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  1. Re: Ridicolous!!! How did you get Bojan? The Barcelona manager must be an idiot! (although he did beat you twice!)
  2. Re: which LB to sing? Ah, no need to worry then you're sorted! Since it's a short-term measure you might as well just buy Kleber (90), he'd be cheaper as well because he's 29, and I don't think he'll drop anytime soon since he's currently in the Brazil Squad. You can always part-exchange him and a bit of cash before the Spanish Rating changes for Filipe if it's apparent that he's gonna rise, and if not you have upto April 1 next year to sell or part-exchange him without losing any money (price decreases on their bday). Santon and Cissokho won't go to 90 next rating changes, more like 86-88-90 or 86-88-89-90, but they are both better players than all of Molinaro, Filipe, Criscito and Taiwo in the long-run (again imo). Yes Taiwo will go 90 in the next rating changes, but in my opinion he will stay there! Whereas 2 or 3 years and Santon and Cissokho could easily both be 92.
  3. Re: pjanic or dzagoev Are you sure about that? I haven't noticed that many 92+ players in Ligue 1, so in SM terms I thought they were rated fairly similarly, especially recently where SM has been more generous towards the Russian league. I suppose it all boils down to personal opinion anyhow, with my vote going to Dzagoev. (based mainly on youtube clips of both players!)
  4. Re: which LB to sing? I'm guessing Santon, Cissokho and the like aren't available in your set-up then. Right now I'd sign Taiwo, if for some reason he doesn't go up in the French Rating Changes swap him for Criscito who I think has a better long-term future anyway (just imo). Apparently Filipe had a good season just gone so still keep him in mind, but he might not reach 90 until the end of next season and only if he is still playing well. If someone who actually watches Spanish football came on this thread that would help. In conclusion, right now my vote goes to Taiwo.
  5. Re: Rate my team =] Why have you got four left-backs?
  6. Re: Raul Albiol deal As it stands you'd have no decent back-up after accepting the deal and you'd be stuffed in 2 or 3 seasons once Juan has passed his peak (Marcano and Carrico could be around 90 by then but they're not guaranteed to be 92). Therefore I would only accept the deal if you can get in: (1) a youngish (<27 for CB) higher rated player or direct replacement (1 player) OR (2) someone as back-up (90 or 91) and someone who will be 92 in the future (either two players or one player that is both). The only two players that come close to being direct replacements are Skrtel and Bruno Alves so if these are available then go for it. Same for higher rated <27 years-old CBs. For the second option either get someone like Pique, Garay, Zapata, Godin, Gonzalo, on their own if available, or any 90-rated player and someone like Thiago Silva, Agger, Vermaelen, Santacroce etc if not (I don't know how good Marcano is though he might do, but I don't think any of the rest are highly likely to be 92+ anytime soon). The only reason you'd want to do the deal and put yourself out is for the cash of around £30mil that will be left once you've bought the required replacement(s), but if you're not happy with the deal then don't do it, your defence is good for 5 years as it stands.
  7. Re: Discussion: How important is Form? Did you know you can use a full stop more than once? Just your post might be a little easier to read that way.
  8. Re: Discussion: How important is Form? Jeda (88) Morale 65, AvP 7.22 Amoah (87) Morale 99, AvP 7.19 Johnson (89) Morale 81, AvP 7.03 It's the smallest of samples, but this contradicts the theories of morale and form or rating and form actually being linked as does a lot of other data I've studied. If you go to the 'Statistics' tab and sort by AvP for the top two teams in your league, then do the same for the bottom two teams I'm sure you'll find that form is important, but whether or not form is a determining variable or dependant variable remains to be seen. Maybe form is progressive, one good performance leads to another and so on. Who knows.
  9. Re: Top Squad, Poor Results, somebody help!
  10. Re: Hulk v Dembele In light of these endorsements, if you're playing in a competitive set-up where he's likely to be snapped up by some other club, then maybe you'll want to get him now. In my set-up no-one else so much as watches Sky Sports News and there are never any bids for players rated less than 90, so in this case the best strategy is to wait for the move. He's been linked to Chelsea and Tottenham according to goal and some other non-reliable internet sites.
