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  1. my squad is: ABBONDANZIERI, Roberto Gk 90 GARCIA, Javier Hernán Gk 84 MOREL RODRIGUEZ, Claudio LB/CB 90 FONDACARO, Carlos LB/RB 75 IBARRA, Hugo RB 89 CALVO, José María RB/LB 86 PASHAYEV, Pavel RB 78 TOMECAK, Ivan RB/CB 75 FRIEDRICH, Manuel CB 90 RONCAGLIA, Facundo CB 83 FORLIN, Juan CB 83 CHESNAKOV, Vladimir CB 71 BENAVIDEZ, Exequiel DM/CM 75 RAMIRES, Santos CM/DM 89 RIQUELME, Juan Román AM/CM 94 HAZARD, Eden AM/Wing 84 DIAZ, Damián AM/RM 84 GAITAN, Nicolás AM/LM 82 CHAVEZ, Cristian AM/RM 82 THIAGO ALCANTARA, Nascimiento AM 77 MILLAN, Nicolás AM/Wing 7
  2. Re: 20GB of iPOD Space. How would you fill it?
  3. the_boss


    Re: Mugshots :eek: wow impressive
  4. the_boss


    Re: Mugshots thanx radebe don't know how you did it
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    Re: Mugshots no picture i upload is accepted either because the dimensions for attachments don't fit or because the file size is too big (and i've shrunk them as much as i can) and when i post a link from facebook it doesnt show :S some help?
  6. Re: Seydou Doumbia - Super Sub - MUST have. haha oops
  7. Re: Seydou Doumbia - Super Sub - MUST have. 17 goals in 5 starts :rolleyes: yeahh right...
  8. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup i PROMISE i won't leave the setup early im not lyk that on my SM i'm on 95rep and have kept the same clubs for ages and i think random draw cos its more fair.. tho as setup creator you should get to choose
  9. Re: The "SPECIAL" Setup would LOVE to join if im allowed
  10. In real-life, players are often taken off if they aren't playing well. I think this should be integrated into the SM substitution system. An option should be included so that the AI can take off a player who isn't playing very well: Form can be a calculated at points during the match (eg half time) instead of only after the match. An option can be used such as : IF one of the CFs has a form of <6 by half time, they are substituted for the designated CF on the bench. IMO would add to the realism and be a useful feature. What do you think?
  11. Re: Site Migration . After about 5 mins of playing it ALWAYS goes unresponsive and i have to close internet explorer. Has any1 else had this or is my laptop at fault?
  12. Re: Substitutions Revamp my searches only return error messages cos theyre not working atm so sorry about that..... still wud be a great idea though and i have to say i don't agree with the criticisms that were given on your thread. hope opinions have changed by now.
  13. Re: Substitutions Revamp If all these suggestions got implemented it would be beaut. Naturally i'm most in favour of my suggestion cos i made it but the other one about "after 75 mins" etc would also be a great addition to the game. Need more senior members of the forums to show approval first....
  14. Re: New rb doubt it will take too long for santon. he's got caps for the NT too Tasci is overrated imo and won't get much higher than 91-92, and i think the 90 was too early for him in the last ratings
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