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  1. Re: Fabregas deal offer has been changed should i offer Xavi for Busquest instead?
  2. I have been offered Sergio Busquets + David Luiz for my fabregas is it worth it?
  3. Re: Who Can Win The League Real Madrid confirm new manager! Real Madrid have confirmed Josh Perry as there new manager, They believe that their new manager will restore Real Madrids El Galácticos era and bring gold to the club once again. "Josh Perry has great tactics that will work well with the club and he has the knowledge of making a great team and will bring in the correct players, He has already ayed a few to sign." Real Madrid's president Florentino Pérez told sky sports news. "It's a great pleasure to manage a club like Real Madrid, They already have great players which will make
  4. Who Can Win The League is a Custom Set-up creater by James Purdy, This thread is for Match Reports/Club News/Transfer News. They are still alot of teams availabull and if anyone would like to join send James Purdy a message on the Soccer Manager website. We are also including a Youth League in the set-up wich the Fixtures are created by me and James Purdy and the Matches shall be freindlies wich will consist of players under the age of 21 unless they have aged during the League. Game World Honours Season 1 Divison Winner- Divison Runners Up- Youth League Winner- Youth League Runners Up
  5. Re: Torres or Gomez? Id have Torres, He is looking back on form and if he gets the more time on the pitch without Drogba interfeering he will be back to 95 and possibly 96
  6. Re: In-Game Player Pictures (Request Thread) Zlatan Ibrahimovic Santi Cazorla Arjen Robben Sergio Ramos David Villa ( He looks better in Barca shirt ) Wayne Rooney ( New Hair, And you can see the old kit) Fabio Coentrao John Terry Nevan Subotic Cristiano Ronaldo (You can see top of Man Utd shirt) Alexis Sanchez
  7. Re: Gold championship 66 Well the Hamburger SV manager " Josh Perry" has only just came on and realised he has won the Charity Shield! what a way to start the night. " I am over the moon with winning the 3rd trophy and there 2nd Charity Shield! I feel sorry for the Wolfsburg manager loosing the 1st Final he has got to but i feel we will be meeting each other again soon. " " Mauricio Isla had a great game tonight and i bet he will play better in the season! "
  8. The idea is that i think the creater of Custom Game Worlds should have an option wich enables them to turn Part Exchange deals, Off and On. Some people Hate Part Exchange deals because thats what Soccermanagers became You offer 100M for Messi you get a counter back of Fabregas and Ronaldo? Anyways who agrees that on Custom Game worlds we should have and off and on button for Part Exchange Deals?
  9. Re: SM your killing me man! Ive got Xavi out for 3 more weeks. Kieta for 13 days. Mimovic out for 5 more days. But ive recently got Ferdinand and Abidal back both of them were out for 3 weeks in the same match. I Play with Pressing in own half and 85% fitness + to play.
  10. I have iniesta and have just got an other of Cambiasso and Kaka should i accept?
  11. Selling Fabregas and looking for deph in my midfield just got an offer for Fabregas of Nuri Sahin and Renato Augusto, Is it good Enough?
  12. Kid to watch out for on SM in like 10 years! http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/article/57757/
  13. Title says it all need to sell one of them because upfront i have Lionel Messi, David Villa, Samuel Eto'o and Zlatan Ibrahimovic also got Jovetic
  14. Re: Thiago + Fabregas for Busquets? .......Deal Cancelled keeping Fabregas and Thiago.
  15. Re: Thiago + Fabregas for Busquets? Please post
  16. Shall i do the deal? Cesc Fabregas and Alacantara for Sergio Busquets?
  17. Re: World Championship 10946 Match Report/Transfer Rumours thread Just a Frashin! Kick off: Saturday 4th June 2011, 20:00 GMT Stadium: Allianz Arena Attendance: 69,399 Competition: Division 1 Referee: Andrejs Sipailo Bayern München 1 - 5 Barcelona Lionel Messi (1, 84) Rodríguez Pedro (9) David Villa (50, 65) Miroslaz Klose (88) Starting Line Ups Bayern München F.C Barcelona 4-3-3 3-5-2 J.Butt V.Valdes P.Lahm D.Alves D.Contento C.Puyol D.Van Buyten G.Pique M.Dawson J.Mascherano B.Schweinsteiger S.Busquets T.Mulle
  18. Re: Rooney or Ibrahimovic Pearsonaly i would go for Rooney, And im not saying that because im a Manchester United supported because if it was for the beggining of the season i would of said Ibrahimovic, Theese are the reasons why i would choose Rooney over Ibrahimovic... - Rooney is 4 Years Younger - Rooney should rise to 96 again maybe not in the next rating change but surely in the one after it. - Ibrahimovic is a CF meaning he couldnt play LF,RF,LW,RW wich Rooney can play all of those. - Ibrahimovic's loan deal has ended meaning he is back at Barca now and i cant see him being played o
  19. Re: World Championship 10946 Match Report/Transfer Rumours thread Barcelona reveal new manager! After Josep Guardiola retired from management Barcelona were looking for a Manager who could fill his spot and came up with a suprising candinate. Josh Perry was given the job after 5 minutes of Josep Guardiola's retirement. - Said by Josh PerryIt is likely that i will choose Barcelona's normal line up to start off with... ___________________________Valdes______________________________ ____Alves___________Pique____________Puyol_____________Abidal____ _________________________Busquets______
  20. This is the Thread for every one participating in World Championship 10946 to post there latest News.
  21. Re: My Real Madrid. Improvements?
  22. Re: My Real Madrid. Improvements? Yeh that will work better, still try and get a 93+ CM though and a 93+ CB, Try buy Xabi Alonso or Wesley Sniedjer for the Midfield and Center Back if you can Vidic if not try get Chiellini.
  23. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Dont do it, Aguro should drop soon and cavani may rise in future but overall dont do it, Rooney is safe on 95.
  24. Re: My Real Madrid. Improvements? I would say try and get a 93+ Center Midfielder and a 93+ Defender, Sell Joe Hart because on SM its like a 1/99 chance of Cassilas getting injured, also get another 90+ striker just in case a striker gets injured, and the rest are Not match fit.
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