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  1. Re: La Liga risers Maybe. Pedro 88-90-91-?
  2. Re: La Liga risers Probs stay with a small chance of a rise. His stats are favourable but Tenerife were relegated and don't have any players rated higher than 85 apart from Alfaro. His career defining season will be this upcoming one, however, as he tries to break into Sevilla's first team.
  3. Re: Who to buy?? You've got a good young squad, but I'd start prioritising around three or four players in each position and work towards this squad: GK Lloris (92)/De Gea (80)/Delac (83) RCB Castro (90)/Santon (87) LCB Cissokho (90)/Ranocchia (88)/Gibbs (85) CB Pique (92-94)/Bonucci (88)/Badstuber (88) DM Diarra (92)/Song (90)/Gonalons (85) RCM Khedira (90)/Marchisio (90) LCM Montolivo (91)/Jovetic (90) Wing Farfan (91)/Perotti (89)/Hazard (89)/Wilshere (85) Wing Mata (91)/Vargas (91)/Pedro (88)/Marin (90)/Elia (89) CF Eto'o (96)/Chamakh (90)/Muller (88) CF Vucinic (92)/Keirrison (87) By either selling or swapping players not listed above (except for your risers and youngest most talented players) to buy the players not already in your squad. I know it seems daft selling young talented players on the way up, but in my opinion Song, for example, is absolutely better than Fernando and there's therefore no need to have both. Same with Jovetic and Dzagoev, Cissokho and Schennikov etc.
  4. Re: PEPE'S Rating? I bought Pepe for £41.6mil plus Cannavaro (before he dropped from 93 to 90) so obviously I wouldn't do the deal. Is David Silva at an unmanaged/external club then?
  5. Re: Who to buy?? Buy Eto'o and then post your squad here so we can advise you on which players if any you should swap with players from the list below.
  6. Re: young backup LB needed He's naturally a LM but got a run in the team mainly as a LB towards the end of the season due to defender injuries. It's therefore possible he'll get a positional change to LB/LM, but it's quite likely he'll revert back to a LM/LB in the future if he does.
  7. Re: Raul Albiol v Dani Alves v Philipp Lahm He's the oldest of all three.
  8. Re: Maicon to 96 He's a tall, right-footed Roberto Carlos, that's why he rose.
  9. Re: La Liga risers Yes, people who need their head checked...
  10. Re: Chris Smalling You've still got the picture of Zamora up! Can some more people please tell him that's definitely not Smalling in the last picture?!
  11. Re: Your Worst SM Decision Probably my purchase of Pique when he was rated 88, he cost me a whopping £750k, Ched EVANS and Alex SMITHIES
  12. Re: +5 Risers?? Ibisevic got a long-term injury when he was still rated 85 if I remember rightly. I agree with your point though, I'm just being pedantic.
  13. Re: High Rated 80 CB Needed Fast, Any Suggestions? Simon Kjaer 89-89/90 May be moving to a bigger club this summer Leonardo Bonucci 86-88/89 Should be going to the World Cup Nicolas Otamendi 88-89/90 Is going to the World Cup Holger Badstuber 85-89 Should be playing in the Champs League final All of the suggests on this thread I decent but these are the top four imo.
  14. Re: *Need urgent transfer help* In case anyone wants to know the Busquets deal didn't go through. My Busquets purchase was "finalised" before the Muniain sale, even though I accepted a bid to sell Muniain before my bid to buy Busquets was accepted, and as a result I didn't have enough money in my account and the Busquets deal was cancelled. For some reason Busquets is now on an extra 2 week transfer ban; I'm guessing it's a new rule SM have brought in. Reason I'm sorted, however, is my bid which was previously accepted is the most I could bid, which is what the other manager who wanted him would have bid also (filthy rich). Therefore I should theoretically still win the battle for Busquets with the same bid in 2 weeks time, only this time I have enough money in my account. Conclusion: bids don't necessarily go through in the order they were accepted. It may have been that the Busquets bid was put in before the bid for Muniain (but accepted the other way round as stated). Since the Ranocchia sale was from a bid after the Busquets initial bid but was completed before the Busquets non-completion, however, I think it's more down to slower transfers between managed clubs than External clubs as the Muniain sale was to a managed club.
  15. Re: *Need urgent transfer help* No worries I won the Busquets bid so I'm sorted, I'll report back on whether or not the transfers go through in the order they're accepted for future reference.
  16. Re: Next Big Thing In Spanish Football Only 18 Ssshhhhh...they lost the game 3-0...
  17. Re: Next Big Thing In Spanish Football Only 18 I'm guessing Muniain will still be the next big thing in Spanish football when he is 18 in December, but he's only 17 now so it doesn't quite match.
  18. Hi, anyone know if transfers strictly go through in the order they are accepted? I have the following situation, which has got me a tad confused: Julio Cesar (managed club) my bid of £15mil plus players Busquets (external), other managed club undisclosed bid v my bid £16.7m plus players Julio Cesar (managed club) bid accepted, buy for £15mil plus players Muniain (my player) bid accepted, sell for £15mil Rannocchia (my player) bid accepted, sell for £4mil Busquets bid accepted, buy for £16.7m plus players My balance is only £16.1m, however, so I will be okay only if the transfers go through in the order they are accepted rather than the order of the bids or whether they're at a managed club or external, or whether they're being bought or sold etc. Anyone know what factors determine transfer speed/order? Thanks for any help
  19. Re: de gea 1 st gk of atl m De Gea reminds me of van der Sar whereas Asenjo reminds me of Scott Carson. I can't think of anyone bad enough to compare Rui Patricio to. Seriously though, this forum has led to a lot of bad 'keepers being overrated for a long time. It's funny to watch how people are now dumbfounded to learn that actually Asenjo's not the next Casillas...
  20. Re: Samir Nasri - Question If you can't buy any replacement with that money it's a bad deal. If you manage to put that £16mil towards buying Sneijder it's a good deal. If you can sell two 88-rated players that don't get a game for you & never will and buy Sneijder with that instead then selling Perrotta for £16mil is a bad deal. If... etc. Basically, it depends on certain conditions concerning your squad/set-up. Just make sure you get Sneijder.
  21. Re: Which CB to sell? Keep Bonucci, Ranocchia, Galeano, Toloi & Alvaro Dominguez. Sell the rest straight away, and re-evalute the five above in a few months as to who has the least potential and can be sold.
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