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  1. Re: Jesus Navas

    Oi? I don't think so. You shouldn't compare two players when you clearly don't know anything about one of them.
    That is just my opinion nothing more. Maybe you are not not fair because you are porto supporter Anyway i respect your opinion but disagree.
  2. Re: Serbian superliga ratings by Backy

    Good thread Backy. One question : what's your take on Vujadin Savic' date=' the newly signed Girondin de Bordeaux ? Is he a good prospect ? Does he stand a chance to be a starter in their backline one day ?[/quote']

    Could become a very good player and i think he will be starter in future.Strong CB whit great head game very intelligent player.Before Bordoux Man.C. wants him.He is the son of one of the biggest players FK Red Star of all time Dule Savic.I think it would make a good career.

  3. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread

    Never seen Bosnia play' date=' do their players gell or do they have big ego's? Romania are deadly from set pieces and down the wings with Nicolita and Chivu. I think you will get through, top? I don't know but I think you will.

    Predictions in Bold![/quote']

    Bosnia play like Croatia and Serbia same football school.We play good against strong oponent but whit small teams we have problems.Bosnian attackers is

    very good Muslimovic ,Ibisevic,Dzeko,Misimovic this guys can score against anyone.

  4. Re: Official Euro 2012 Qualification Thread


    Group D

    Bosnian national team will have hard work but i believe that we can be first in group.In this moment i think that bosnian dragons is better team then Belarus Albania and Luxemburg.Real fight will be whit Romania and France.Now everbody nows that France is bad but in this moment.New France coach will be Laurant Blanc i very respect this former player of Man .U and Bracelona.I think that will put together good team wit S.Nasri and K.Benzema and other young players .France will be be first favorite in group D.Romania is a very strong opponent.Players like Adrian Mutu C.Chivu and R.Rat will make problems to anyone.Bosnia is every time have problems whit Romania (i really fear of this team more then France).But at end i must say that Bosnia have very weak defence whitout real RB and LB that is weak point of my team Strong part of bosnian team is FW and AM players like Z.Misimovic (one of the best playmakers in bundesliga)M.Pjanic (maybe the best young player in europe) and E.Dzeko (i dont wana speak about him everobody nows how is Dzeko)I hope and believe that Bosnia can qualify on Euro.

  5. Re: Six years later..........

    Bosnias why are you chosing Mujdza when his just solid player? I was on the many games of Zagreb on wich he played' date=' and he was good,but he was poor in Bundesliga...[/quote']

    The biggest problem in the Bosnian nnational team is position RB and LB .That is why this team needed Mujdza.Bosnia is strong in the middle and up in front but on right and left side defence we are weak.We just do not have a better solution .I think that will develop into a good bundesliga player.

  6. Re: Six years later..........

    Is Haris Vuckic eligible for Bosnia? Last I heard he was captain of the Slovenia U21 side. Hope he turns out to be a good player for Newcastle though. :D
    I hope that we will choose Bosnia because it would be a good fit in our national team.It would be sad not to play for his homeland.What do you think of him as a potential.Respect Newcastle love that club its very nice for comeback in premiership:D
  7. Re: The team you love to hate?

    Football would make the world go around. Bosnia have a good team compared to their population. Maybe in 4 years time for the World Cup' date=' but I expect in 2 years, the European Championships will be welcoming Bosnia. That Bosnia team has a great attack.[/quote'] I agree mate whit you yes football make the world go around and yes Bosnia is footbal force in uprise( we have also good cm Pjanic and Misimovic).
  8. Re: The team you love to hate?

    Not even a little bit?' date=' they probably hate you.....[/color']

    Probably you're right,but i now that in Serbia there are normal people who do not hate the others .In the war I lost many friends and relatives my city was destroyed but I do not hate and will never hate Football is the best game in the world where there is no place for politics.

  9. Re: The team you love to hate?

    Inter - Rivalry and because they use OUR stadium..

    Liverpool - I just hate them don't know why.

    Man Utd - Well' date=' because there supporters lmaoo, not many reasons ..

    Partizan - Because I am a Zvezda supporter.

    Albania national football team - I am Serb, no need to explain why, you would know..

    Croation national football team - You would know

    Bosnia national football team - You would know

    USA national football team - You would know..[/quote']

    I am bosnian supporter but do not hate serbian national team respect and like most of the serbian players.Politics has no place in football

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