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  1. Hi everyone..

    I used to be extremely active on here and soccer manager, but left about 2 years ago. I thought I'd log back into the forum to take a look as it was always hopping with discussion, and I am so sad to see the way it is. What happened? Where is everyone?

    The discussions on here used to be great, with so many users. I'm not looking to bash this forum at all, but can anyone tell me what happened?

    Thanking you,


  2. Gibbs was just injury prone at times(mainly back issues I think)

    I don't know how well Arsenal are with the league rules with certain players being trained at club etc to sell Gibbs

    All I don't understand atm is how Keown and Henry can pick Sanchez in their team of the season so far - so baised

    Injuries certainly did not help his cause, but he was always suspect to mistakes. He loves Arsenal, so by no means am I wishing him out as he is a great 2nd choice but I can see him going for the sake of his career. He won't get a sniff with England if he doesn't play.

    Bellerin on the other side has also proven to be absolute quality. Debuchy will leave meaning we surely have to sign another right back. Am I the only one who doesn't entirely trust Chambers yet?? Great potential but if we want to win the league we definitly need a better back up to Bellerin.

  3. Monreal has proven to be the best left back in the premier league at the moment. I honestly believe that. He has been extremely consistent, in both his defending and attacking.


    You have to wonder what Gibbs will do. He is now 26 years old, the days of being a "Hot Prospect" are over. Albeit Monreal is now 29, but would Gibbs stay much longer being the age he is at 2nd choice? I can see him moving on and being a great left back for a good team. He was just too inconsistent and nervous for my liking, I could't see him starting for a team able to win the league.



  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Just seeing what the different opinions are on this one. What would you all class as a successful season? Would you class another FA cup and top 4 a good season?

    If someone asked me that in the summer, i'd have said no. But the way we've been up and down this year i'd take it with a heartbeat. Also the possibility of going further in the champions league would be extra.

    The FA cup is certainly there for the taking but as with any cup it's by no means easy. I have good faith of a top 4 finish to be honest, It'll be tight but we should have enough class and experience to do it.

    As always at this time of the year though, we're scrapping for 4th. I can't wait for the season when we'll be genuine contenders again. I have hope...

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    His constant flirtations with Real Madrid became tiresome. Brilliant player' date=' should have learnt to keep his gob shut.[/quote']

    Showed his true colours by staying on an extra year, and it was indeed the club then who accepted an offer for him without him knowing.

    Goes to show what some fans actually know..

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I watched the Viera V Keane documentary for the 3rd time last night,I'm still n awe of it. Absolutely fantastic documentary.

    Vieira touched on the current side, and mentioned how there are no leaders. Reckon this is still true?

    Mertesacker is starting to grow into a leader for me, and I reckon Flamini and Arteta show that their professionalism can be a leadership skill too.

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    A lot of bleak fans around at the moment!

    I'm glad everyone is writing us off, I love nothing more than being the underdog! Podolski to come back, Walcott has made an immediate impact too. I don't think all the positivity from the last few months can be written off from 2 matches.

    I still have faith we can stay top, and win the league. It may be crazy on my part, I know, but we actually have a good squad. Also with the players to come back we will have an even stronger bench.

    Also the Champions League draw, I'm not too downhearted about drawing a big time. It's our year to beat the big teams, and playing the big guns will help us in the league.

    Too Positive, maybe. But we'll see at the end :)

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Not a big fan of Granero to be honest, the only thing he has over Arteta is the fact he's 6 years younger.

    On a completely side note, does anybody know if the deal for Adidas to sponsor Arsenal instead of Nike is going to go ahead? The mock up jerseys for 14/15 season look absolutely mint.

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Can Gunners really say as a club we have grown' date=' flourished and moved forward (and please don't use the old crutch oh finances, player injuries etc)?[/quote']

    We have in stature. i.e. Bigger stadium and better advertising like throughout Asia which in return boosted our fan base and jersey sales.

    You say dont use the finance crutch, but that is indeed the excuse. As I referred to earlier look how much City and Chelsea had to spend to get their glory.

    No other manager would have done better, pep wouldn't work under the restraints.

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    And it was a good post :) However it is based on keeping investing in diminishing returns. Somewhere along the line we have become satisfied with 3rd place -we don't achieve excellence by wanting to be 3rd.

    Time and time again the board has indicated that there is money to be spent in transfers instead money is ploughed into the developmental end and not the first team-then we go and buy talent from other clubs.So the argument about being fiscally hamstrung..does not wash when you pay an average of 57 k per week to first teamers and then pay large amounts to reserves (83 :eek: while Man U have 22).


    Supporting a club does not mean you have to agree with what is happening with the club - while we all hope for the best we all in our own way look for club improvements.

    Yes the board have said that, but I dont believe it throughout the years, as Wenger said so himself he's not going to be the cause of the club going bust.

    Kroenke needs to take his finger out of the place where the sun doesnt shine, I'm sick to death of hearing these takeover rumours and absolutely nothing happening for the club transfer wise.

    Yes I agree we all have ways of supporting, all Im saying I feel calling for Wenger to go is totally wrong. I blame the board not the manager, I am in awe in what Arsene has done. Yes 3rd isnt good enough, I know that. But when you compare it against how much City and Chelsea have to spend for their glory, we're doing outstandingly well.

    Any other manager wouldnt have kept us where we are.

    I love the fact we have one manager and one only, the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea go through managers like underwear (they'd be rather smelly underwear ;)), Man Utd would agree.

    After all, we still play amazing football. It wont be long until that turns into trophies, its been a long transition period but it'll be worth it.

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