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  1. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings
  2. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings FK BORAC Nemanja Damjanovic 74 stay Draško Zaric 75-77 rise Oliver Jandric 77-79 rise Dusko Sakan 76 stay Sasa Kajkut 77-80 rise Milan Stupar 79 80 rise Marko Maksimovic 77-78 rise Leonid Coric 77 80/81 rise Vule Trivunovic 83 stay Bojan Petric 76-78
  3. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings FK VELEŽ Dženan Zaimovic 75-79 rise Admir Velagic 75 stay Dženan Durakovic 75 stay Amer Osmanagic 75-80/81 rise(star buy linked whit couple bundesliga clubs) Elvir Colic 78-79/80 rise Armel Skaljic 75-77 rise Emir Hdzidulbic 77-79 rise Danijel Majkic 77-79/80 rise Aidin Dzafic 78-82 rise (star buy the best striker in bosnia standard player of bosnian u21 NT) Adis Obad 77-75 drop
  4. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings HSK ZRINJSKI Marin Anicic 78-80 rise Damir Dzidic 77-74 drop Mario Ivankovic 80-82 rise Kreso Kordic 80-82 rise Goran Markovic 78-80 rise Igor Melher 78 stay Igor Musa 80 stay Vernes Selimovic 78 -80 rise Danijel Stojanovic 79 stay Toni Sunjic 78-82/83 (star buy standard player of bosnian u21 NT) Mateo Susic 76-78 rise Mladen Zizovic 81-78 drop Vlado Zadro 76-79/80 rise Ivo Zlatic 70-68 drop Pero Zovko 70 stay Igor Zurzinov 80-81/82 rise
  5. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings FK SARAJEVO Muhamed Alaim 80-82 rise Irfan Fejzic 74 stay Emir Janjos 75 stay Faruk Ihtijarevic 75 stay Denis Comor 72-75 rise Alen Avdic 82 stay Edin Dudo 78-79/80 rise Mirza Rizvanovic 76-80 rise Almir Pliska 74-76 rise Muhamed Dzakmic 77-80 rise Haris Handzic 80-78 drop Zoran Belosevic 77 stay Alen Skoro 82-83 rise (one of the best players in league) Damir Hadzic 77-79 rise Milan Muminovic 77-79 rise Ajdin Maksumic 77 stay Sedin Torlak 79-81 rise (one of the best CB in bosnia)
  6. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings nk siroki brijeg Santos Wagner Lago (am 30) 82-84-one of the best player in league Bosko Peraica (fwd 32) 78-75 Danijel Kozul (dm 21) 76-72 Josip Barisic (cm 26) 77-79/80 Hrvoje Misic (cf 22) 75-78/79 Jure Ivankovic (cm 24) 77-80 Josip Topic (cb 27) 81-82 Dalibor Silic (lm 31) 83-84/85 Dejan Bandovic (gk 26) 77-80 Josip Cutuk (cb 25) 77-79 Diogo souza dos anjis (mid 23) 76-78/79 Mislav Karoglan (mid 28) 82-80 Mirko Hrgovic (lb 31) 83 Renato Alves (dm 26) 77-79 Dejan Martinovic (cm 26) 78-80 Juan Manuel Varea (cf 24) 75-82 -the best striker in
  7. Re: Bosnian premier league ratings fk zeljeznicar Ibrahim Sehic (gk 21) 78- 82/83 -star buy Bozidar Radosevic (gk 21) 69 Mirko Radovanovic (lb/lm 24) 76-81 Predrag Simic (dm 30) 77 Edin Visca (rb/lb 20) 75-76 Benjamin Colic (rb 19) 74-76/77 Elvis Mesic (cb/dm 29) 81-83-one of the best cb in league Jadranko Bogicevic (cb/dm 27) 80-81 Delimir Bajic (cb/rb 26) 77 Mirsad Beslija (rm 30) 79-80 Semir Bekric (cm 25) 78-83-star buy the best player in league Nedzad Serdarevic (cm 25) 77 Milan Culum (dm 26) 79-81 Denis Selimovic (dm 30) 76-75/74 Haris Beslija (am/wing 23) 76-77 Muamer