  11. Re: Top Squad, Poor Results, somebody help! Well your current tactics clearly aren't working so my suggestion is to try my current tactics as I think your squad will be well suited to them. Its 4-1-3-2 with Normal, Attacking, Short, Mixed, Fast and Own Half for the options with Counter-Attack, Use Play Maker and Use Target Man all selected. GK - JULIO CESAR (95) RB - MAICON (95) - FRIEDRICH (91) LB - CLICHY (92) - ZHIRKOV (92) CB - BRUNO ALVES (92) - BARZAGLI (91) CB - CHIVU (92) - PIQUE (90) DM - CAMBIASSO (95) - KEITA (92) - MIKEL (91) - VELOSO (90) RAM - STANKOVIC (93) - KALOU (92) CAM - XAVI (97) - SEEDORF (93) LAM - BALLACK (93) - PANDEV (92) - RIERA (91) CF - IBRAHIMOVIC (96) - AMAURI (92) CF - FORLAN (94) - PATO (92) Captain GK, DM or CB, Target Man CF, Play Maker CAM. This next part is where you'd have to trust me though, in my experience I find morale very important, so if you're not doing it already I would suggest replacing any of your 1st XI players with the 2nd XI players if the second string players have higher morale (at least until you improve morale through new contract offers etc.). Therefore if Ibrahimovic has 62 morale, Forlan 73, Amauri 93 and Pato 69 then play Amauri and Forlan up front, bringing Ibra on from the bench. Only weight morale to a certain degree though, if Veloso has 93 morale and Cambiasso 70, still play Cambiasso as 70 is high enough since he's rated far higher. Other than this advice I'd say keep tactics consistent once you've found ones that work.
  12. Re: Discussion: How important is Form? I also have no idea how important form alone is, but since I find my lower-rated forward who has better morale also has better form than my higher-rated forward (making the two linked but maybe morale determining form) I wanted to ask what are the three striker's morale ratings? In terms of morale I bizzarely find that nearly everytime I have one player with sub-standard morale in the team, that individual plays well but the team loses, whereas nearly everytime I have a team with no low morale players they don't lose. I therefore pick from my 89+ rated players based on their morale, rating and form in that order (i.e. I give higher weighting to a player's morale). Anyhow I cannot fathom how they have constructed the match engine for the life of me; I think maybe they have a warehouse full of people in China picking names out of a hat.
  13. Re: Hulk v Dembele Is that the title for the next episode of the Hulk's comic book? Seriously though I'd keep Hulk for now, may reach 90 within 1 or 2 portugese rating changes, and you can always swap him with Dembele if/when he gets a big move. Although both will rise in accordance with greater consistency, Hulk will rise at a faster if not equal rate all the time Dembele stays in Holland since the Portugese league is considered to be of a higher standard.
  14. Re: LB who will rise 90+ Here's a few potentially 90-rated left-backs with my opinion on each: Davide SANTON - could well take over from Zanetti once the captain hangs up his boots' date=' but isn't quite the finished article just yet. [b']Aly CISSOKHO[/b] - brilliant young player, but wait a few days to see if the Milan transfer goes through unless your set-up is a competitive one (i.e. unless someone else will nick him first). Luis Kasmirke FILIPE - has had a great season for Deportivo that reportedly has clubs such as Juventus and Barcelona sniffing around; will reach 90 if he makes it two great seasons in a row. Paolo DE CEGLIE - young Juventus second choice left-back who closed out the season due to Molinaro's long-term injury. Talented player who can also play further up the pitch as a wing-back or left-mid, but future currently hangs in the balance along with Criscito and Molinaro with Juventus reportedly in the market for a new left-back (linked with Grosso, Dossena, Filipe, Abidal) Domenico CRISCITO - future in the balance atm as Genoa look to make his loan move from Juventus permanent. Whether he's at Juventus, Genoa or another club next season he still has a bright future ahead of him and should hit 90 by the end of the next season if he repeats this season's performances with Genoa. Taye TAIWO - best short-term bet as he could well reach 90 in the next French rating changes after a decent season with 2nd place finishing Marseille (imo 60/40 on), but can't see him ever reaching 91 for the foreseeable future. Georgi SCHENNIKOV - low down on the list because he should only reach around 86 next rating changes, but could well be in the Russian squad and rated 90 within 2/3 seasons. Obviously worth buying as back-up anyway since he's currently rated 74. Christian MOLINARO - I had this player before the last Italian rating changes convinced his stats were good enought for a +1 rise, then all of a sudden Soccer Manager DO take ability into account not just stats. If this remains the case Molinaro will never reach 90, plus of course he's currently injured. BRAAFHEID is another player worth a look at since he has just signed for Bayern Munich (though he'll probs just be used as back-up for now). 3 CB/LBs that might be worth looking at are BOCCHETTI, COMPPER and SAKHO, of which I'd buy the latter of these, 19 year-old club captain Sakho, for the future anyway even if he doesn't get into your first team now. Thanks for reading and I hope I've helped.
