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  1. Re: Striker's Rated 93+ yh ime trieing to buy him,I just bought Carlos Tevez today for a 91 Defender,Pavylchenko and 18M,Tevez it definatly got to rise to 94 with is form! Ive Heard that DIarra is gonna drop not Paliacio's though buy ime trieing to buy better players.
  2. Re: Striker's Rated 93+ doese this sound like a good deal for Ronaldinho in a GC? Mahamou Diarria & Rodrigo Palacio
  3. Re: Striker's Rated 93+ kk cheers,Wll Van Persie or Adabayor rise?
  4. Re: Striker's Rated 93+ anyone no?
  5. What Strikers Rated 93+ will get a Rating change or stay Same plz help,I know Carlos Tevez should inmprove to 94 again,doese anyone no anyone else?
  6. Re: Gold Championship 59 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Carlo's Tevez on his way to Shakhtar? Big Drama Transfer News!!! After Tevez as been at Man Utd for 2 Seasons and hese only played 16 Games and once as a Sub,Tevez as said... "I havent played as much as i would of liked for United,And Moving to Shakhtar will actually will help me with my Carear i will play more games and if you dont forget Shakhtar got to the Semi Finals of the SMFA Cup and kicked us out of it!" Shakhtar will loose 2 Valuabull Players if the Deal goese through,But The Manager Josh Perry said... "Carlos Teves is a Great Player and he scores loads of goals."
  7. Re: Player Concerns ive got no consurns any any of my 16 Clubs...Ive Played 5,10,15,20 ect games
  8. Re: Transfer Budget It Depends if youve got a High Rated Squad. for E.G Average Rating of 95 hele expect u to sell a player to buy a player
  9. Re: Rating Changes for this Squad kk cheers :D:D
  10. Re: Rating Changes for this Squad anyone?????
  11. Doese anyone no what the next Rating Changes for my Barcelona will be??? This is my Team... Gianluigi Buffon Jussi Jaaskelainen Jose Bosingwa Rio Ferdinand John Terry Carles Puyol Javier Zanetti Olano Xabi Alonso Mahamadou Diarra Ricardo Kaka Steven Gerrard Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Samuel Eto'o Zlatan Ibrahimovic Mame Diouf Ritchie De Laet Gabrial Obertan Suarez Jeffren Pessanha Igor Siqueira Reuben Noble Lazuras
  12. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 1 Thing wt is tht Tube Launchere thing and is it in the Rocket Launcher class?
  13. Re: Lower League Players - Advice + Tips On Potential/Ratings/Ability
  14. Re: Lower League Players - Advice + Tips On Potential/Ratings/Ability Ive got a New one... Can u do me one off Mark Beevers?
  15. Re: 72Mill to Spend kk...............
  16. Re: 72Mill to Spend Help plz......
  17. Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 Wt's Best AC130 or Chopper Gunner?,Cuz i really want a nuke even though my top Killstreak is only 17
  18. I Manage Benfica in a GC,Can anyone tell me some Players who i should buy and some Risers And how much to Offer plz? This is my Team http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=906562&clubid=5782761&sid=8211 i have 72Million to Spend And can anyone tell me who i should sell?
  19. Re: best of these GK'S Same as Everyone else sed
  20. Re: New custom game world suggestions for name... 1)Something,Something,Something Footballie 2)Call of Duty: Modern Football 3)Foot Ball: The Power Unleashed 4)Football Lol,Anyone like any of theese? The 1st one i got of Family Gut:Something,Something,Something darkside 2ND one u should no Call of Duty 3RD 1 Dunno 4th un Halo lol
  21. Re: New custom game world Start Suggestion some names to Help him figure out what his Set-up should be called
  22. Re: New custom game world kk,U doing Cartoon Draw things cn u do South Park ones?
  23. Re: New custom game world wt the set-up gunna be called?
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