just excessive. The only benefit of gold now for me is playing continental football. Apart from that it just doesnt offer enough for me anymore due to there being far too many new game worlds released.
  2. Re: Potential rating changes for these players: Ok you say the Babel and Cristian Rodriguez could drop, but they are both playing regular for big teams. babel had a lot of injuries but is now a first team regular and rodriguez is constantly a rotation player for a massive club and for his country.
  3. I would really appreciate if someone could let me know what they think will be the next rating changes for the following players, ive included their current ratings next to their name: AS Roma: Leandro Castan 88 Panagiotis Tachtsidis 86 Ivan Piris 87 Stoke: Geoff Cameron 86 Sporting CP: Marcos Rojo 87 Everton: Tim Howard 90 Bryan Oviedo 85 Shakhtar: Yaroslav Rakytskiy 89 Man City: Matija Nastasic 88 Lokomotiv Moskow: Denis Glushakov 89 Taras Burlak 85 Cagliari: Raja Nainggolan 89 Norwich: John Ruddy 87 Getafe: Xavi Torres 88 SL Benfica: Enzo Perez 88 Ajax: Ryan Babel 88 Atletico Madrid: Cristian Rodriguez 88 Dinamo Moscow: Aleksandr Kokorin 88 FC Porto: Jackson Martinez 88 Many thanks
  4. Re: NO LOGIC IN DROP Ivan Piris Its particularly annoying because i paid 11.5 million for him as im in a difficult gold game world where buying players 87+ is hard and you need to pick the players well. He is a player who deserves a rise, this is not an opinion but based on the fact he is a regular international playing regularly in one of europes top leagues for one of its better and bigger clubs. So for him to drop is clearly some sort of mistake
  5. Why has he just dropped from 87 to 85? How can a player who has just made 28 starts for his club AS Roma and started every game for his country Paraguay drop when its his best season in his career? He needs to rise to 88, not drop to 85. there is no logic behind this drop and i paid over 10 million because he is a nailed on riser and hes just dropped??????????
  6. Ive just had a game against Sunderland at home who had all their players around 75-85% fitness. All my players were 100% fit and my average team rating was 88 and Sunderlands was 85. I played a 3-5-2 formation at home and I was Leeds. They played 4-5-1. I watched the match and they dominated possession throughout the game and they had 5 shots and scored 5 goals. I had 16 shots and and barely had a highlight in the match centre. This is the second time ive had a match go like this now in the same season. Its just a totally random and unrealistic score and how can a team full of players not match fit and of worse quality win 5-0 away to a fully fit team of better players? Its not to do with the formations because i have easily beaten teams using 3-5-2 who have used 4-5-1. Its a bug because would you see a not match fit Norwich go to a full strength fully fit Man Utd team and win 5-0 with 5 shots in real life? It makes me feel like ive got no control over anything in the game when a score like this happens and its the second time in a season.
  7. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Hi, you have Hugo Rodallega to drop to 86? He has played more games than any other striker for Fulham this season. How can you justify this drop? I thought if anything he would be more likely to rise than drop
  8. I have had 5 new managers join my game world at roughly the same time all with manager rep at around 40 and they have started to do deals with each other such as one club buying Bendtner from the other for 20 million. The selling clubs are clearly not managing the clubs properly as they are putting out weak squads in matches. Will anything be done about this or is my enjoyable game world ruined? Its called OEM English Championship 2012, ID is 86145 The clubs in question are Arsenal, Chelsea, Sunderland, Man City and Norwich.
  9. Re: Improvement suggestion Well its more of a challenge if you do lose them and like i said you would have to be horrific at the game in the first place to get relegated with barcelona
  10. Re: Improvement suggestion Yes, If i was bad enough to get Barca relegated in the first place then I should suffer the consequences.
  11. I have an idea for a feature that i would like to see put into the game. When a team gets relegated, I think that their better players should become unhappy and perhaps some of the really good players putting in a transfer request, in some cases the chairman accepting all reasonable bids for the players. I say this because in the gold game world i'm playing in, Tottenham have just been relegated and they still have all their best players. It would be much better if a lot of their better players requested a move and became transfer listed by the chairman. Otherwise it is inevitable that they will be promoted again with the squad they have and would be more of a challenge for their manager to deal with unhappy players and in some cases losing their best players.
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... menez or marin??? talk to me
  13. Re: Right backs of the future? Santos Romario of Vitoria is a good bet. He is touted by many in Brazil as the next Cafu. 18 years old and currently on 75, you can buy him for around 550,000. He's already playing as a rotation player for Vitoria and will definately rise in the future.
  14. One of the most underrated players in the Premier League, and this is why. Tony Hibbert has had his most successful season in an Everton shirt this year and he has been a regular in forging the third best defence in the Premier League this season just gone. Everton conceded just 40 goals which was bettered by only Man Utd and Man City and I get fed up of people slating Tony Hibbert and calling him a poor player because defensively he is up with the best in the league. He may have been lacking the technique going forward but from a defensive point of view he is one of the best and should even be considered for an international callup. This was proven when he was made into a makeshift centre back against the leagues top scorers Man City and himself and Heitinga gave nothing away all game and came away with a clean sheet and 1-0 win. From an attacking point of view hes not bad either as he was credited with two assists in the recent 4-4 game of the season at Old Trafford. He has definately improved technically this season as his passing and crossing has been much better. So my point being that a first team regular in the third best defence in the league should warrant a higher rating than 87, perhaps 89 would be more fitting, it would be difficult to go higher due to lack of international experience.
  15. Since his last rise he has won MLS rookie of the year and is playing for the current standout team in Sporting KC. He has scored 3 goals in the opening 8 games. He is currently rated as 78 and the top players for his team are 82 rated. What do people think the chances are of him getting a rise?
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