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  1. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory M8 Decided to Quit That Deal
  2. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfers Femenia Kiko signs from Hércules Right Back and Right Midfielder 19 Years of Age Signed from Hércules for £2.3M
  3. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfers Benoît Pedretti Signs to Barça Defending and Center Midfielder 29 Years Of Age Signed From AJ Auxerre for£11.4M
  4. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfer News Rio Ferdinand Moves to Barcelona!!! 31 Years Of Range Signed from Man Utd for S.Maxwell & D.Alves
  5. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfer News!!! Gianluigi Buffon Signs for Barça!!! 32 Years Of Age Signed from Juventus for £5M, V.Valdes & S.Busquets
  6. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Transfer New's Fernando Torres Signs for Barça!!! Centre Forward 26 Years Of Age Signed from Liverpool for £5M, G.Pique and R.Pedro
  7. Re: *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory Squad
  8. *Gold Championship 133* Barça's March to Glory On the 21st August, Gold Championship 133 was Created And Manager Josh Perry Took Over Barcelona With only 1 Attention witch is to Win And Barça's New Manager Is Raring to Go! Current Season: Season 3 Trophies Season 1 Spanish Shield (runners up) Season 2 Spanish Cup (winners) Season 3 Charity Shield (winners)
  9. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip The La Liga Match Day 1 League Table ___________________GD____Points. 1st. BARCELONA______5_______3___ 2nd. Malaga CF_______4_______3___ 3rd. Sevilla___________4_______3___ 4th. Atletico Madrid____2_______3___ --------------------------------------- 5th. Racing Santander__1_______3___ 6th. Osasuna__________1_______3___ 7th. Getafe____________0_______1___ 8th. Zaragoza__________0_______1___ ---------------------------------------- 9th. Mallorca___________0_______1___ 10th. Real Madrid_______0________1___ 11th. Sporting__________0________1___ 12th. Villarreal__________0________1___ 13th. Deportivo_________0________1___ 14th. Athletic Club_______0_______1____ 15th. Valencia__________-1_______0____ 16th. Valladolid_________-1_______0____ 17th. Tenerife__________-2_______0____ ----------------------------------------- 18th. Xerez____________-4_______0____ 19th. Almeria___________-4_______0____ 20th. Espanyol__________-5_______0____ Team Of The Week __________________________G.Buffon__________________________ _____A.Konko_______R.Ferdinand_____F.Pepe________E.Abidal_____ _____D.Zokora________S.Kieta_______S.Benachour___D.Capel______ ____________________D.Villa________L.Fabiano__________________
  10. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip As Match Day 1 Approached Barcelona Manager "Josh Perry" Got Stuck in with The Transfers by Signing 5 Top Players Wich Are Called: Fernando Torres,Gianluigi Buffon,Rio Ferdinand,Benoit Pedretti & Ricardo Carvalho. And We Have Signed 19 Year Old,Spanish Defender Femenia Kiko from Hercules. Barcelona 5 Vs 0 Espanyol Fernando Torres (20) David Villa (30,47,60) Benoît Pedretti (49) 20' Fernando Torres Run's Past the Espanyol Defenders with his Pace and Chip's The Keeper!Barca's New Signing is Playing Superbly. 24' An Espanyol Player Head's The Ball At the Front Post but Gianluigi Buffon Collect's It Easy. 30' David Vills Bursts into the Espanyol Box and Lashes home from 15-Yard's. 2-0! 32' Rio Ferdinand Get's Tackled on The Edge of his own Box! 41' Barcelona's Player takes a Shot and hit Crashes at the Crossbar. 45' Half Time Goes and Barcelona Make a Subsitution and Take's off Fernando Torres to put on Benoît Pedretti. 47' The Ball Get's Crossed in By Iniesta and David Villa Head's it in Perfectily. 49' A Long Range Shot is going into the Top Corner but Espanyol's Keeper Parries it Away only for Benoît Pedretti to Tap it in. 60' A Through Ball threw the Middle is Ran on to by David Villa who drills home with his Right Foot. 87' Gianluigi Buffon Saves a Last Ditch Effort for Espanyol to Score. 90' Full Time Wistle Barcelona 5-0 Espanyol David Villa Celebrating one of His Goals. Espanyol's Left Midfielder Jesus Datolo got the worst Rating of the Match with a Match Rating of 5.Giunluigi Buffon got the 3rd Best With a Match Rating of 9,Fernando Torres who only played half the Match got a Match Rating of 10 And the Man of The Match who was Simple to choose Was David Villa with a Match Rating of 10. Match Interview Man Of The Match David Villa- "I am greatfull that i managed to get an Hat-Trick today and this will be the 1st of many Goals from me." Manager Josh Perry- "It Was a Easy Match for us but i needed an All out Win to Get us off to a Head Start and now we are the Top of the League."
