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  1. This is a Rating Predictions that ive made for all the Players who Play for the England International Team,Respond for more Players to be added on if ive missed any and comment on the Ratings . Key Risers Could Rise Same Droppers Could Drop Goalkeepers David James 90 Robert Green 89 -> 89/88 Joe Hart 89 ->89/90 Chris Kirkland 89 -> 88/87 Defenders Glen Johnson 91 -> 91/92 Rio Ferdinand 95 -> 95/96 John Terry 95 -> 95/94 Joleon Lescott 90 Ashley Cole 94 Micah Richards 89 -> 89/90 Leighton Baines 88 -> 88/89 Stephan Warnock 88 -> 88/99 Wes Brown 89 Gary Neville 88 Midfielders David Beckham 90 Steven Gerrard 97 -> 96/95 Frank Lampard 95 Micheal Carrick 92 Theo Walcott 89 -> 90/91 Gareth Barry 91 -> 91/92 Stuart Downing 89 -> 89/90 James Milner 90 -> 91 Ashley Young 90-90/91 Aaron Lennon 90 Joe Cole 92 -> 92/91 Strikers Wayne Rooney 96 -> 96/97 Michael Owen 90 -> 90/91 Darren Bent 89 -> 90/91 Jermain Defoe 91 -> 91/92 Peter Crouch 90 -> 90/91 Emile Heskey 89 -> 90/91 Charlton Cole 89 -> 89/88 Bobby Zamora 87-88/89 (Please tell me on what i could improve as this is my 1st Risers and Droppers Thread and i hope this helps.)
  2. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Signed,Sealed,Delivered! Totti Signed!!! Franchesca Totti as Signed to Shakhtar for a deal of Jaun Raquelme and Gai! Manager Talk "He will be a great Partner with Tevez upfront when Tevez is fit and back."Manager Josh Perry told the Press. "There is no Regrets of loosing out on Riquelme and Gai as they didnt play to ther peak so i had to let them go,I am not affraid to do it again."Manager Josh perry told the press. Player Talk "Ime Glad that i have moved to Shakhtar as i didnt play as much as i wanted to."Totti told the Press. "I will be happy when ime fit and ready to play with totti beside me,Cant wait!"Tevez told the Press.
  3. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Accepted,Boarding,Waiting... Rumours have it that Ace Striker Luca Toni is on is way to Shakhtar for a deal of Riquelme and Gai.
  4. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread BAD NEWS AT THE DONBASS ARENA!!! Carlos Tevez is out for 5 week with a thigh strain against Zenit and should be back for the next Game against Zenit. ZENIT 2 - 2 SHAKHTAR Scorers Zenit-N.lombaerts 2, G.Gattuso 57 Shakhtar- R.Palacio 41, M.Diarra 52 Nicolas Lombaerts scores the 1st Goal of the match for Zenit as a Great cross fell to his head to to be flung into the net,Milan Boros created the 1st chance for Shakhtar but failed to score it.Chance,NOO Carlos Teves misses a great chance,The ball went to him and he rolled it towards Goal but Manuel Quim saved it.GOOALL!!!!Rodrigo Palacio hammers a right footed shot into the back of the net!Carlos Tevez is playing with Hard Agression today.When Half time came Loads of Fans jumped onto the pitch and started playing football.The ball falls to the Left side of the Pitch,Carlos Tevez runs up the Wing he crosses it and GOOOALLL!!!Mahamadou Diarra heads it home 2-1 Shakhtar.Julio C├ęsar Cacares is booked for Shakhtar for time wasting.Gannaro Guttuso casual roles the ball into the net,The Defence was no where to be seen!Carlos Tevez is down,All the Players are going up to the Ref...Red Card Gannero Gattuso is Sent of for Injuring Carlos Tevez the Strechers have to come a pick Tevez up!Full time Score 2-2. "Our Attack is good Enough but had got Weaker now Tevez as gone and we also have to improve our Defence i have Threatend our Defence if they dont play well they will be sold."Manager Josh Perry told the press.