  8. This is first thread about bosnian premier league rating.Please leave suggestions and oppinions .Thanks to everyone.
  9. Re: Albiol He will stay at 92 in this moment he dont play football good enough for rise to 93.I dont sea any reason why he will not keep CB/RB
  10. Re: Gourcuff for Sneijder? I will do that because Sneijder play for big club and he was have great season,Gourcaff its seams to be stay at Bordeaux.And you are correct about rise both will get +1
  11. Re: Been offered Pato for Benzema. Help FAST.. I will accept,Pato will be riser in italian changes Benzema is not first striker in Real.
  12. Re: Rising LB M Sakho - one of the best players PSG future of french football E.Insua - it will bee first LB in Liverpool G.Bale - great season in Totenham one of the best LB in premiership H.Badstuber - the most talented defender in world for me, fist LB in Bayern great future
  13. Re: Anyukov or Rafinha?? I will go for Rafinha my opinion is better player then Anyukov and shouldbe rise to 91
  14. Re: Help fassttt please, bid pending! Buy Diarra and sell Riki and Adrian
  15. Re: "The next +20 riser?" .:| Mazola (GUA) F - 21/60 |:. Great work mate
  16. Re: Inter Milan! Try to play 4-3-3 wingers gk- Lopez rb- REVEILLERE lb- SAMUEL cb- THIAGO SILVA cb-SKRTEL cm-MEIRELES (playmaker) cm-MOTTA cm-MARCHISIO w-RONALDO w-ROBBEN fw-VAN PERSIE try to buy some real RB/LB like cissokho,van der wiel,otamendi,badstuber,alvaro dimguez and some good CM like misimovic,sandro ranieri,gourcaff,l.diarra.You have good wingers but weak CM .
  17. Re: Simone Calvano - Milan's new Pirlo? Nice find mate
  18. Re: Game Engine SUCKS! I agree,something gotta to do whit engine I've had a couple of such situations.Can be frustrating.
  19. Re: High Rated 80 CB Needed Fast, Any Suggestions? Otamendi -starter in Argentina NT Kjaer -at end of this season he wil play for one big club in seria a Badstuber -regular player for Bayern in this season (great future )
  20. Re: Dzeko is better than Gomez? Dzeko deserved rise to 93 first in this moment he is one of the best strikers in world and second at end off this season he will play for one big club .Yesterday some germans newspapers say that Real M is want him on santiago bernabeu.I dont now that is true but i now that Chelsea,Arsenal,Man U,Man S,Juventus,Milan want this player, future 94+ on SM.
  21. dzeko deserves rise to 93 in this season 31 games played 2731 minutes played 1306 touches 4 yellow cards 56 fouls 52 was fouled 20 goals 7 assists 117 shots on target 2 penalties Everybody want dzeko at end of this season bosnian striker is fight for the place one of the best strikers in europe.The most progress player over the past two years this is his story.Edin Dzeko was born in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia, on 17 March 1986, and he and his family had to cope with the Bosnian war rampaging through the country when he was only six. He recalled: "It was a hard time for everyo
  22. Re: Neuer or Adler? In this moment Adler is better
  23. Re: Help my Valencia team please Mate you must buy good defenders like Vermalen,Pique ,Boateng risers you have weak last line sell BRUNO SALTOR,NAVARRO,MIGUEL buy some good GK like Neuer ,Loris,and RB like B.Ivanovic,M.Richards LB like C.Ansaldi,J.Badstuber CB like GARAY, Ezequiel ,Thiago Silva or T.Vermalen
  24. Re: Richmond Boakye Yiadom (Genoa Wonderkid) Great work my frend:D this kid look good
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