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  1. Re: Forwards Who Consistently Get Good Ratings But Hardly Score Any Goals I'd be curious about GKs who conceded 5+ goals and got a rating of 8...
  2. Re: Take 1 minute and lot at this ! I think the deal with Ganso is fine. Aguero for David Villa is also arguably on the okay side. Modric for Mascherano is rather questionable. The other 2 transfers are definitely ridiculous however. I would report those 2. Soccermanager.com probably needs more money, and that means either they increase gold membership, and/or they increase traffic to the site so companies will want to advertise on their site. Banning people => angry people => people quit => less traffic => no money for SM. They will reverse bad transfers though.
  3. Re: EPL Players Shock I just noticed another one... ...Maxi Rodriguez? Now 11 goals in 12 starts for Liverpool, and downgraded by 1 to 89! What are they smoking, seriously??
  4. Re: Ridiculous Counter Offers One thing I can think of is the fact that the maximum value is also dynamic from the buying team's end, varying according to the buying teams' current players. In any case, I am indeed one of those that had given ridiculous counter-offers (150 million plus their 2 best players). These are very isolated circumstances however, where some people just don't get it. I remember one trying to buy Sergio Aguero for the minimum cash price, and after I negotiated something more acceptable, made another bid for 1 million more than the minimum cash price.
  5. Re: EPL Ratings 2011/12 Actually, I've only noticed Newcastle players whose ratings got decreased...in particular, Steven Taylor. Am I missing something? He's in the shortlist for Soccernet's EPL top XI starting lineup, and his rating got decreased instead!
  6. I bet the player concern feature does not take into account player injuries and suspensions? Amauri in my Juventus team has featured in 7 league matches (plus 1 cup match which we lost) out of a possible 18. He got red-carded in the 16th game, resulting in a 3-match ban. Just yesterday, following his 2nd match ban (after the 18th game), he becomes unhappy. ...well that makes sense! Unhappy because he doesn't play because he is suspended! What do you think? Surely if he isn't getting enough matches, he'd have been unhappy earlier, and not right towards the end of his suspension! I can post sc
  7. Re: A huge bug in SM! ...yes' date=' older players are now valued more than before, but that older player still should NOT cost more than the younger player! That's the OP's point! So really...
  8. Re: 7-day transfer ban for clubs that have just lost their manager unanimous? Well D'OH!!! But so? Even if a team hasn't been managed for a very long time' date=' we can't deal with such teams? It really is only going to work (and fair!) if the percentage of managed clubs are high! If there are only 5 managers there will be hardly any transfer dealings going on! Only way to make it more realistic is to introduce player transfers AI so that unmanaged clubs don't necessarily take just the chairman value as a minimum (for example, it can depend on the player's form). Maybe even introduce an e
  9. Re: 7-day transfer ban for clubs that have just lost their manager unanimous? FYI the game is well into its 4th season (22nd turn, and there is only 1 point separating the 1st and 4th teams!), and Tottenham has otherwise been managerless since December '09, so there's been plenty of chance to "rape" that team. So in my case, I've been selling some of my players so I can afford to buy their GK Julio Cesar, but now I have to wait 1 week because some random jumped in for probably less than 1 hour! Sorry, but that's just ridiculous! It should be more proportionate to the amount of time the previ
  10. It seems ridiculous to me that the 7-day transfer ban is applied unanimously to clubs that have just lost their manager, regardless of the time they spent at the club. In one of my game worlds, someone took over Tottenham Hotspur for probably not even 1 hour before leaving, so now I can't do any transfer with Tottenham for 1 week! Please look into it!
  11. Re: A huge bug in SM! What you are forgetting is that Pandev is a Fwd/AM and Lisandro Lopez is a Fwd/Wing. When calculating a player's value, SM takes into account only other players who play in his position(s), so it doesn't matter who the top players in the team are (e.g. it doesn't matter that Toulalan is the best player in Lyon). In your instance, who are the other AM's in Lazio, and who are the other wingers in Lyon?
  12. Re: Luis Nani of Manchester United Dude...he didn't just say that you know...he said that more than a year ago, back in 2007
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