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  1. Re: Same manager controlling 7, yes 7 teams ? My ticket was replied today: "After looking into this reported case of cheating, the manager(s) in question have not broke the Terms of Use. Due to this we now consider this matter resolved." This is ridiculous... i guess SM got outsmarted. He did lay low, but just the fact of having multiple accounts in the same game world prohibited? Did i miss something? Looking in your suggestions Ian, i checked transfers between the teams. Atletico bought Bayerns Lucio for 7m+Ujfalusi (Lucios minimum value) Valencia bought Demichelis from Bayern for 14.4M (Minimum value). Diego was bought by Stuttgart for 60M+Players, then sold to Milan for 30M+Gutierrez (quite obvious...) Bayern sold Ribery to Milan for 25M+Hitzlsperger (Minimum value again) This one was totally fixed because i remember i made a few weeks before a much better offer for Ribery which was rejected but at the time i moved on and failed to connect the dots I believe at some point he also managed Liverpool, Villarreal and Lyon in this game world because of other suspicious transfers i found. The transfers do look strange because they are not clearly benefiting one club, although Milan does seem to stand out. For example Mario Gomez moved through Stuttgart, Sevilla, Bayern and finally Arsenal always at the minimum transfer (money+players so they couldnt have been unmanaged teams) Maybe a group of friends that decided to stop playing at the same day?... Unlikely but could be. Which ever way im glad they're gone
  2. Today i logged in one of my setups and found a collective club resign of seven teams Unless its a flashmob prank i'm pretty sure its a cheater. After closer look they (he) were booted after failing to login within the 30 day period. The last logins were at: 23 Jan 14:55, 23 Jan 17:13, 23 Jan 17:33, 23 Jan 20:15, 23 Jan 20:17, 23 Jan 20:19, 23 Jan 20:19. Also six out of seven accounts where registered to Malasia, so its safe to say it wasn't a multiple account abuse, it was a full blown rape Hes gone now but you reckon i should send a ticket just in case he comes back?
  3. Re: Lm/wing Pedro, Di Maria ,Nani .. all very promising for next ratings
  4. Re: LB - Insua or Ansaldi 3 to 2. i see your points and they got me even more confused. I had an idea of Insua not being that special because most people here where surprised he got a 88 in the ratings review (?), but i never really seen him play... and isnt ansaldi also at the NT as Rb? Well i dont really know both players so i guess ill have to start looking closely now
  5. which is the most promising player, i need a young player to cover for my first team lb schennikov is also free btw
  6. Re: Rodríguez PEDRO I feel SM are being conservative above the 88 rating mark, just look at canales. on the other side 88 rated players like Song only got a +1 when they should have risen more
  7. Re: External Club Response Time Status: Ofr Offer made: 24 Jan 2010 18:57 Player: TEVEZ, Carlos 51 hours and counting, not even accepted yet...
  8. The general impression in the SM community is an appraisal of the prediction, the next big thing, but as we will see, as time goes by some of those predictions go terribly wrong. The idea came to me after reading an old post on another forum about how this kid thought that C. Ronaldo - when he first joined Manchester United - was no where near the quality of David Bellion and would never be. That being said I don't want to sound depreciative of the work these god-like-people that in the attempt of grasping the future of obscure and famous players provide us with information to make the well oiled profit machine. (if only it would be so accessible for real life... ) But that's not what this thread is about, here we take a look at the flip side of the coin, those bad cases of momentary 'genius', that are so funny to revisit. After searching the forum i came to two conclusions: 1. Trusting your gut instinct is a lot better than narrowing a number on a players ability. Actually see the player in action! 2. A time machine would be really sweet. So to start it off here are a few examples, and to be fair i should mention the people who had these unlucky remarks bellow most of the time where right on their predictions regarding most players. Ahh those eternal questions... And finnaly... Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to comment and find some more pearls and post them here. Keep in mind to not bump old threads as they may mislead people and is discouraged by SM. -Quotes are taken from Player Assistance forum, between 07-11-2007 and 08-22-2007 -Quotes with (...) have content cut for the sake of fluency and the quote context was preserved as much as possible. -Text in red inside the quote are my own comments
  9. Both are unmanaged and worth around 19 Mil. From what i've seen of Mata he has great technique and is bound for a rise soon. Schweinsteiger is more solid player and versatile, and still young at 25. Mata is a no-brainer for short term investment, but who will be the better buy say in 1, 2 years? Cheers
  10. Re: January Transfer Window '10 - Transfers and Rumours Mario Bolatti joins Fiorentina
  11. Re: Goalie Help! Wow, really? Doni is a quite good keeper, i dont see him getting benched by a 35 yr old when hes fit. But then again I dunno this Julio Sergio... Anyway i'll transfer list him (I can alway try to get him back if goes up again) lets just hope i have bid before roma review.. Fingers crossed! Thanks
