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  1. Re: The Trenches Championship Discussion Thread Bought Chris Smalling for 2.8 million. Got bored of buying youths so I just decided to splash out a bit:o Ah well, I am praying I wont regret it!
  2. Re: My New Custom Do you know me well enough for me to join? Probably not..
  3. Re: Would you rather..... Paper Cut between 4 fingers __________________ Would you rather... Lose your tongue Or Have your saliva forever turned into urine.
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Got this off the official website. Arsene's Post match reaction... On if 1-1 was a fair result... On if he saw Joe Cole's tackle on Laurent Koscielny... On what he learned from his players in the match... On if he is still targeting a goalkeeper in the transfer market... On Liverpool... On why he signed a new contract with Arsenal... On if this will be his last job... On if this team can win something... On Chamakh's introduction to the Premier League... On why Cesc Fabregas wasn't involved... On his view of Andrey Arshavin's performance... On his decision process when choosing who should play in goal...
  5. Re: The Trenches Championship Discussion Thread Beat Aberystwyth Town 5-0!
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread We don't have anyone...Djourou is injured. Maybe Nordveit will but he's not good enough. Its ridiculous how how little defenders we have...
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I agree with you. Given over the years has shown that he ios a top class keeper. With Ireland and Newcastle he had the two worst defences in front of him, and yet still got results and pulled off fantastic saves. He's a top class keeper and shows that every match. I'd rather Given than Schwarzer. I wont be disappointed at all though if we get Schwarzer though, I'd be delighted with anyone of them.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Delighted. He's made this team himself and its now time he gets to enjoy the success he's made:)
  9. Re: English Champioship 6957 Discussion and reporting thread Took the Nottingham Forest job. Wanted a challenge of trying to get promoted to the Prem.. Looking forward to working with you all:) EDIT: Just seen the league table, In the relegation zone? Shocking
  10. Re: The Trenches My head is sore from searching for talent so cheap I've experience finding talent with my Brentford side but I never had something like this. A nice challenge So far I've signed: Adama Traore Febian Brandy Samuel Galindo Tomas Kalas Alexandre Lacazette Cristian Mejía Vidal Oriol Romeu Santos Zezinho Dean Bouzanis. Happy with those. Plenty more on the way...
  11. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings Anybody know if Dias Felipe has any chance of rising in the next changes? Strapped for cash and need a cb/lb. Felipe fits the bill perfectly all i need to know is will he stay or rise. If he stays is he a safe 89 for the next few years?
  12. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** Fulham Aston Villa Tottenham Bristol City Preston Hartlepool Stevenage Willing to swap the ones underlined.I will want a good team for Villa though..
  13. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** Anybody want Aston Villa?
  14. Re: Best signing for £7.8m Neymar.. 86 rated striker players with Santos. Due a rise and will be in the Brazil squad soon.
  15. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** Fulham, Tottenham, Aston Villa. Happy enough with those tbh. I will never be shouting for Tottenham though
  16. Re: {UKFSC} European Super League 2 - Discussion Thanks for the PM Craig. Arsenal please
  17. Re: The Lucky League Table Challenge - **NEW** Highly Interested. Put me down
  18. Re: English Championship 2933 Discussion Thread Lost to Everton at home 2-0, ffs. Well done Kroitzz. Best team won...
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fulham have denied about Schwarzers request though. http://www.skysports.com/story/0' date='19528,11661_6306012,00.html[/url']
  20. Re: The Trenches Who took Forest Green? I had them reserved:(
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