  15. Re: An ageing squad and next to no money Here's a squad full of good young prospects: GK – Asenjo/Rui Patricio/Romero/Renan GK2 – Monzon/Pele RB1 – Santon/Motta RB2 – Johnson/Beck/Gassama RCB1 – Thiago Silva/Alexis RCB2 – Fazio/Kjaer/Marcellis LCB1 – Sakho/Subotic LCB2 – Daniel Carrico/Hummels/N’Koulou LB1 – Cissokho/De Ceglie/Taiwo LB2 – Schennikov/Criscito/Rausch DM1 – Marchisio DM2 – Camacho RAM1 – Dzagoev/Ljajic RAM2 – Perotti/Russotto CAM1 – Giovinco CAM2 – Kroos/Pjanic LAM1 – Ben Arfa/Asamoah LAM2 – Di Maria/Marin RF1 – Bojan/Keirrison RF2 – Vela/Di Santo LF1 – Dzeko/Ibisevic LF2 – Hulk/Hoarau I’d suggest Asenjo as GK, more expensive but worth it. Bojan, Santon and Schennikov are must buys if available, and Motta could be next Italy RB so also a good shout. If you want great prospects for the future (long-term) defo buy these players as well if available: FIORILLO, Vincenzo MUNIESA, Marc KEKO, Sergio Gontan DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza NEYMAR, Silva D’ALESSANDRO, Marco TAFER, Yannis
  16. Re: central midfielder urgently needed MARCHISIO, Claudio
  17. Re: Urgent Help Needed - Desperately Need To Win! I'd have started with what's prob your best formation 433, then swap the first string players that have poor performances/morale with the second string players, and adjust the formation if doing so unbalances the team. GK Julio Cesar 95 Van Der Sar 94 RB Grygera 91 Panucci 91 LB Capdevila 92 Taiwo 89-90 CB Marquez 93-93/92 Naldo 91 Pique 88-90 CB Bruno Alves 92 Godin 90-91 RCM Jesus Navas 91-91/92 Riera 91 CM Keita 92 Cana 91-91/92 LCM Ze Roberto 92 Gio Van B 91 RF Henry 95-95/96 Giuly 91 CF Klose 93 Balotelli 88 LF Amauri 92 Pires 91 I haven't even tried this formation though so it's not guaranteed; I'm sure there are a lot of people on these forums who know more about tactics than me.
  18. Re: Aguero Deal Help! Sorry to rain on your parade again Dale147 (I posted in a thread you created earlier)' date=' but I think, "I've hammered him down to Eto'o & Ze Roberto for Aguero," means the Eto'o manager has already agreed to swap [i']both [/i]Eto'o and Ze Roberto for Aguero, so asking for just Eto'o would be stupid. Personally I wouldn't let Aguero go; call me crazy but I turned down £70mil for him at the start of last season I am admittingly biased towards the best young striker in the game though, and Eto'o is on form this season in addition to already having a higher rating than Aguero, so If you want to negotiate the deal I suggest in this order: Eto'o + Perrotta: youngest, contract til 2010, didn't drop in recent changes Eto'o + van Bommel: contract to 2010, club captain Eto'o + Ze Roberto: oldest, hasn't yet been offered a new contract
  19. Re: 80-90 risers needed! I reckon Mata and Negredo will both get 90 judging by SM's recent changes. Agree with the rest though, adding the obvious Lassana Diarra 90-91 if he's free and possibly Taye Taiwo 89-90 if you can wait 'til the next French ratings. I'm pretty sure Whitlock means the Villareal AM/LM Ariel MATI FERNANDEZ, the mix-up occuring because his official name is Ariel Matias Fernandez Fernandez whilst he is known as Matias Fernandez on Football Manager but his real-life nickname and shirt name is Mati Fernandez.
  20. Re: Italian Ratings! "if you've got a player in any of your teams and you send a ticket saying that he should increase SM will just dismiss it straight away." If that's true can someone who hasn't got Molinaro in their team send in a ticket then. He's played more games for Juventus this season than Chiellini if I'm not mistaken, and they feel Chiellini's 5 rating points higher? Molinaro's clearly not as good as Chiellini nor has national caps but he should defo be 90 at least, any lower is ridiculous.
  21. Re: Ilsinho or Santacroce I'd keep both to be honest. Santacroce has a bright future, and Ilsinho is playing in the UEFA Cup Final in 3 days so you might want to hang onto him 'til then at least. Unless you can swap Santacroce for Pique and Ilsinho for Mata or really need the money. And yeah try and be less snappy if possible - the first poster said Santacroce could drop not knowing the ratings have already been done, so the second poster said he hasn't dropped in order to let the first poster know the ratings have already been done, not because he's illiterate. But you didn't get that.
  22. Re: Should I Buy Kieran Gibbs for.. You didn't see him play against United then? If you want a good young LB buy Schennikov.
  23. Re: Italian Ratings! They surely haven't finished yet have they? Molinaro stays on 89?
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