  5. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Breaking news in Shakhtar!!! Signed,Sealed & delivered David Beckham is in Ukraine!!!,Shaktar have managed to buy David Beckham for a P/E deal of J.Arango. "It was for a good cause as i had no one to play RM and now i have." Ivica Dragutinovic as made his way to Shakhtar for a price of 9M uswell.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Shaktar's Season 2 Review and Season 3 Preview SEASON 2 Shakhtar only Qaulified for the SMFA Sheald this Season but the Players were up to winning it having getting to the SMFA Cup Semi Final's.Shakhtar got off to a greate start when winning against Zenit.Shakhtar's 2nd Game came to a Unfortunate Loss against Stoke in the SMFA Sheald,Shakhtar then went on to win there next 5 Games one of them being against Stoke in the SMFA Sheald,Shakhtar then lost to rubin and went on to win there next games 5-0 and 4-2.We then lost our next 2 Games and then won LYON 4-3 in the SMFA Sheald,Then we went on to loose our next 5 Matches,then won LYON 4-3 in the SMFA Sheald again,We then Drew and Lost our next 2 game and we won our next 2 Games,Just to loose our next 2 again,we then drew against Zenit then won our next 2 games just to loose,win the loose our next 2 games.we then won out next 2 games and drew again.to Win Zenit then Draw again,just to loose the next match,we then won 2 and lost 2 to win against FK MOSKVA then we Drew and Won our next 2 Games.Out Last Game was against Spartak Moskva to loose against them 2-1 in the Russian cup Semi Final.The Misurable news was that we didnt qualify for a SMFA Competition for Season3. Season 2 Statistics. Played:48 Won:23 Drew:6 Lost:19 Biggest win:4-0 Biggest Lost:6-2 Shakhtar managed to Sign Carlos Teves in Season 2 making Season 3 to be a better rusult. ----------------------------- During the break of Matches Shakhtar havent managed to sign anyone leaving there Sqaud the same the only thing to change is the Morale of the Team wich as got higher. ------------------------------- Tonight Shakhtar travel to Zenit and this should be a tight Match but Shakhtar look Serten to win ill be back tonight with the news .
  7. Re: Official Indonesia Super League Center nice un Gozzy
  8. Re: Match Report Anyone else's Match Reports not in?
  9. Re: Match Report 4 out of 14 Match Reports in
  10. Re: Match Report There starting to come in 18 Mins late though
  11. Only 1 of my Reports for tonight's games have came in
  12. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread yh tht wt i mean
  13. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Coach picking youre team is Rubbish! My Man u i manage in Carear my Coach always puts Evra Cb and Ferdinand LB tuk it off now though
  14. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread Doese anybody no how to dive high when youre controlling the Keeper against a Penaltie?
  15. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Carlos Tevez completes his move to Shakhtar,He is Sad that no one notices hese already there Carlos Tevez Interview... "Ime Happie to sign for this club,And i am sure i will get more Games,And ime going to be happie that ime playing with some of my International Team-Mates with the like of Riquelme." "Manager Josh Perry told me that i will be getting my Debute tonight against FK Moskva and that i am one of theire Key Players." And Carlos Tevez shows off his new Hairstyle to his team MAtes...
  16. With all youre Best Players you have got through out the Gold Championship find the best in each position and find out youre XL. For E.G in GC 54 you have got Gattusu and u play him in RM and hese the Best RM youve got in every GC you are in so u out him in tht position
  17. Re: too many gameworlds i know,I would perfer them to make 1 GC a week though now but ure having to Pay for a Gold Championship team isnt paying for Gold Membership enough?
  18. Re: How to make a football management game Once i get Virus Protection i am going to Trie and make a Soccer Manager game. And just search How to make a Soccermanager Game or How to make a Game To find out how to or find what Website will let you
  19. Re: How to make a football management game I have no Idea ime gonna trie and make one when i get Virus Protection ime gonna trie and make one though,On Google search... How to make a Soccer Manager Game How to make a Game
  20. Re: Rating Changes for this Team Bump.........................
  21. Re: Rating Changes for this Team bump............................
  22. can anyone help me with the Rating Changes for my Shakhtar plz. TEAM Andrey Pyatov (Same 89) Aymen Mathlouthi Marek Jankulovski (Down 91/90) Claudio Morel Rodriguez Artem Fedetsky (Up 84/85) Nicola Legrottaglie(Same 90) Julio Cesar Caceres (Same 89) Juan Arango Mahamadou Diarra (Down 92/91) Aldo Duscher Oleksiy Gai Sergey Semak (Same 91) Jaun Roman Riquelme (Down 92/91) Martin Jorgensen (Same 88) Carlos Tevez (Up 94) Rodrigo Palacio (Down 89) Milan Baros (Same 89) Youth Kamil Kuzma Haris Handsic Maksim Skavysh Gianluca Litteri Vasyl Kostyuk Cn any figure out the Rest anyone who helps get's repped
  23. Re: Striker's Rated 93+ KK,Cheers
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