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  1. EJ_Styles

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Any thoughts on Martin Ødegaard and whether he'll increase from 83? Playing regularly in the Eredivisie but the hype is well and truly gone from him. He's a free agent in one of my game worlds so only £3.75m.
  2. EJ_Styles

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Is Danny Welbeck due a drop from 90 due to injuries?
  3. EJ_Styles

    Frederik Sørensen

    Re: Frederik Sørensen When is the next Italian update? He's played 9 times in the league this season and once in the cup, what rating increase would he get?
  4. EJ_Styles

    Kim Bo-Kyung

    Re: Kim Bo-Kyung Bo-Kyung played 79 minutes in Oita's 3-1 win over Thespa Kusatsu. Oita are still second in the league, their next match is on Sunday against 17th place Giravanz Kitakyushu.
  5. EJ_Styles

    Yoichiro Kakitani

    Re: Yoichiro Kakitani Kakitani played 85 minutes in Vortis' goalless draw with Ehime. Vortis are now 4 points behind the leaders Kashiwa Reysol, but have a game in hand. Kakitani next game is against 16th place Kataller Toyama on Sunday.
  6. Re: Shinji Kagawa (Young Japanese Kid on Trail at Barcelona and Real Madrid) Kagawa ended last season scoring 27 goals in 44 appearances. This season he has hit the back of the net three times, in six games for Cerezo.
  7. EJ_Styles

    Shoki Hirai

    Shoki Hirai is a 22 year old Japanese forward currently playing for Gamba Osaka in the J-League. He has been described by many in the Japanese media as the most dangerous man in the J-League right now. As he has scored five goals in 283 minutes of J-League action. He has also been lighting up Gamba's AFC Champions League group stage, scoring four goals in the two matches against Armed Forces from Singapore last month. He has also received praise for his technical skills, and his abilities to read the game well and get in the right position at the right time. Although he is a natural right footed forward, he has excelled on the left wing from time-to-time. Pundits have applauded his effortless ability to break through defences using his speed and physique. Surprisingly, his great form has not inspired his team to many victories in the league, having only won one game out of six, and currently lay in twelve place, joint with their bitter rivals Cerezo. He is currently the J-League's top goal scorer, and is in joint second in the AFC Champions League scoring charts. The second and third goals in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Dxm4VfgRY8 The fourth and sixth goals in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9peID271hA
  8. EJ_Styles

    Kim Bo-Kyung

    Kim Bo Kyung is a 20 year old South Korean striker, currently applying his trade at Oita Trinita in J-League 2. He is currently on loan there for the season, from Cerezo Osaka. This season Bo Kyung has played in six matches (540 minutes), and has hit the back of the onion net six times. Bo Kyung has risen through the ranks of the South Korean national team. Having started for the Under 20s twenty one times, scoring six goals. He was a part of the South Korea side who got to the quarter finals of the FIFA Under 20s World Cup. He scored two goals in that tournament. Later that year, he was selected for the Under 23s. And has now made his way up to the full national side, having made his debut in the 4-2 defeat to Zambia in January. But since then he has played a role in three more matches, in which Korea beat Finland, Hong Kong and Japan respectively. In the ill-tempted East Asian Championship game against Japan he received a yellow card, but after the match was given praise for his performance by the Korean media. Korea went on to finish second in the tournament behind China.
  9. EJ_Styles

    Yoichiro Kakitani

    Re: Yoichiro Kakitani Kakitani has been allowed to stay at Vortis for another season to give him more first team football. Since the new J-League 2 season has started he has played in 5 matches (279 minutes) scoring 2 goals. Vortis currently lay in joint third place, two points behind leaders Kashiwa Reysol, but have a game in hand on them.
  10. Re: Arsenal's 50million pound replacement, Herrera, Ander Cesc aint going anywhere. The stories of him wanting to leave are always made up.
  11. EJ_Styles


    I can get him for about £6.8m, should I snap him up? What is he going to rise to? Just realised I should have posted this in the player assistance section
  12. EJ_Styles

    Yoichiro Kakitani

    Re: Yoichiro Kakitani Haven't been able to log into this forum for ages so haven't updated this thread for donkey years. To cut a long story short, Kakitani has played 32 games (6 for Cerezo) and scored 7 (3 for Cerezo) so far this season.
  13. EJ_Styles

    Help With Results

    Once again my Bristol City team ratings have been miles better than my opponent, but yet again SM have decided that I do not deserve to win. The Sunderland team and ratings for the match. 1.V VALDES rating 7 2.K KALADZE rating 4 3.C DAVENPORT rating 4 4.D COLLINS rating 4 5.J ESCUDE rating 4 6.D WHITEHEAD rating 4 7.J GUTI rating rating 5 8.T TAINIO rating 5 9.D HEALY rating 7 10.K JONES rating 6 11.J LUIS GARCIA rating 5 My Bristol City team and ratings for the match. 1.E VAN DER SAR rating 8 2.A FRIEDRICH rating 7 3M SYLVINHO rating 6 4.G ZAN rating 7 5.F FUENTES rating 7 6.I SEMSHOV rating 8 7.L GIULY rating 9 8.D DE ZEEUW rating 8 9.M DEMBELE rating 8 10.L RONALDO rating 9 11.C DONI rating 8 I also replace Doni with Pires, who also got an 8 rating. Surely I had to win that match. The team was unmanaged, and when I check their last team report, their tactic was all normal. So they didn't counter attack me. I'm getting quite fed up with it actually, as it's a very similar case to my Arsenal side. Dominating the game, but being held to draws Surely SM should buck up their ideas and not only stop making unmanaged sides be nearly impossible to beat, but to ensure that when a side dominates the game, they actually win.
  14. EJ_Styles

    Yoichiro Kakitani

    Re: Yoichiro Kakitani Kakitani played 117 minutes altogether in Vortis' matches against Yokohama FC (1-0 defeat) and Thespa Kusatsu (1-1 draw) Kakitani next match is against Tokyo Verdy on the 6th.
  15. EJ_Styles

    Yoichiro Kakitani

    Re: Yoichiro Kakitani Kakitani played 79 minutes in Vortis' 1-0 home defeat to fourth place Ventforet Kofu. Kakitani picked up a yellow card on the 66th minute in a closely contested match, which Vortis can feel they deserved something out of it. Kakitani next match is away against second bottom Yokohama FC on the 30th.