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  1. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread What kind of rises can be expected (if any) for these boys at Barca/Madrid reserves Adrian Ortola (78) - 1620 mins Diawandou Diagne (78) - 1329 mins Gerard Gumbau (76) - 931 mins Juan Camara (78) - 638 mins Javier Noblejas (78) - 1548 mins Jaime Sanchez (77) - 1006 mins Cristian Benavente (78) - 690 mins Lucas Torro (78) - 1210 mins Jimenez Alvaro (75) - 891 mins Also, are there any other notable youngsters under 80 rated who might get a decent rise? TIA Cheers guys
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep or Sell from these players? I've put my opinions, just not entirely sure Allessio Cragno - Keep Nicola Murru - Keep Marquinhos - 100% Keep Kurt Zouma - Not sure, doubt he's going to get game time at Chelsea, tempted to sell as I reckon he'll stall Mattia De Sciglio - Keep. What's going on with this guy? Luke Shaw - Keep Geoffrey Kondgobia - Seems to have stalled, tempted to sell Emre Can - Think he's injured atm, bit early to see how Liverpool use him. Keep for now Bentaleb - Tempted to sell, is he 90+ potential Ross Barkley - Keep Olivier Torres - Keep Nick Powell - Same as Bentaleb, is he 90+. Tempted to sell Jese Rodriguez - Keep Viktor Fischer - Not sure. Is he still going strong? Gerard Deulofeu - Keep Lucas Digne - Seems to have stopped at PSG. Sell? Karim Rekik - Was good last year at PSV.. Is he 90+? Keep for now Jetro Willems - Another one who seems to have stopped.. Sell? Mateo Kovacic - Don't care. Keeping. One of my favourite players Leon Goretzka - Keep Adnan Januzaj -Keep Serge Gnabry - Keep.. for now.. Not sure if he's going to get enough gametime thouh Jurgen Locadia - Is he going to rise anymore. I think he was good a season or two ago. Tempted to sell Sorry for the long list, don't want to sell anyone who I've got the wrong impression with and vice versa
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Which 6 to keep out of the following? I'm thinking sell the bolded trio Chielini, Pique, Alaba, Alba, Varane, Nastasic, Rodriguez, Carvajal, Jones
  4. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. Man City in Div 1.. If I'm gonna destroy a team I might aswell destroy one everyone hates
  5. Re: .:Fluffy's Funhouse:. I'll take... Inter or Monaco... we'll go with Inter
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My Lampard + Adam Webster (don't even know who this guy is) for Mario Suarez? Lamps going to NYC makes this is a solid deal right?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Pirlo, Matuidi and Mario Suarez for CV? Who would be best to get? all would play
  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions How much of a rise can we expect for Radosevic?
  9. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album 7 more stickers hurry up swappers
  10. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Need 3 stickers to complete two teams ! Hazard (BEL) Begovic (BOS) Sunjic (BOS) Can offer: Rodriguez (MEX), Matip, Song, (CMR), FOrlan (URU), Dzemaili (SUI), Montazeri (IRA), Enyeama (NIG)
  11. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Sorry mate, got him just this morning. Thanks anyway
  12. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Completed Iran *celebratory jig* I now only need Lovren to complete Croatia so if anyone can help
  13. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Could do with the Croatia Logo mate, I have these guys Australia Logo Tosoridis - Greece Yoshida - Japan Wilshire - England Spahic - Bosnia Bicakcic - Bosnia
  14. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Guys, if anyone has the Iran logo, I need it to finish the team,
  15. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Set that one up mate cheers EDIT: Siovas for Dejagh that is
  16. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Hey guys, I've got the following for swap today Pletikosa (CRO), Siovas (GRE), Balotelli (ITA), Paredes (ECU), Bicakcic (BOS) and Shojaei (IRA)
  17. £20m in debt, need to raise money to get back on the move with this squad, what do you guys think? I play 3-4-2-1 Gk: Handanovic Def: Filipe, Zabaleta, wollscheid, Papadopolous, Umtiti, Martins Indi, Van Rhijn, Danilo CM/AM (guys who play in the 2 cm or 2 am positions): L Bender, Matuidi, Cabaye, Guarin, Grenier, Kondogbia, Can, Taider, Florenzi, Farfan, Lacazette Wing: Draxler, Feghouli, Griezman, Florenzi Fwd: Kiessling, J Martinez I currently have the following offers: Umtiti - £12m Kondogbia - £9m Matuidi - £15m and have offered these: Grenier - £15m Griezman - £10m + Turan + Fischer OR £8m + Moreno + Shaqiri Guarin - £15m What do you guys think I should do in terms of these offers, and who else should I look to sell?
  18. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Sell Grenier for £15m? These are who plays in his positions (I play a weird formation with 2 cms and 2ams) L Bender, Kondogbia, Matuidi, Cabaye, Guarin, Taider, Grenier, Florenzi, Draxler, Farfan, LAcazette Also sell Umtiti for 12m and Kondogbia for 9m? Heard they're not doing so well
  19. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Brilliant mate, I haven't got any more duplicates for today but I will get some tomorrow and then I'll let you know
  20. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Need the following to complete two pages Croatia Logo, Lovren, Rakitic, Jelavic Iran Logo, Mahini, Nekounam, Dejagh Anyone able to help me out?
  21. Re: Virtual Panini WC 2014 Sticker Album Have Costa Rica badge and Sergio Romero (Argentina) up for swaps, looking for Iran or Croatia as they're the closest I have to filling
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