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  1. How safe is Hakimi's LB position? I have TAA, Hakimi at RB with James due to come back from loan, and Robertson and A. Davies at LB. Tempted to sell Robertson and move Hakimi over
  2. Found Hateboer is available so selling both 😁
  3. Konrad Laimer or Tyler Adams? Need the RB position
  4. If I'm reading this right, Depay or Klostermann + Vlahovic + 15m? Duo and cash easy. Yes Depay might have a flying start to life at Barca and get 93. But Klostermann's versatility is great, he's a solid 91, could maybe get 92 if he's outstanding at Leipzig. Vlahovic looks to be one of the brightest young strikers in Italy, should rise further this season. With 15m you can buy a cheap 90 rated player to further boost squad numbers Without knowing the competitiveness of the GW or the specific needs of your squad, I'd say it's a solid deal.
  5. Liverpool manager wants to buy my Chiesa. I guess I can afford him to lose him if I can get a decent duo in return. Current offer is Richarlison + Ward Prowse. Don't know as either of them have enough to rise really, especially in their current situations. I'm tempted to counter for Ferland Mendy + Saka/Kulusevski but not sure that'd be too fair Liverpool Squad Liverpool Youth My squad
  6. End of season transfer frenzy time. Ones on the left are my players Szczesny for Unai Simon? I don't think Szczesny is at particular risk, but I gather Gk ratings dont matter too much and i could use the extra cash to improve/reduce the age elsewhere. Carvajal for Digne/Castagne/Laimer? My full backs are Carvajal, Pavard, Cancelo and Calabria. I think Carvajal was potentially at risk of dropping last review and he's not getting any younger. Digne for me picks up too many injuries to stand a chance of getting to 92, plus Everton. Castagne has also had an injury hit season, but is younger, better club SM wise. Laimer I don't think really plays at RB for Leipzig but I'm not 100% sure if someone could confirm/deny. I'm leaning towards Castagne atm Orban for Romero/Akanji? More of an age thing here. I'd think if Orban was to get 91 at Leipzig, he would have done so by now. Romero seems to be rated highly after a good season at Atalanta, and at Juve he can go higher. Akanji is the only other option available right now, not sure if he's good enough to get 91? Romero seems sensible choice Bennacer/Neves/Can/Asensio/Plea for Gerard Moreno/Olmo/Andre Silva/En Nesyri/Bamba? Lot to unpack here. Is Bennacer good enough to get 91? He's still young so got plenty of time. Ruben Neves would probably need a move to get 92, but again still young ish and he gets linked every now and again. Emre Can, not sure how safe he is but he can cover at CB too which can be handy. Asensio, not sure how safe he is and he's still just about clinging on as young ish. Plea I can't see rising any further, a case of sell him while he's peaked? Gerard Moreno can only go down from here, and at Villareal he might struggle to keep a higher rating comapred to if he was at Barca say. Dani Olmo has looked decent at the Euros, has potential to rise further for sure. Andre Silva got 91 on the back of an impressive season at Frankfurt, can he keep it up at Leipzig, will have to do well to get 92 there. Don't know enough about En Nesyri or Bamba.. I think Olmo and Silva would be the best choice to bring in TIA
  7. In a GGW, I've played 8 matches from the 26th June to tonight. 5 games from the 2nd July to tonight. Half the team are dead on their feet. The other half are dead, which has probably cost me a chance at a place in SMFA Cup final. And yet there are odd weeks during the season where friendlies are played. Hopefully when the elusive SM update comes out they'll sort out this ridiculous scheduling...
  8. Noticed this in a few GGW this morning. 'Manager has been removed as the manager of Club by the SMFA.' Is that SM taking action, cause I thought that only happened in fairytales?
  9. Worth selling Pavard or Calabria for Wan Bissaka? Is AWB likely to get 91 in the next week or so? I'm hoping to grab TAA on a level 5 concern soon, obvs he would be first choice RB, so really it's who would be the best back up? I could move Pavard to CB and sell Orban, which now that I think of it could be a good idea. At LB I have Chilwell and Theo, so don't see Calabria being worth moving there. Although the versatility could be useful..