  11. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip ???? I just got 2 Random Players Rating 60 Each in my Team i didnt even pay for em and they werent in a P/E Deal???
  12. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip 3 Transfer's Complete At Camp Nou!!! Ace United Defender Rio Ferdinand has moved to Camp Nou for a Fee of Dani Alves and Maxwell on a Contract Length of 3 Years and his Wage will be £86,250. "Rio Ferdinand Will Fill in Great for the 2 Defender's We have lost But We will have to move Carlos Puyol to Right Back." Italian Goal Keeper Gigi Buffon has moved to the Camp Nou for a Swap of Valdes and Sergio Busquets he will be on a Contract Length of 2 Years and on a Wage of £86,100. "It Was a Big Price to Pay but he is in my Case the Best Goalkeeper Around so i was willing to Swap Spain's Number 3 for Italy's Number 1". Spain International and Liverpool Legend Fernando Torres has Moved to Barcelona for a MASSIVE Price of £5Million, Gerard Pique and Rodriguez Pedro and he will be on a Contract Length of 2 Years and a Wage of £91,800. "We May already have Lionel Messi,David Villa and Zlatan Ibrahimovic but Fernando Torres will bring Another Perk to the Team as he is Far out the Best Dribbler,The Best at Shooting and he's the Fastest so he will be the Number 1 Striker in our Team". Barcelona are Intrested in Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos, Inter Milan's Wesly Sneijder and Manchester City's David Silva. Ibrahimovic for Sale!!! Zlatan Ibrahimovic is For Sale for Either of These Deals... 94 And 91/92 Rated Defender. 94 Defender and a 91/92 Midfielder. 2 93 Defender's. A 95/96 Defender. A 95/96 Midfielder.
  13. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip Buffon Moving to Barcelona!!! Giangluigi Buffon is Moving To Barcelona From Juventus for Victor Valdes,Sergio Busquets and £5Million. "It is a Pleasure to move to one of the Best Teams in the World,Ive Always Wanted to move to one of Them but For So Long none of them have Accepted any of the Deals to Sign me but Finnaly Barcelona have Spotted and Signed me." Gigi Buffon told the Media. "I Am Happy that We Have Signed one of the Top 3 Keepers in the World he will help our Squad go to Victory." Barca Manager Josh Perry told the Media. TORRES TO BARCALONA!!!! Fernando Torres is moving to Barcelona from Liverpool for a Deal of Gerard Pique,Rodrigues Pedro and £5Million. "Ever Since i moved to England i Wanted to move back to Spain and now Barcelona have came and Bought me And i Will Try my Best at Barcelona along Side David Villa and Lionel Messi." Fernando Torres told the Media. "Torres will make our Attack the best in the World with his Speed,Dribbling and Shot Accuracy his Goal Scoring is Unstopable and i am going to rank him to be one of the Top GoalScorers of La Liga." Barcalona Manager Josh Perry told the Press. Barcelona's Transfers!!! Transfers In Giangluigi Buffon for Victor Valdes, Sergio Busquets and £5Million Fernando Torres for Gerard Pique, Rodrigues Pedro and £5Million. Rumoured Transfers David Silva (Undisclosed Fee) Cesc Fabregas (Undisclosed Fee) Nemenja Vidic (Undisclosed Fee) Xabi Alonso (Undisclosed Fee) Zlatan Ibrahimovic is for Sale!!! Barcelona Have Transfer Listed Zlatan Ibrahimovic for a Deal of a 93 Rated Defender and a 92 Rated Midfielder. Barcelona's Predicted Line Up Formation 4-1-3-2 ____________________________G.Buffon___________________________ ___D.Alves____________G.Milito________C.Puyol________E.Abidal______ ____________________________S.Kieta____________________________ ____________H.Xavi___________L.Messi__________A.Iniesta__________ ___________________F.Torres__________D.Villa_____________________ Overall Rating: 95/96 Average Age: 28 Average Value:£26.7M
  14. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip Updated Transfer News at Camp Nou!!! Transfer's Completed Transfer's Completed When Set-Up is Opened Fernando Torres-(Undisclosed Fee) Deal has been Negoitiated for Torres beetween Barcelona and Liverpool. Iker Casillas- (Undisclosed Fee) Deal has been Negoitited for Casillas beetween Barcelona and Real Madrid Likely Transfers Cristiano Ronaldo- (Undisclosed Fee) A Deal is Currently being Negotiated for Ronaldo beetween Barcelona and Real Madrid Barcelona Are Also Eying Cesc Fabregas and David Silva.
