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  1. Ratings should just be left as they are, solely based on real life performance. SM is the only management game that I know of that doesn't base it off of in game team's performance/their pre-determined potential. The only rating tweak needed, would be leagues being done a little more often. Or Man U and Chelsea players stop getting unwarranted hype increases. Stopping doing small leagues is pointless. Why stop people from creating those game worlds? Vast majority of players don't want every one of their worlds to be 80 or 100 players. Variety is the spice of life. This idea n
  2. What do you boys think Frederik R√łnnow rating will be in the German review? Currently cemented himself as number one at Eintract after his injury. Played 8 Bundesliga matches with an average rating of 7.01. Also played a further five Europa League games. Currently on 85, do we reckon he'll get a +1 or maybe a +2? Got him in Top 100 and want to bring him into other gameworlds, but worried about him being injury prone that SM might skip him out.
  3. Who would you guys choose out of Diego Rossi or Ritsu Doan?
  4. What do we think Yangel Herrera Mikel Merino Erick Pulgar Will go up to in the next reviews?
  5. Been offered Diego Rossi for my Moussa Diaby. Don't know whether to keep hold of Diaby as Leverkusen are saying they are waiting for the right time to start him. If he plays he will rise for certain. Rossi is wanted by a number of European clubs. Tough decision.
  6. What is the highest rating for Bayern in your game? If Neuer is around 4 ratings higher than your highest player then he can turn down joining.
  7. Is Bartlomiej Dragowski due a rise? Played half the season with Empoli and was outstanding in a number of those games. Linked heavily with Southampton and Bournemouth.
  8. The gold trophies represent the Gold league. Silver trophies are for normal and custom game worlds.
  9. Any keeper expected to rise to 89 or 90 from the big 5?
  10. Will players from relegated teams in the big 5 get reviewed this summer or along with their new league?
  11. Will John Anthony Brooks get a +1 with Wolfsburg this summer?
  12. Worked for Chelsea, will sadly eventually work for Man City.
  13. Will Jonas Hector keep his 91 rating if Cologne (Koln) get promoted?
  14. Is Leno due to stay at 91? With SM hating Arsenal may have to sell him and bring back Szczesny Hawkes who should get a +1 in the summer.
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