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  1. Re: Plamen Iliev - "The Killer With The Baby Face" He actually looks about 16! :eek: He seems a good prospect. I'm going to Sofia in late August for 3 weeks, so if Levski are playing I might have a look
  2. Re: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - The next Saints Star He should stay till at least Summer of 2012. Get plenty of games under his belt, be proven at a lower level, instead of going to Arsenal or United or Chelsea and play 5 games from now till Summer 2012.
  3. Re: The Best Teams in the World Rating Predictions by MUFC PEZ I wasn't trying to be funny. I was simply showing my response to a laughable quote.
  4. Re: The Best Teams in the World Rating Predictions by MUFC PEZ Yes he sure is......
  5. Re: Top youngsters Lukaku?.....
  6. Re: Zach Pfeffer - 15-Year Old Star in the Making Why is your writing so small?
  7. Re: Llorente or Dzeko I'd lean towards Llorente. Better all round player, scored a lot of goals all ready this season for Bilbao with plenty more to come. I am pretty sure he can grab 20 goals in La Liga this season at a canter. He will earn himself a move soon. Dzeko IF he ever moves can be a good player, but I just think once he moves to a big club he will flop, just a hunch I have.
  8. Re: Gabriel Milito He will still drop.
  9. Re: Mesut Ozil Doubt it. If Ozil gets 93, so should Nani.
  10. Re: sergio BUSQUETS- +2 rating increase? If he does get 93, he will be the worst player at 93 level.
  11. Re: rooney to 94? I have seen many reasons why people THINK he should drop' date=' just I don't see a genuine reason why he should. After the World Cup his stats haven't been bad. My previous post does so.
  12. Re: rooney to 94? What kind of problem do you be talking of?
  13. Re: rooney to 94? A goal and 5 assists in 5 starts in the Premiership ain't too shabby. If he starts 20 of the remaining games and keeps up this record and finished with 5 goals and 25 assists it wouldn't be bad. A goal in his 2 starts in the Champions League. If he scored a goal every second game for lets say 10 games, its 5 goals in the Champions league which wouldn't be too bad. I just can't see a reason for him to drop?
  14. Re: rooney to 94? The 8 months before that he scored 39. He's had a poor run of form relating to injuries and personal problems AND England's shambolic turnout in SA. I'm not a man of clich├ęs but, Form is temporary and so on...... Rooney will NOT drop. I know that you didn't say he would drop just I'd like to point out my thoughts. Am I right, am I wrong? Who knows. Still I am 90% sure I am in fact right about that Rooney won't drop.
  15. Re: rooney to 94? Because he was 'injured' for around 10 games. I am not on the actual SM game now, so I don't know when the changes will take place. Now that he is back they won't drop him. If the changes take place within a month they won't drop him. If in March and he hasn't played and scored consistently THEN SM could easily drop his rating.
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