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  1. Re: Ibagaza or Rothen?? and Arteta or Galleti??? thx for the help
  2. I have had a counter offer for my bid for Cordoba of Rafinha+Amauri. Should i accept this bid??
  3. Re: Ibagaza or Rothen?? and Arteta or Galleti??? help plz:(
  4. I have 25.8 mill and need a left mid and a right mid. I have Galletti 29 91 and Arteta 27 91 available who shud i buy?? For left mid i have rothen and Ibagaza available who shud i buy??
  5. Re: Any 89 or rated player going up?? How sure are you about Falcao and Floccari rising to 90??
  6. Is this guy likely to rise to 90?? plz reply asap plays for tsg hofenheim and plays cm/lm
  7. What will Juninho's rating decrease to since his move to a club in the middle east??
  8. Any1 know a player aged 25 max rated 89 or lower that is going up?? any position and is 100% sure to rise to 90+
  9. Is this player going up to 90 by any chance???
  10. Re: Jorge Rolando rated 89 soon 87 people i am tryin to trick sum1 into frocing him to sell rolando to me so plz some help and persuade the guy
  11. Rolando is 100% certain to go down from his rating of 89 due to a lack of first team football as Bruno Alves (rated 92 in the game) is prefered more than him and youngster Maicon is getting more first team matches.If you do have him in your game world I suggest you sell this player in the region of 10 mill but any more is a good deal for you.He will be going down to 87 and if lucky 88. Cheers
  12. Please can you tell me if any of these players are going down/up and any1 i should get rid off ROGERIO CENI 92 AKINFEEV 91 ROBERTO CARLOS 90 POCOGNOLI 87 FAVALLI 89 WEIR 88 SIMUNIC 90 FORLIN 86 MARCELLIS 88 KOLODIN 90 HEITINGA 91 WESTERMANN 91 SESSEGNON 90 RENATO AUGUSTO 89 Lass DIARRA 91 ASSUNCAO 91 SEMAK 91 FELIPE MELO 91 DEFOUR 89 PIRES 91 GAITAN 85 BUONANOTTE 89 on loan PETRIC 91 OLIC 91 LUIS SUAREZ 90 DI NATALE 93 LLORENTE 90 on loan CROUCH
  13. Is he going down from heis 92 rating to 90?? i hear he is retiring
  14. any1 know a few 88s or 89s that will rise to 90 or more soon?
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