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    Likes Ricki-Lee :)
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    Isn't this game a hobby?
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    What's a job :)?
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    QLD Roar, followed by Liverpool
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    Dan's Fantasy Football: Lazio. Roma in WC 5341
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    Scott Macdonald
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  1. Re: Dan's Fantasy Football Is it just me or did this random sim just screw me over? Hamberg beats Lazio 4-1? And with a manager only 2 weeks into the game? What the hell...
  2. Re: Dan's Fantasy Football Well i've got Lazio in this world (Lost my Name in game). I'm pretty happy with the teams current players and with only 5.2 in the bank when i took it i've steered clear of the market. Did buy a couple of risers, and sold that embrassing 3rd goalie for some cash but that's it.
  3. Re: England - Without the EPL? Ok actually i'd like to change mine to MK Dons if they're still available
  4. Re: Barca forward line on blazing fire: up! Same forward line that 6 goal rolled Real Madrid in league So it evens out in the end.
  5. Re: So many resigning managers... Well should i make a move from Real Betis to Everton? Everton aren't looking too good with fianance so might stay at Betis but Everton can be fixed and have good players
  6. Re: Favourite website www.powerchallenge.com My favourite online gaming site. Play the beautiful game live against another opponent (i've got the same username, overthetop2) I'm the wacko that's got the team Ricki-Lee United and bangs on about Ricki-Lee in the forum. Your question at this stage: Who is Ricki-Lee? Google her.
  7. Messi has scored 36 goals in all competitions this season from 48 appearances (nearly as much as Ronaldo last season) Eto'o: 32 goals from 46 appearances (just as impressive!) Henry: 26 goals from 42 appearances (also a great season) All have the stats to go up honestly. Messi 97 but has played better than Ronaldo, he's 98. Eto'o showing great form also, he was at 97 once and is playing like a 97 again. Even Henry can be considered for a rise they're scoring that consistantly. Your thoughts?
  8. Re: England - Without the EPL? I'll have: Ipswich please as i'm in an Aussie town off Brisbane called Ipswich.
  9. Re: Weird SM Private Messages Send a few global messages and recieved this one back: From: bradley james zarb Sent: 24 Apr 2009 14:28 GT Subject: Re: World Championship 5341 (Real Betis) who r u?? Maybe i should explain the global message thing...
  10. Re: How to NOT get RickRoll'd Just got Shelbourne Roll'd @#$%
  11. Re: Best Fit Bird XI of all time In the spirit of the Fit Bird XI i'd like to bump this and suggest the following amendments: Kylie Minogue is 40, so would no longer have speed. Suggest she goes in GK and Raquel to CF. I think Beyonce's Beckham-ish and Messi plays Fwd just as much so put Kelly Brook in Fwd and Beyonce in CM. You don't know the names of the LB and the LCM so they should go on the bench. And if nothing gets past Kristy Allsopp, put her in CB instead. If you only picked Carole Barnes for her initials put her on bench as well. This leaves RB, LB and LCM open... consider putting The Veronicas (the twins Lisa and Jess) in RB and LB, and since i have a soft spot for Ricki-Lee Coulter, i'll put her in LCM. Megan Fox and Jessica Alba round out the substitute bench. Madonna as manager due to the fact she's been around forever.
  12. Real Betis in WC 5341: 2 wins 4 draws undeafeated So i should probably rename this team house of too many draws or something! PSV ain't good in WC 5342: 1 win 2 draws 3 losses If i don't get another win in both worlds soon promotion at Betis will slip a bit and staying up at PSV will be a very tough job.
  13. Poll: If any of you's are on Power Soccer, ManagerZone or TopShift, vote it here (also don't be afraid to say your username in that game)
  14. Re: Worst Soccer Manager Team! I now officially announce my intention to attempt to intentionally lose to Jack Lester's Sunderland. As soon as i get the chance to enter another club i'll be taking on this attempt.
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