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  1. Thee's are my rating predictions for the best teams in the world the teams consist of... Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Villarreal, Bayern Munchen, AC Milan, Internazionale, Juventus, Lyon, Marseille and Roma.
  2. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club Saint Legends Fans excited at the new season! The new Season started today and Saint Legends won them both starting the new season greatly, The fans expect more from the side in days to come. The 1st match was against the Casuals and Saint Legends started of poorley conseding early but came back to score 4 Goals! The 2nd Match was against Downers Rule wich was a tight game but the Saints managed to snatch the win!
  3. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Division 1 Saturday 30th October 2010 Stadium: La Romareda Attendance: 22,727 Referee: Martin Vazquez Barcelona 1 - 0 Zaragoza A.Hleb (35) 0' Kick-Off 1' A cross from deep leaves Andrés INIESTA in plenty of space, but he fails to capitalise on it 4' A glancing header is punched clear by Leo FRANCO 6' A weak shot is smothered by Gianluigi BUFFON 14' Nicolás BERTOLO has a free header which goes wide of the post 16' Theo WALCOTT dribbles down the wing but fails to get a cross in. 17' BOOKED - After a foolish foul on the edge of the box Siem DE JONG receives an instant caution! 20' A cross from the byline by Beltrame WESLEY goes out of play 21' Gianluigi BUFFON spectacularly palms over a half-volley 23' Éric ABIDAL does well to pick out and intercept the pass 26' Peter LUCCIN takes control of the loose ball 30' The ball scrambles around the six yard box before Beltrame WESLEY clears if to safety 32' Leo FRANCO comes roaring off his line and forces the shot wide 34' The ball is knocked long by Rubén PULIDO, to send the ball into the oppositions half 35' GOAL!! - Aleksandr HLEB using his pace and power forces his way into the box and lashes home! He's in great form! 40' Siem DE JONG takes control of the ball and looks up for the pass 41' Leo FRANCO punches clear 42' Paulo DA SILVA manages to up the tempo 45' Half Time 46' Creative instincts by Paulo DA SILVA forces the defender to head out for a corner 52' A great run down the wing by Nicolás BERTOLO, but a poor cross is delivered into the box 53' Jorge LOPEZ shows strength to knock his man off the ball 60' Theo WALCOTT is put through into the six yard box, but the linesman raises his flag 61' A lot of running and determination shown by Theo WALCOTT today! 62' Fernando TORRES drags his shot wide 63' Good passing by Jorge LOPEZ, helps to keep the midfield together 64' Gianluigi BUFFON was at full stretch to tip it over 68' Martín CACERES places a right foot shot wide from twenty yards out 70' Ander HERRERA pleads loudly with his team mates not to become too complacent 71' Beltrame WESLEY places a left foot shot wide from twenty five yards out 72' The crowd are on their feet applauding after some magic on the ball by Ander HERRERA 80' Pejman NOURI latches onto a through ball and races towards the goal, but the linesmans flag stops him in his tracks 87' A lot of shouting by Fernando TORRES, trying to encourage his team mates to keep up their work rate 88' Javier PAREDES cannot find anyway through the defence 89' Francisco PAVON holds up the ball 90' Full Time Man of the Match A. Hleb (8)
  4. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club II WILSON 91 II- Player Profile Main Position: Striker Other Position: CAM Matches Played: 15 Goals Scored: 18 Assists: 8 Skill Ratings Passing 7/10 Defending 9/10 Finishing 9/10 Goalkeeping ???/10 Vision 8/10 Tactical Awareness 6/10 Dribbling 9/10 Penalties 1/10 Free Kicks 9/10 Average Rating 7.25/10
  5. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club BX15 RANGER- Player Profile Main Position: Goalkeeper Other Position: Striker Matches Played: 11 Goals Scored: 1 Assists: 0 Skill Ratings Passing 6/10 Defending 3/10 Finishing 7/10 Goalkeeping 8/10 Vision 5/10 Tactical Awareness 6/10 Dribbling 4/10 Penalties 6/10 Free Kicks 4/10 Average Rating 5.4/10
  6. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club MUFC PEZ- Player Profile Owner and Founder of the Saint Legends Club. Main Position: ANY Other Positions: Goalkeeper and Striker Matches Played: 22 Goals Scored: 37 Assists: 29 Skill Ratings Passing 9/10 Defending 8/10 Finishing 9/10 Goalkeeping 7/10 Vision 9/10 Tactical Awareness 4/10 Dribbling 6/10 Penalties 9/10 Free Kicks 7/10 Average Rating 7.5/10
  7. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfer News!! Barcelona have bought Vincenzo Iaquinta from Juventus for a Deal of Bojan + 1M! "I Nether have seen Bojan in are 1st team so we have to sell him to a team he will fit in and we got a good replacement for him!" In other News all of the Players at Barcelona are for Sale Accept from David Villa and Andres Iniesta.
