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  1. Thanks for the responses guys, some context below which might help My current CBs are Ginter, Felipe, Can and Orban with Stones incoming. I was thinking Orban and Felipe are only going to go down from this point on, where as Kimpembe has potential to rise and is younger. My full backs are Walker, Sandro, Cancelo and Calabria with Carvajal incoming. Similarly to the above, Walker and Sandro will only go down. Carvajal has a year or so on Walker in age, and I think with Cancelo impressing Walker might find playing time reduced. I was thinking of selling Walker and Sandro
  2. I've just won the SMFA Cup so have come into a bit of money. I'm buying John Stones and Florian Neuhaus, and have a deal agreed to sell my Griezmann for Carvajal and Asensio. This allows me to have the options to do some of the following, thoughts? Bold are my players M. Felipe and Orban for Kimpembe? Kyle Walker and Alex Sandro for Reguillon and Pau Torres? Brozovic for Maddison? Haller and Papu Gomez for Gerard Moreno or Yusuf Poulson and Amiri or Locatelli?
  3. Sell one from Mount or Aouar? I'm thinking Mount as Aouar would really need a move to rise. Mbappe to hit 96 anytime soon? I can either save up for Mbappe by selling Mahrez and Mount/Aouar, or I can sell them anyway and buy Pedri, Bellingham, Wirtz etc and buy Mbappe in a season or three. Very uncompetitive GW
  4. Sell Lenglet for Dias? I have Van Dijk, De Ligt and Upamecano as well
  5. I see on transfermarkt, Lincoln has left Flamengo for Japan.. an interesting move SM-wise
  6. Sell Skriniar or Lenglet for De Ligt?
  7. Sell Johnny Evans, William Carvalho and Dani Parejo to bring in Davide Calabria, Ismael Bennacer and Marcos Llorente? Can't see Evans getting 91 due to his age, can't see Carvalho going higher without a move and Parejo will only be going down now. The three I should be able to buy are all fairly good odds for a +1 to 90 in the next few weeks I believe? Also, my Griezmann or Carvajal + Asensio? Thinking of offering this but not sure how fair it is? Carvajal would allow me to sell Walker while he still has some value, and Asensio would fit quite nicely in my attacking midfield t
  8. Thanks for the replies, didn't realise the situation with Milik was so bad. Looking to sell him, Callejon and Mandzukic and hopefully have enough pennies left over to get either Plea and Hwang Chan (Leipzig guy) or Depay. The duo would be better depth wise. I can't see Depay rising further while he stays at Lyon, but he has been linked with a move to Barca. Which would be the best choice?
  9. How likely is Griezmann for the drop? If I remember right he's picked up a bit recently and started scoring, although on the whole Barca are shocking. I have the following attackers in a 4-2-3-1, and I think Callejon and Mandzukic are fairly certain droppers, and the rest are relatively safe? Papu Gomez Lucas Moura Jose Callejon Antoine Griezmann Mario Mandzukic Seb Haller Arkiaduz Milik Inaki Williams
  10. How high can Alcacar go at Valencia? Thinking of letting him go before he gets concerns
  11. Stoke sign up some of the home grown talent on the market
  12. Stoke sign up some of the home grown talent on the market
  13. Stoke sign up some of the home grown talent on the market
  14. How high can Alcacar go at Valencia? Thinking of letting him go before he gets concerns
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