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    I am an average student, I play pranks and play alot of sport.
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  1. What is the highest rating for Bayern in your game? If Neuer is around 4 ratings higher than your highest player then he can turn down joining.
  2. Is Bartlomiej Dragowski due a rise? Played half the season with Empoli and was outstanding in a number of those games. Linked heavily with Southampton and Bournemouth.
  3. The gold trophies represent the Gold league. Silver trophies are for normal and custom game worlds.
  4. Any keeper expected to rise to 89 or 90 from the big 5?
  5. Will players from relegated teams in the big 5 get reviewed this summer or along with their new league?
  6. Will John Anthony Brooks get a +1 with Wolfsburg this summer?
  7. Worked for Chelsea, will sadly eventually work for Man City.
  8. Will Jonas Hector keep his 91 rating if Cologne (Koln) get promoted?
  9. Is Leno due to stay at 91? With SM hating Arsenal may have to sell him and bring back Szczesny Hawkes who should get a +1 in the summer.
  10. What do we reckon about Nikola Vlasic, 21, on loan at CSKA Moscow from Everton, 17 games in the Russian Premier scoring 4 goals, 6 Champions league games scoring 3 goals. Current rating is 86. Touted as playing part of Everton starting 11 next season, but will he increase in the Russian review soon?
  11. They've been changing players' positions for Russia and Ukraine the last couple of days. More than likely Ukraine first with the stronger Russian league afterwards.
  12. Has any other player dropped as much as Ricardo Fuller in the space of 9 years?
  13. What are the chances that Jonny Evans ever makes it back to 90 if Leicester continue to finish mid table?
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