  8. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Daily Gift 250 Coins
  9. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club The Saint's are ready for the new Season! The new season will start tommoro where Saint Legends are raring to get in a Division.
  10. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club Saint Legends 3 - 4 HighDemands FC Chr1ssy 93 (2 Goals) MUFC PEZ (2 Goals) Dorbylad08 (1 Goal) I Slap Orphanss (1 Goal) HighDemands1993 (1 Goal) This match was important to the Saint Legends team because it would be the 1st cup they would of won. HighDemands FC scored the 1st 2 Goals the 1st one being the Defenders fault because they were stuck up field with 2 Defenders against 3 Attacks and he took a shot the keeper saved but couldnt save the rebound and the 2nd goal was the Keepers Fault as one of their players past to one in the box who tapped it in but the keeper has shown he can do better then that before. MUFC PEZ then quickly scored 2 Goals Equalising making the Teams Morale go up but then HighDemands FC Scored again but then Saint Legends quickly Equalised again with I Slap Orphanss scoring his 4th for the club,Then HighDemands got the Ball again and they were threw 2 on the Keeper then one past to the other pearson in the box but for some reason the keeper went to save it upwords and then dived to save the shot but he was too late. Saint Legends lost but really should of won! Better look Next time Guys
  11. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Division 1 Wednesday 27th October 2010 Stadium: Camp Nou Attendance: 64,896 Referee: Rene Rogalla Barcelona 3 - 2 Osasuna C.Aranda (13) G.Milito (18) W.Pandiani (22) S.Kieta (31) K.Bojan (85,PEN) 13' Carlos ARANDA shoots from an acute angle and the ball is deflected into the goal! Are Barcelona going to lose Again? 18' Gabriel MILITO loses his marker and thumps a low shot under the keeper! This is a Tight Game i dont no wich way it is going to go! 22' Walter PANDIANI using his pace and power forces his way into the box and lashes home! He's in great form! 31' GOAL!! - Surely offside! But the flag stays down and Seydou KEITA races through and takes full advantage of the dubious decision!, That was lucky for Barcelona! Half Time 85' The Referee Points to the Spot! Barcelona get lucky has They are awarded a Penalty! Bojan steps up to what should be the winner for Barcelona, He Shoots and he Scores! Are Barcelona back on Form we shall See! Full Time Man of the Match: Martin Pelermo. Josh Perry- " We didnt play our best today,Well we havent for ages and im trieing my best to get us back on form but nothing is working lately, but im happy for the win."
  12. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Barça have been playing bas lately because they have only won 2 games in 5 having lost the other 3, and Barça are only 12th in the table making people Curious around the Barça fans, Manager Josh Perry blames the fitness of the Team to be an issue but all that he tries nothing works for him so their is only one thing left on his mind wich is to sell some players so on the 2nd November. Rio Ferdinand will be for sale and their will be more players to follow. Barça next game is against Zaragoza and All the Barça fans want the winning spree back, Every one knows that Barça cant win the league this Season but they will try their hardest to get 2nd, Next Season the Team will be in form and we will start to win the league. Another issue in the club is Goalscoring the top goalscorer in the club is Fernando Torres with 5 Goals! Something has to be done about this the club has scored 26 Goals altogether the worst in Barça's history so far. But Remember on the 2nd November get youre Bids in for Rio Ferdinand.
