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  1. Re: Players rated 80-85 with great potential ___ DEF ___ CB Guiseppe BELLUSCI (82) - rise this season -9 CB Havard NORDTVEIT (80) - rise this season -8 CB Daniel CARRICO (85) - small rise -9 CB Nicolas N'KOULOU (83) - rise this season -9 RB Lamine GASSAMA (83) - small rise -9 LB Emiliano INSUA (83) - rise this season -9 LB Georgi SCHENNIKOV (83) - rise this season -9 LB Konstantin RAUSCH (82) - rise this season -8 ___ MID ___ DM Ignacio CAMACHO (83) - no short-term rise -9 CM Georginio WIJNALDUM (85) - small rise -9 CM Leroy FER (85) - small rise -8 CM Aaron RAMSEY (84) - rise this season -10 CM James MCCARTHY (82) - small rise -8 CM Kwado ASAMOAH (85) - rise this season -9 AM Toni KROOS (85) - small rise -9 ___ ATT ___ Fwd Moura KERLON (83) - no s-t rise -8 Fwd Javier PASTORE (85) - rise this season -9 Fwd Alberto BUENO (80) - rise this season -9 CF Marko ARNAUTOVIC (85) - no s-t rise -8 CF Federico MACHEDA (80) - no s-t rise -10 CF Danny WELBECK (83) - no s-t rise -9 CF David NGOG (84) - small rise -8
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Thanks for the help. If you don't rate either player I might as well do the deal as it improves my first eleven short-term. I don't need money by selling Berbatov for cash, and I already have good young players such as Asamoah, Lass, Guardado, Giovinco, Di Maria, Dzagoev, Mata, Bojan, Dzeko, Negredo, Rossi, Adebayor and Aguero. Ozil and Marin are taken but Witsel is available so I could snap him up too, cheers for the heads-up.
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi all. I have too many strikers but need a winger, and have just had an offer accepted for Robben of my Berbatov and £10mil. Starting to have second doubts though in case Robben is left warming the bench at RM and Fergie knows what he's talking about when he says this will be Berbatov's breakthrough season. Do you think this is a good deal or not? Basically will Berbatov rise and Robben drop by the end of the season?
  4. Jahmes


    Re: Forwards Guiseppe ROSSI 91-91-91/92 Krkic BOJAN 89-89/88-89 Mario BALOTELLI 88-88-88/89 Bafetimbi GOMIS 89-89/90-90/91 Alves da Silva EDUARDO 89-89/90-90/91 Mirko VUCINIC 91-91-91/92 Ezequiel LAVEZZI 90-90-90/91 Edin DZEKO 89-90-90/91 Alvaro NEGREDO 90-90-90/91 Maroune CHAMAKH 89-90-90/91 Honorato NILMAR 89-89-90/91 Givanildo Vieira HULK 88-89-90 Carneiro KEIRRISON 87-87/88-88 Robert ACQUAFRESCA 88-88-89 Nicklas BENDTNER 88-89-89/90 Vedad IBISEVIC 88-88/89-89/90 Moussa DEMBELE 88-88-88/89 Marcus BERG 89-89-89/90 Guillaume HOARAU 89-89-89/90 Stevan JOVETIC 88-88/89-88/89 André-Pierre GIGNAC 89-89-89 Miralem SULEJMANI 88-88-88 Lucas BARRIOS 87-87/88-88 Hugo RODALLEGA 88-88-88 Erwin HOFFER 86-86/87-87
  5. Re: Jose Antonio SALCEDO, 18 years old (74 rated) --- First Choice Keeper Oh, well if Juan Sanchez says so it must be true!
  6. Re: Fernando Gago As the other guy said he's now Atletico Madrid's starting 'keeper, and having released Coupet and Leo Franco they clearly have a lot of faith in him. Played decent last night against Panathinaikos, I thought he should have done better with Salpingidis's goal though. But since he's a 20 year-old 'keeper playing in the Champions League, he's pretty much the best young goalkeeper in the game so I'd do the deal. EDIT: Okay technically it's Champions League qualifying he is playing in and not the Champions League proper, but I fully expect Atletico to come through the qualifying stage plus Asenjo really is a great goalkeeper for his age!