  12. Re: Goalie Help! Well thanks for your suggestions guys. Joe Hart wasnt available btw, but anyway i've decided to keep Doni. I didnt know he was out because of injury.. He cant drop more than -1 surely and he can pick it back up easily, provided he plays regularly from now on. I might also get Handanovic nonetheless, hes up for big things.. but now im closing in on Tevez Cheers
  13. Hey, im looking on a goalkeeper for my team for quite a some time now but just cant seem to make a decision.. In my team i have currently Doni and Rui Patricio as 2nd gk, however i have read in the forum that Doni is out for a -1 or -2 rating drop so i would like to find a replacement with around 90 rating with some good prospects for the future. The game world im in is really competitive and there isnt a 90+ rated keeper free!! I've also made bids of 30M+Doni for Akinfeev and for Lloris both rejected. I was also looking on Stekelenburg but my chairman doesnt allow me to make a decent bid for him. Tim Howard is transfer listed but for 17M Current free goalies and the ones im more interested in are Malafeev 90 - Unmanaged Wiese 90 - Unmanaged Handanovic 89 - Unmanaged Quim 89 - External Ochoa 89 - External Kuszczak 88 - External Also free are Abbondanzieri, Ustari, Dida, Eduardo (Braga), Weidenfeller, Rensing and if you have other suggestions ill gladly check their status on my gameworld. Cheers
  14. Re: When he will get the sack? Same here, i have a manager in my set up that the last log-in has been on the 28th November 2009. I sent a support ticket 2 days ago and got the same holiday period story. It has been 41 days... what is SM waiting for. Hes managing chelsea which is now second last with 10 points from the relegation free position and with 10 games remaining is likely to go under and make the club less attractive to new managers. And making my and everyones gaming experience less enjoyable Im sure this holiday period story is total bs and SM is just extending the time so that they send they're teaser e-mails to get the manager back, like i used to get when i left sm for a while
  15. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Im looking on a RM-Wing for my team but the game world im in is really competitive. How is Kuba doing at Borussia? Is he a good buy for the future? Cheers And Schaefer by the way... I already have Marcelo has a LB but im looking for a second. For RM i have Simao.
  16. Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings How about Handanovic from Udinese? Some people refer him as a riser but you don't. Whats your reason for that, i don't follow the Serie A but he is a class keeper and has been linked to Bayern. Cheers
  17. Re: Chat feature in all Game Worlds PMs are ok, but often i get my messages unanswered or answered after on a long period of time. PMs simply dont cut it nor does the newspaper feature, i dont see anybody participating. I think live conversation would make the game much more appealing. My idea would be having a small chat box on the overview tab, when the manager logged in the GW he would appear online on the chat. Also would access previous conversations from other managers and able to ad his comment (if no one was online at the moment for live conversation)
  18. Simple and straight forward chat in all the game worlds, restricted and specific for the current game world the participant is logged in to. I think live conversation would be much better for negotiating players, random Game World talk and not to mention much easier to make friends, building a better community. (Other thought. Im not currently a gold member, do gold members get ads as free members do?? If so, it should be changed imo.
  19. Beckham has been great at Milan. He deserves a 91 imo. What do you think?
  20. Re: Cheater and SM wont do anything - Help! He's out... finally. Both accounts down to 20 (Suspended) But none of his transfers were reversed now hes back in the GW with another account, with the money from his illegal transfers... this is just absurd. I think im ready to quit this GW and enjoy the game without this douche in it
  21. Re: Cheater and SM wont do anything - Help! Really?! coz my ticket was replied as they didnt have enough evidence to sanction him... But anyway he just made a new account today and entered the GW to sell Ronaldo for £60 mil... I sent a new ticket and this time around im confident he wont get away with it...
  22. Re: Cheater and SM wont do anything - Help! I am calm but how long does it take for SM to deal with it? I mean has soon has this guy joined the setup (6 or 7 months ago) he started using multiple accounts and making illegal transfers. At that time I reported him and wrote to SM... and nothing, he's still there. Yes its only a game, but does that mean fairness does not exist..
  23. Can someone please help me, i dont know what to do because i have reported all of his transfer that where suspicious and still SM doesnt take action on this cheater This guy has consistently made or tried transfers using several different new 40 rep accounts in the same game world. Currently hes managing 4 teams that i know of in the World Championship 2372, but hes had more in the past.. which i also reported and even wrote to SM. However apparently he had stop for a while so i didnt pursue the matter anymore. But now its just ridiculous, for example a 40 MIL bid for Deco even after his rating dropped to 92 This is not the only thing, hes currently blocked from my messaging in the GW because of offensive messages from his part which i also reported, and guess what SM didnt do anything also. Im really getting discouraged from playing SM with these cheaters getting away with this. Can someone please advise me on what to do? Thanks
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