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  1. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Really bad changes... Ergic down to 87?
  2. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings What position do you think Ronaldinho will be changed to?
  3. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 I was disappointed with that as well. Especially considering Le Lan rose to 86... And Koscielny only got 86, while Vahirua rose to 88. Can't have everything though! Good changes overall.
  4. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 I'll put my money on conservatism and guess: Gignac 90 Sissoko 89 Capoue 87 M'Bengue 86
  5. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 I guess we're heading towards one update a year per league...
  6. Re: Gold Championship Teams - Who I'm Going For & Who I Landed ! Site crashed at 17:59 for me and I wasn't able to get back on for 20 mins... Bought Gold Membership for the first time for GC66 (the one that crashed forever and then suddenly was created two hours after the scheduled time), and it's been nothing but trouble every single GC since. I always expect some issues with internet online services, but I would have appreciated if they were open about it and warned us in advance that problems may occur due to high traffic load etc and tell us what they will do if it happens (no one knew whether GC66 would end up being created that day for example). But I guess that's bad PR? After GC68 they even said they would move to better servers, implying that there wouldn't be much trouble for GC69. Yet the whole site completely crashed for me, and I'm sure for many others as well.
  7. Re: Olivier Blondel - Toulouse Veteran Riser Carrasso signed for Bordeaux months ago. Toulouse first choice keeper is Yohann Pele, who will be back in goal as soon as he's fit. Blondel will obviously get a rise from the first team exposure, but it shouldn't be a massive one as Pele is expected to be back soon iirc.
  8. Re: Who is Argentina's Future Playmaker ? Lucho Gonzalez...
  9. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009
  10. Re: Edinaldo Grafite 89->90? I hope he has another great season and gets called up to the World Cup, he deserves it.
  11. Re: Edinaldo Grafite 89->90? If he keeps current form (>1 goals/games ratio...) until the German changes, he should get 91.
  12. Re: Bundesliga Analysis & Predictions 2008/2009 Sorry for messing up my post; it's Pranjic of course, not Srna, and Germany's upcoming game is indeed a WC qualifier. I think it would be wise to give Khedira some play time in competitive games before the World Cup, seeing as he's still uncapped. He could be very important in South Africa, especially if there are a couple of injuries.
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