  10. Yes! I remember the Help with Deals thread was always the place to go.. I remember pre-forum me seeing Iker Muniain as a 17 year old 85 rated player and thinking I must get him he's going to be immense.. probably my earliest SM memory
  11. Can afford one of these, who would be the best choice with the reviews imminent 1) Chiesa 2) Locatelli plus Curtis Jones 3) Kessie plus Curtis Jones Chiesa, Locatelli and kessie would all be starters, Jones one for the hopefully not too distant future
  12. Have these deals from external accepted, and now the other manager I was bidding agaisnt has pulled out so do I want to carry on with these? Laporte + £4m for A. Davies (I use Laporte as LB so it's like for like) Lenglet + £8m for De Ligt Klostermann + £4m for Skriniar Ndidi + £8m for De Jong
  13. Digne or Chilwell to sell? Whoever I keep would be back up to Theo Hernandez Sell 2 from the following: Ruben Neves, Ndidi, Bennacer, Tielemans, Barella, Valverde, Kessie, Oyarzabal, Grealish, Calhanoglu, Van De Beek, Havertz (incoming) I'm thinking it's between Bennacer, Calhanoglu and DVDB. Would you sell a third to get Sabitzer?
  14. There are rumours on twitter that he refused to lead them out for training because of the ESL
  15. How likely is Eduoard Mendy for +1? Just signed Ederson to replace him but if he's likely to rise I'll hang on to sell
  16. Seems as though this si the most popular thread, if anyones interested the online sticker album for Euro 2020 has been launched https://paninistickeralbum.uefa.com/launch
  17. Are Fran Beltran, Hamed Traore, or Elif Elmas worth keeping hold of? Ever likely to get 90+?
  18. If a player hits level 3 concerns on the 5th March, how long till level 5. It's currently turn 29 so 5th March would be Turn 25 I think if that makes a difference. The manager is on holiday mode so I can't see him suddenly making appearances
  19. How safe is Onana's 91 with the 12 month ban? I thought I remember there being an appeal but I can't find anything
  20. Carvajal + 2/3m or Klostermann? I have Carvajal and Pavard as my current RBs, Klostermann would be used as RB
  21. This is my current squad playing 4-2-3-1 narrow RB - Meunier/Calabria CB - Maguire/Militao/Zouma/Orban LB -Digne/Chilwell DM - Ndidi/Neves/Danilo Periera/Kessie AM - Bennacer/Tielemans/Barella/Grealish/Rebic/Calhanoglu/Van De Beek ST - Oyarzabal/Ibra/Ings The following are on transfer request, or will be imminently, and I have enough cash to buy them all but obviously can't guarantee I will get them all. Lucas Hernandez/Pavard/Hakimi/Valverde/Felix/Haaland I'm thinking of selling Militao, Zouma, Meunier, Danilo Pereira, Rebic and Ings Opinions? TIA
  22. Thanks for the responses guys, some context below which might help My current CBs are Ginter, Felipe, Can and Orban with Stones incoming. I was thinking Orban and Felipe are only going to go down from this point on, where as Kimpembe has potential to rise and is younger. My full backs are Walker, Sandro, Cancelo and Calabria with Carvajal incoming. Similarly to the above, Walker and Sandro will only go down. Carvajal has a year or so on Walker in age, and I think with Cancelo impressing Walker might find playing time reduced. I was thinking of selling Walker and Sandro and getting younger bodies in with Reguillon and Torres. Torres probably does need a move to rise further though. This would allow me to move Can into midfield
  23. I've just won the SMFA Cup so have come into a bit of money. I'm buying John Stones and Florian Neuhaus, and have a deal agreed to sell my Griezmann for Carvajal and Asensio. This allows me to have the options to do some of the following, thoughts? Bold are my players M. Felipe and Orban for Kimpembe? Kyle Walker and Alex Sandro for Reguillon and Pau Torres? Brozovic for Maddison? Haller and Papu Gomez for Gerard Moreno or Yusuf Poulson and Amiri or Locatelli?
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