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  1. Re: Who Can Win The League

    Real Madrid confirm new manager!

    Real Madrid have confirmed Josh Perry as there new manager, They believe that their new manager will restore Real Madrids El Galácticos era and bring gold to the club once again.

    "Josh Perry has great tactics that will work well with the club and he has the knowledge of making a great team and will bring in the correct players, He has already ayed a few to sign." Real Madrid's president Florentino Pérez told sky sports news.

    "It's a great pleasure to manage a club like Real Madrid, They already have great players which will make my job significantly easier, However I have got a few players that I would like to sign." New Manager Josh Perry told in a Press Conference

  2. Who Can Win The League is a Custom Set-up creater by James Purdy, This thread is for Match Reports/Club News/Transfer News.

    They are still alot of teams availabull and if anyone would like to join send James Purdy a message on the Soccer Manager website.

    We are also including a Youth League in the set-up wich the Fixtures are created by me and James Purdy and the Matches shall be freindlies wich will consist of players under the age of 21 unless they have aged during the League.

    Game World Honours

    Season 1

    Divison Winner-

    Divison Runners Up-

    Youth League Winner-

    Youth League Runners Up-

  3. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory

    Barca finally win the League!

    After a great season, Barcelona have finally won the Spanish League. They are currently 4 points above rivals Real Madrid with both teams with 1 game left. Barcelona have currently got a goal difference with a stunning 70! As we have scored 101 goals this season and conceded 31.

    Now, Barcelona have won the league, Spanish Shield and the Charity Shield theyre next challange is tonight againt Wolves in the SMFA Champions Cup Semi Finals and are then up against Villarreal in the Spanish Cup Final. This has already been a succesfull season for Barcelona with 3 cups already. Can they get 2 more and reach 5 this season...We will see.

  4. Re: Torres or Gomez?

    I'm in a competitive gameworld and I offered to trade my Mario Gomez (93) for Fernando Torres (94). No cash involved.

    I received a counter-offer of Torres + £6 million for my Gomez.

    I'm just wondering if anyone could give their opinion on if I would be better with Torres or Gomez... I know Torres is better but just wondering with future ratings changes what might happen.

    Id have Torres, He is looking back on form and if he gets the more time on the pitch without Drogba interfeering he will be back to 95 and possibly 96

  5. Re: Gold championship 66

    Well the Hamburger SV manager " Josh Perry" has only just came on and realised he has won the Charity Shield! what a way to start the night.

    " I am over the moon with winning the 3rd trophy and there 2nd Charity Shield! I feel sorry for the Wolfsburg manager loosing the 1st Final he has got to but i feel we will be meeting each other again soon. "

    " Mauricio Isla had a great game tonight and i bet he will play better in the season! "

  6. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory

    Spanish Shield Semi Final

    Monday 15th August 2011

    Stadium: Camp Nou

    Attendance: 89,616

    Referee: Manuel Andarcia

    FC Barcelona 1 - 0 Celta Vigo

    G. Heinze 85

    0' Kick Off

    1' Barcelona's Youth Dos Santos Jonathan recieves the ball and shoots but it races across the mouth of the goal!

    8' Siem De Jong blocks a shot and seems to winded here!

    23' Sacramento Danilo recieved the ball on his left from 25 yards. He Shoots! And crashes against the crossbar!

    25' Siem De Jong heads over the bar!

    45' Half Time

    54' Hugo Mallo is booked for a bad foul!

    84' Great save by Julio Cesar from the corner!

    85' What a Shot! the keeper saves! but Heinze is there to tap it in. Its Late but its Great!

    90' Full Time. Barcelona are in the final!

    Man of the Match

    Gabriel Heinze (9)

  7. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory

    The 1st half of this season has been a great one for Barcelona Having played 26 games Barca have won 20, Drawn 5 and lost 1!

    We have won the Charity Shield against Real Madrid 1-0 and Are now in the Final of Spanish Shield against Malaga. The only game of the season that we have lost was against Real Madrid in a 3-0 thrashing, But with the substituions that Barca made there was no suprise.