  7. Re: What changes Chairman Value?
  8. Re: Who is the best keeper of these potentially Yeah I did mean that one, Valencia's Brito RENAN, but he doesn't look as promising now. Valencia have brought in Miguel Àngel Moyà from Mallorca for about 5 million euros and Renan's gone to Xerez on loan for the season. I think I'm right in saying he should get first-team experience for the recently promoted Xerez (La Liga), but he probs won't move from his 88 for a while, and may drop if he doesn't start the season as Xerez's number 1 (especially due to his injury last season). Marchetti, on the other hand, is apparently pretty good and should rise.
  9. Right now I'm waiting to swoop in and grab Sebastien Frey in my set-up following manager-less Blackburn's 7 day transfer embargo, and his Chairman Value has changed from £11.7m to £14.8m within 2 minutes! I was looking at Blackburn's squad, changed to my club messages then went back again and now I can't afford him and have to sell players! I checked the whole squad's birthdays and none were today, no-one's rating has changed and no-one's had a positional change. Anyone got any idea why it might have changed?
  10. Re: Who is the best keeper of these potentially Any of these available? Sergio Romero Federico Marchetti Renan
  11. Re: Ozil, Fellaini or Hamsik? Touch decision. I would go for Hamsik still, with Ozil not far behind.
  12. Re: Need an AM Is Diego Perotti available? If not that's me out of ideas, hopefully MsF/Insider or someone else can help
  13. Re: Retiring Players Sorry mate looks like you've found this one out the hard way
  14. Re: Need an AM If you say Cleiton Xavier then I have no doubt he will rise in the next Brazilian rating changes, but would someone like Zoran Tosic, Alan Dzagoev or Sebastien Giovinco be better back-up since they also have a chance of becoming top, top players in the future? On the other hand Cleiton Xavier will be cheaper since he's 26 plus my suggestions are all quite well know so might be taken, so I suppose it depends on andrez_rock's budget and set-up.
  15. Re: Retiring Players Yeah sell or swap them now as Dermo says, but if by, "Today also it switch to season 7 and they got out of the team," you mean they've dissappeared from your squad at the start of a new season, then I think that means you've just lost out and won't be compensated (although I'm not sure since it's never happened to me and I haven't read the rules on retirees recently).
  16. Re: Who do you think should have a different rating Saloman Kalou 92-72
  17. Re: Loaning Out Youth Players Due to a spot of player hoarding by three teams in my set-up, the loan list is packed with players such as Fellaini (91), Banega (88), Palacios (88), Zuculuni (86), Ninis (86) and Wijnaldum (85). So which player does the 86 average-rated squad Leicester City loan out? Fernando Navarro (82), the money spinner I loan listed, even though I'm going to recall him next week when his transfer ban expires to sell him! There's even better players loan listed in the same position on less wages! Which reminds me, the loan list displays the value and chairman value of all players, surely it would be more helpful to show the current wages per turn?
  18. Re: best youngster in the world who should i get A few more top quality cheap youngsters to add: Marco D'ALESSANDRO Yannis TAFER Gianmarco ZIGONI Spam's got pretty much everyone else covered though! Good luck talent hoarding
  19. Re: Who is the best CB in the world? The turning point for how good Vidic is in my eyes was the utd 'pool match, all night Torres just went past him like he wasn't even there ('til the sending off when he actually wasn't there). That was admittedly the only bad performance of his I've seen though; he's still one of the best defenders in the world and better than Terry and Puyol. I think Chiellini could be a contender come the 2010 World Cup as long as Lippi pulls his act together.
  20. Re: Albert Dalmau - Barca's Answer to Sergio Ramos? With a haircut he can run it in 11.7 seconds Nice find mate
  21. Re: Ribery deal Try and do some more deals with this guy, what set-up are you in? I want to join
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