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  1. Re: Euro 2012 Poland and Ukraine *Official Thread* Why play qualifying matches ?Let UEFA say which teams wants on EURO 2012
  2. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday I agree mate but with this FIFA is very hard to small country go to world or euro cup.
  3. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday FIFA just does not want on world cup because the bosnia and ireland small countries.Mr.Blatter wants to watch RONALDO, SIMAO,RIBERY, HENRY,and does not want to see MCGEADY, IRELAND, KEANE, DZEKO, MISIMOVIC,PJANIC,.Sorrow,disgrace,robbery,cheating,injustice this is FIFA.End of the story on this topic.
  4. Re: Miralem Pjanić Why sent ticket SM don t care about ticket.Last rating changes of bundesliga Z.Misimovic is not rise stay 90 .All SM forum is predict rise to 91 but nothing .Then we send lot of ticket to SM and nothing .Same thing for me with Pjanic,Gomis,Gignac i can not belive .
  5. Re: Miralem Pjanić I agree this is very low 88 for him.
  6. Re: Ireland vs France This is shame FIFA" fair play" what a comedy why we play qualifications?
  7. Re: Miralem Pjanić Rise to 88 and now is AM/Wing
  8. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday losing wih 0-1, it is difficult to play without key players.Just now referee is show red card to S.Salihovic this is shame i can t believe FIFA DONT WONT BOSNIA ON WORLD CUP
  9. Re: Portugal v Bosnia on saturday? OK mate that is nice.
  10. Re: Portugal v Bosnia on saturday? I do not want to discuss mate good luck tonight.
  11. Re: Ireland vs France Go ireland :d
  12. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday Bosnia first 11 tonight GK-K.Hasagic CB-S.Nadarevic CB-D.Pandza CB-S.Jahic RM-S.Ibricic LM-S.Salihovic DM-Z.Bajramovic CM-H.Medunjanin AM-M.Pjanic FW-V.Ibisevic FW-E.Dzeko
  13. Re: Anes Haurdic - Bosnian Talent **Rated 74**Now 80 Bosnia U21 2-1 Wales U21. Man of the match A.Haurdic 2 goals ,great game from young playmaker.He is today been on fire
  14. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday Bad news from bosnian team,one of the best players Zvjezdan Misimovic will not play because of injury.This is a big blow for bosnia,national coach Blazevic will put in the Misimovic place young Lyon playmaker Miralem Pjanic.I think now this is mission impossible .First we have problems with yellow cards,second FIFA does not want us on World Cup and finally injury of bosnian brain Misimovic.Unfortunately I am no longer optimistic:(
  15. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday First the best striker in europe second he is very popular in bosnia, yes he don t play for bosnian NT because of bosnian football association.Zlatan is wants to play for bosnia but FA simpley dont call him on time.This is worst blow of bosnian FA in history of our football. Anyway he is today one of the most popular player in Bosnia.
  16. Re: Bosnia v Portugal on wednesday A few weeks ago the president of world soccer organization FIFA , Sepp Blatter, said in one media appearance, "World Cup without the best players in the world Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo would not make sense, nor would actually be interesting." Now it is already clear that FIFA in South Africa does not want to look Bosnia, Ireland and Slovenia, the team without stars like Ronaldo, Henry, Arshavin,.This is SHAME:(
  17. Re: Dzenan Durakovic - New Misimovic Very good player i belive that will have good career,whether it will be new Misimovic i dont now.I'm pretty sure that he is talented player:D:D
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