  8. Re: Custom Game worlds idea

    dunno really think it might be interesting to trial it in a custom. but how i see it the p/e ruling makes it easier for smaller clubs to compete with bigger clubs

    ie if youve got a small ground then your never going to have any cash' date='and theres no real way to change this , well massively anyways but someone who's in charge of say a premiership team will have a massive size stadium and in turn loads of cash, the way to counter this currently is by using the p/e option

    what i mean is smaller clubs need to scout more, find young promising talent when there low rated in the hope they rise(overall wise) this gives them the oppurtunity to possibly get in better players with the trading of say two promising players for 1 established player

    this is the counter(well how i see it) to dealing with teams that have 80k+ seater stadiums and rake in the cash every week without having to do anything really

    kinda ruining the idea of the skill element(as far as scouting talent goes) of the game really too if you take out the p/e option if you ask me

    unless of course you create a league with say 20 barcelona's in it then i suppose the skill element will still be needed majorly as no one team will have a constant advantage over any one other team[/quote']

    Yeah, But not saying it changes anything like but, At any point in the season the owner can change if its on and off.

    Also, Not every has to have it on. If the owner wants it to be a realistic set-up he can have it on and in the middle of the season for 4- days turn it back on so teams can do P/E deals in that period making it Realistic. But if someone wants it to be P/E deals wich is all you get, And i mostly get Rediculas offers back, They can have it on. It wont be a Big change to SM, But will make more managers happy. Quite a few people who join SM think of it being Cash Deals Etc but when they se P/E deals all the time they quit, And a few managers i know hate P/E deals so it will be a change to have the Button.

  9. The idea is that i think the creater of Custom Game Worlds should have an option wich enables them to turn Part Exchange deals, Off and On. Some people Hate Part Exchange deals because thats what Soccermanagers became You offer 100M for Messi you get a counter back of Fabregas and Ronaldo? Anyways who agrees that on Custom Game worlds we should have and off and on button for Part Exchange Deals?

  10. Re: SM your killing me man!

    Ive got Xavi out for 3 more weeks. Kieta for 13 days. Mimovic out for 5 more days. But ive recently got Ferdinand and Abidal back both of them were out for 3 weeks in the same match. I Play with Pressing in own half and 85% fitness + to play.

  11. Re: Gold Championship 93 match and Transfer reports

    Divison 3

    Saturday 13 August 2011


    Attendance: 19,959

    Referee:Pavel Kralovec

    Sheffield Wednesday 3 - 0 Gillingham

    J. Johnson .23

    M. Tudgay .41

    T. Cleverley .53

    Pre Match

    Sheffield Wednesdays new manager " Josh Perry " is set to make his debut of managing today with a tough squad to pick from.


    23: GOAL! A Beutifull ball over the top is superbly controlled by Jermain Johnson who Volleys the ball into the net! 1-0 Owls

    41: ANOTHER GOAL! Marcus Tudgay recieves the ball and skills the defenders and then the keeper to just tap it in to the open net! 2-0 Owls

    45: The Owls new manager must be feeling great with how the team are playing.

    47: Another Chance for Wednesdays! Missed! Marcus Tudgay came inches away with his header!

    51: Gillingham are threw on goal just Weaver to beat...What a save by Nicky Weaver!

    53:What a ball! Tom Cleverley is through on goal. He dummies the keeper! GOAL! 3-0 Owls!

    57: Jackson blocks a powerfull strike from Tudgay.

    59: Clinton Morrison is threw! wait no he isnt the offside flag is up!

    86: Cleverley is booked for a foolish tackle

    90: Full time! The owls manager must be pleased!

  12. Re: Gold Championship 93 match and Transfer reports


    The Owls sign new manager!

    Today at around about 22:00 Sheffield Wednesday told the public who there new manager is, They confirmed it was "Josh Perry".

    He told the press this. "It's a great pleasure to be managing Sheffield Wednesday. For 10 years The owls have been doing terribly, And i have accepted the job to change that, The reason why i know Wednesdays are going to be a top side is because the Cash what we have got and players such as Tom Cleverly who will make the squad tick. Get ready to look for allot of signings, Because the owls are back in buisness."

  13. Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread

    A Big Thanks to the Man United manager for loaning me Georgi Schennikov, Sabri Sariouglu and Jack Rodwell.

    Wednesday 2nd in League pulled of 2 victories against West Brom and Reading.


    Wednesdays 4 - 1 Piaceniza

    Scorers for Wednesday: G.Schennikov (2), E.Miralles, R.Millar.

    Division 2

    Wednesdays 3 - 0 West Brom

    Scorered for Wednesday: G.Schennikov (2), E.Miralles

    Wednesdays 3 - 1 Reading

    Scorered for Wednesday: J.Rodwell, M.Iturra, B.Yoo

    English Shield round 1

    Wednesdays 6 - 0 Crawley Town

    Scorered for Wednesday: J.Rodwell (2), B.Yoo (2), M.Medal, J.Abarca.

    Okey... 7 out of 16 of the goals scored were the ones on loan from man utd.

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