  15. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip New's at Barcelona Manager Prediction's -Win the SPL -Get to the Final of the Champions League -Win the Spanish Cup Transfers Transfer's In Cristiano Ronaldo (Undisclosed Fee) -Rumour has it that Barcelona and Real Madrid have come up with a Deal for Ronaldo wich will be Accepted on 23rd August. Gianluigi Buffon (Undisclosed Fee) -Rumour has it that Barcelona have a 9/10 Chance of Signing Buffon from Juventus Cesc Fabregas (Undisclosed Fee) -Rumour has it that Barcelona are working on a Deal for Cesc Fabregas with Arsenal David Silva (Undisclosed Fee) - Barcelona are Intrested in Signing David Silva. Iker Casillas (Undisclosed Fee) - Barcelona are Eying Real Madrid's Keeper Iker Casillas if we carnt get Gigi Buffon. Wayne Rooney (Undisclosed Fee) -Barcelona have Keen Eyes on Wayne Rooney. Fernando Torres (Undislosed Fee) - Barcelona want to bring the Spanish Striker to The Camp Nou to pair up with David Villa and Lionel Messi. Transfers Out Zlatan Ibrahimovic - For Sale. ____________________________ My Sig is the 1st ever one i made and the Pic at the Top is the 2nd one i made
  16. Re: Gold Championship 133 Match reports/Transfer gossip New Manager Revealed at the Camp Nou! Josep Guardiola has been Sacked from Barcelona's Football Side for not Winning the Champions League but the Bigger Suprise is who they have Brought in... News of the World Paper Barcelona have Signed Un-Experianced Manager Josh Perry,Will This Change the Morale in Barcelona's Squad?
  17. Re: Official Gold Championship 129 Discussion Thread Sheffield Wednesday have Signed New Manager Josh Perry after Callum Brazier decided to quit Managing the Club. "The Past Manager only managed to Secure 1 Point in the Division 3 in 2 Games so iv chosen to Manage The Owls because i think ill do well incharge of them." -Josh Perry Transfer's The Previous Manager brought in Jermain Beckford, Danny tu and Danny Coyne and i am going to bring more players in to get us back into the Championship and then the Premiership. I Am Selling Esajas,Tudgay and Daniel Jones.
  18. Re: fifa 10 Peeps cn u hepl me Please With Pro Club Championship? Can u tell me Witch Team at of all Country's Ect as the Best Defence without any one being on Any? And Wich is the Best Formation please?
  19. Re: Site Down? Mines working!!
  20. Re: Site Down? LOL STILL CANT LOG IN A Reply sent...All Games will start at 22:00
  21. Re: Site Down? Not working!!!!come just let it work and put rooney up to 98!!!
  22. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM Wayne Rooney should be Atleast 97 But should Really be 98...Ronaldo got 98 when he got PFA Player of the Year,Lionel Messi got 98 so why shouldnt get 98...Yeah most People Would Say That PFA dont matter wich it dousnt...Rooney in my Opinion played the same as Ronaldo did in 2008 though not as much Goals but Rooney keeps up the Tempo and he should be at least rated with the top players 98 but not 99 Yet..(IT May come one day.)
  23. Re: Site Down? same thign with me I tried to log on to SM at 4PM And just an Error Message came up so i though hey ho is normally doese it so like 5 mins ago i tried to log in so i typed the SM link ni ant it just went to blank screen so i search Sm on Yahoo clicked on the link and now theres a error message saying this link is un availlabul..!!!
  24. Re: Ferguson Retiring Date Anounced http://www.manutd.com/default.sps?pagegid=%7BC7DF7CEC%2D3BC3%2D4859%2DA3FD%2DFE4AAD215DD8%7D&newsid=6648276
  25. Sir Alex Ferguson is set to Retire At the End of Next Season with Jose Morinho set to take his Place as Manager of United...
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