  13. Re: Saint Legends Xbox 360 Pro Club League Results Season 1 Saint Legends 1 - 3 PARiN SEASON Saint Legends 2 - 0 Cincilla Fc Saint Legends 4 - 0 Salmon Dive Season 2 Saint Legends 4 - 1 Casuals Saint Legends 2 - 1 Downers Rule Cup Results Season 1 Saint Legends 0 - 1 medway old boys Saint Legends 5 - 5 FC F3NIAN (Saint Legends win 2-1 on Penalties.) Saint Legends 3 - 0 Frasers Raiders Saint Legends 2 - 1 Ducklins x Saint Legends 3 - 4 HighDemands FC (Cup Final) Saint Legends 4 - 1 Play Dirty Saint Legends 3 - 3 SCL Acadamy (Lost on Penalties) Saint Legends 3 - 5 UKFC ALL STARS Saint Legends 4 - 3 WeLoveAnal Saint Legends 1 - 2 Cracker Fc Saint Legends 4 - 0 Fast Food FC Saint Legends 1 - 2 The U Team Saint Legends 3 - 0 SK3M UNIT3D Saint Legends 2 - 1 HERONGATE Ath Saint Legends 6 - 0 FC Sawbo Saint Legends 0 - 2 GRANNY SMASHERS ( FINAL, LOST DUE TO DELAY) Saint Legends 2 - 0 TeamTwos Season 2 Top Goalscorers 1) MUFC PEZ (37) 2) II WILSON 91 II (18) 3) BX15 RANGER (1) Most Assists 1) MUFC PEZ (29) 2) II WILSON 91 II (8) Goals Scored: 59 Goals Against: 35
  14. This is the Thread for the Xbox 360 Pro Club called Saint Legends on Fifa 11 Club Name: Saint Legends Kit and Crest: F.C Barcelona Abbreviation: Saint League: British Isles Club Description: The Saints Team Home Stadium: Saints Hideout (Court Lane) Commentary Name: Saints Club Points: 1098 Trophies Won: 0 Club Form: 14-0-8 Club Members: MUFC PEZ, BX15 Ranger, II WILSON 91 II, Club News 10/28/2010 08:47:35PM/ Club has been Made 10/28/2010 09:13:54 PM/ BX15 Ranger has joined the Club. 10/29/2010 01:13:15 PM/ II WILSON 91 II has joined the club. 10/29/2010 07:19:05 PM/ I Slap Orphanss has joined the club. 10/30/2010 01:32:12 AM/ I Slap Orphanss has left the club. Other Info We are looking for Other Members to join the club if you want to ask on this thread.
  15. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread KK Add me Gamertag is MUFC PEZ
  16. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Dose anybody want to join a New Pro club on Xbox 360? It's a New Club made Yeasterday and we have got a Goalkeeper and i go Any so looking for any one who dousnt play them positions are record is 2-0-1 message me if you would like to join(ON SOCCERMANAGER)
  17. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread I got 25 bid tokens...
  18. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Yes,Cant go on it on Consoles till 3rd November though only the Website at the moment
  19. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Just bought Pogrebnyak (78) For 350 Coins
  20. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread Just Bought Rui Patrico for 450 Coins
  21. Re: FIFA 11 Official Thread What should i sell... Pantelic, 77 Noble, 75 Tissone, 75 and Delibasic, 70 for?
  22. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo... shaping up for 99... Yes Ronaldo has all that but he should of got a 99 the season he got 44 Goals but if he didnt get it then i would think he will not get it now.
  23. Re: GC 137 News/Tranfer Discussions/Match Reports Arsenal call for new Manager! Arsenal call upon Bristol Citys Manager Josh Perry! Arsenals New Manager is Set to win the Premiership and get to atleast the SMFA Champions Cup Semi-Finals so Watch out Premiership . Arsenals Manager has also got a Job to Manage Greece wich has been Accepted.
  24. Re: Fernando Torres - 96 -> 95 He still will be rated 96 for 1-2 Seasons, He will be back the reason for his poor form at moment is because The teams under new management,The injury he got last Season and the Fact that Mascherano is gone.
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