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  1. Re: The Trenches Championship - The Toughest League On SM * FIGHTERS WANTED! Sorry lads, I hate being branded a quitter and as you can see I was very committed. Just didnt have time and since i built a good team I feel it deserves someone who can be committed and can win stuff with them. I am not active enough and don't have time to do it. A couple of months back I left my two teams in the other 2 forumers leagues, decided to keep Forest Green as I enjoyed it. I don't have the time now to be as active as I should with them. Good luck with it lads, I enjoyed my 50 games in charge EDIT: I don't really care if I'm put in the quitters hall, I know myself I was very dedicated to this league and if I'm punished for having no free time to manage them anymore then I was obviously in the wrong league to start with.
  2. Re: Anybody have an Iphone? Worth it?
  3. I'm in a bit of a pickle. At the moment I'm dying to buy an iphone, but it's more of a want than a need. I need an ipod, not a phone. An Iphone seems wicked though . Does anyone here on the forum have an iphone? Is it worth it? I am thinking of just buying an ipod touch 32gb thats nearly half the price and then keep my own mediocre phone. I'm not sure. I'm posting it here because I'd much prefer to see the views of my fellow forumers than strangers on yahoo etc. Thank you:)
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Good win, keeping a clean sheet makes it so much sweeter. I prefer Arsenal playing without Chamakh and Arshavin, I hate to admit it but I think we play better. Van Persie doesn't play well with Chamakh, until those 2 form a partnership I prefer Van persie. Even though the more they play together they get used to each other. Clichy played well as a result of having someone in front of him that will actually help out. With Arshavin playing Clichy gets exposed to the opposing right back and right midfielder, having the midfield infront of him help out really does change him, it also allows him to sprint forward more. All round it was a good win, Fabianski impressed again. Now let's get consistent, because so far we've failed at that.
  5. Re: The Trenches Championship - The Toughest League On SM * FIGHTERS WANTED! Sorry I havent been exactly the most active forumer, took a break from the foum. Still though I've logged into my Forest Green regularly to keep them on the right track, they still aren't on the right track though . I also forgot to boast about thrashing Wimbledon 3-0 first game of the season, first time i've beaten them. Happy Christmas to you all!
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Happy Christmas to all my fellow Gooners!
  7. Re: Merry christmas! As they say in Irish, Nollaig Shona! Thank you, Happy Christmas to you too and everyone here on the forum!
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread That really was shocking, we don't deserve to get near any cup with that performance. What the hell has happened to the Arsenal that we saw up to a month ago? Absolutely shocking, things need to be sorted out fast.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Arsenal team. Fabianski Eboue Squillaci Djourou Gibbs Wilshere Denilson Fabregas Walcott Bendtner Rosicky Positions may be different but that's my guess on the way the formation will go...
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Great news. Bendtner set to start too. Interesting to see if Gibbs will last the whole game, I hope he will. Can't wait for kick off now.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Tonight's going to be a lot more difficult than the first leg. It was just like a few years back when we trounced Slavia Prague 7-0 at home and drew 0-0 away. Tonight's going to be tough. I hope to see Nasri playing on the left over Arshavin. Arshavin's place is far from safe and only right. When he plays we suffer a lot defensively, Clichy is put under immense pressure. I do love Arshavin, but i feel letting him know that he can easily be dropped will set him straight.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not saying he wants to join Celtic, but here's a video of him at a celtic game a couple of years back. He does love Celtic, I think he'd prefer play there than sit on the bench at City,
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I agree with Spam with regards our defence, I am still really impressed with Fabianski's latest performances. If I had given my opinions a month or 2 ago id be with Spam, disappointed in Wenger not signing a goalkeeper. Now though i'm happy enough with Fabianski in goal. I've a lot more confidence in him that in Almunia that's for sure.
  14. Re: Respuesta: Re: Official Arsenal Thread
  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread True. Ye played well against Utd 2 times and today as well, Hope ye do well as ye deserve to. My friends actually 1st cousins with Kevin Foley so I always hope Wolves do well.. Good luck to Wolves too:)
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Absolutely great result. I was shaking with nerves during that whole 2nd half, we needed it and we got it! Since we were lucky to get the result this tastes so sweet! Fabianski was brilliant. So glad he proved us all wrong with his last few performances (Bar that one mistake vs Newcastle). His save at the end won the game for us, simple as. Brilliant save and only a few seconds after Chamakh finished the game.. Almunia would not have done that. Great result. Absolutely over the moon with it! Had some spare time so I thought i'd come on the forum and leave a rare post:D ..
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