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  1. Hi, im guessing this has to do with the new graphics, but i can't login to my account. Just getting a blank page. Any workaround?
  2. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions Ok so here it is boys. The confirmation from a SM employee that the reason MULTIPLAYER has been on hold since earlier this year IS because OF SINGLE PLAYER. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Since im paying for multiplayer and dont give a F about single player, i want my money back. SERIOUSLY you people are bordering criminal activity here, or at least a serious offense, especially one in violation of morality. Concealing real intentions, unresponsive towards the 'Community' when questioned, utter disrespect for us . IM DONE with YOU SM. But you will still be receiving my emails on this.
  3. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions As i thought... nothing is being done. GUYS stop falling to these eluding tactics, its all to defraud us. FACT, SM has taken steps to automatize multiplayer (SMFA, Soccerwiki, Concerns, endless new Gameworlds, etc...). FACT, the SM team has been so much involved with single player that they even created a funding campaign to generate extra funds for the development. FACT, the Beta and Alpha have been out yet cant even change a single rating number of the top teams on the database. I believe multiplayer has been officially terminated since single player was announced but they have kept it running in order to receive pay to further the single player work. Think about it, 0 has been done for multiplayer since single player, not even proper customer feedback. And think what would happen if they announced the termination of multiplayer... All of us would go, leaving SM with no ad revenue and no gold membership revenue. SM multiplayer (and subsequently single player) would be history. SM will keep bluffing changes and doing nothing, stringing us along with multiplayer so they can fund the single player. Steven needs more feedback for a "presentation"... Yeah right, just use the search tool and have a look at the thousands of threads on the subject. Its against forum rules to duplicate posts.
  4. Re: Current Multiplayer Problems & Solutions First and last issue i would like to report here is SM ignoring community opinion on key problems. I know you probably think your thread here contradicts what I'm saying, but think harder... Suggestion/Improvement threads theres plenty, still you've have systematically managed to deliver a less appealing end product. I have been playing since 2008 and witnessed many changes to the game, many of them small improvements, cosmetics which made the game in general feel better, but on the issues that really matter such as Ratings, Transfer market, Cheating its just been a turn for the worse. Forever we have been battling these issues yet stubbornly you keep pushing these systems (soccerwiki, smfa) that obviously don't work, that came to be when there was no need. I understand the urge of creating a self-sustaining game, heck i'd also like to sit at home all day while the 'community' does the work for me and keeps money flowing into my pocket, but clearly this is not getting anywhere. I remember this forum before Soccerwiki, the rating threads, discussions, now it turned into an eerie place, abandoned, with no engagement. You probably know it better than me having access to all the numbers. Every business man knows growth is the only way to success, I'm glad your company is doing well and has set an high aim, congrats. But what about us, setting automated responses (or no response at all) to our long struggle with cheaters is not the answer. Creating a passive system for ratings when it should be exactly the opposite is not the answer. The constant drive to rise the value of play money, the numerous ridiculous changes for this effect are not the answer. These are straight forward issues you continued to ignore our voice, Soccermanager multiplayer, Soccermanager, has lost something because of it. I ask please take a step back and reconsider some of these issues. Soccerwiki failed. SMFA failed. Bring the Soccermanager deskman back into the equation. It was good enough.
  5. Re: Is reporting illeagal transfers broken? SMFA is the problem with cheating. Soccerwiki is the problem with the sluggish ratings. SM is the problem with the match engine. Lets make this a three problem ball juggle game, forget football.
  6. Re: Riferimento: Main leagues player ratings Nice, fingers crossed. Still, when will a Soccer manager admin acknowledge and take into consideration members voting for Main Leagues players rating that reflects last season performance?
  7. Re: Main leagues player ratings So i actually went ahead and registered to Soccerwiki community. How can you claim its a member driven process if there is an admin that accepts or discards changes? This is not a democratic vote anymore when YOU have the finals say so on changes made. So i was right to direct my questions at SM.
  8. Re: Main leagues player ratings Thank you for your reply. Well in that case, this system is working painfully slow. As i stated before so much has happened, it is not reflected on players rating. This has to be the reason why: Hummels is not on par with Thiago Silva, Pique; David Luiz is above Varane; Courtois is 3 points below Neuer; Verratti PSG midfield genius is awarded 90; Origi received only +1; James Rodriguez is still at 91; Kroos went only to 93 while Iniesta is 97; and why Messi, who still had a good season, was not at his level that enabled the 99 rating and remains at 99. Just to name a few, sorry to say but these example expose Soccerwiki as inefficient, too passive.
  9. How long until the main leagues get players ratings updated? Most of these players had rating changes in January 2014 / February 2014 (If not earlier in 2013). Since then we seen the domestic leagues 13/14 season finish, UCL finals stages and final. The Fifa World cup full tournament and winner. The start of the 14/15 season. How many more competitions, awards and stats do we have to go through for a fair review of the players performance in this year? Serious question. Thanks.
  10. Re: Angelo Balanta Worth keeping? Was hoping to see him in action at the WC but he didnt play...
  11. Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Great, thanks a bunch! As i dont see them play that often this is really helpful. Ill go for Ljajic
  12. Re: Riferimento: Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?
  13. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Lacazette or Ljajic? Who's the better talent with rating rise chances?
  14. Re: Origi No words... This is just sad. Origi should have risen to 87, what a show of class in Brazil
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