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  1. Re: Samir Nasri - Question How about sell Perrotta for money, then get Sneijder? He's better than Perrotta & Nasri put together, but if you have lesser players than Perrotta to sell to get Sneijder then even better.
  2. Re: what will happen now? Unlucky the bid will be rejected; you should have bid sooner. FYI, if the player's rating went up after your bid was accepted but before the transfer is complete, you would have still got him but he'd be on an 86-rated player's wages instead of an 84-rated player's wages.
  3. Re: most promising goalkeeper I agree with Adler since Lloris is taken. Just don't get Rui Patricio, considering all the hype about him on this forum he is shockingly bad
  4. Re: Help with a deal No - find a good player to swap Zaki with.
  5. Re: goalkeeper???needed If Lloris is available get him NOW
  6. Re: Leftback please help rep awarded That's assuming Clichy (92), Evra (94), Cole (94) et al are taken btw.
  7. Re: Leftback please help rep awarded Cissokho 89 Ansaldi 90 Criscito 89 Santon 87 (RB/LB) Arbeloa 91 (RB/LB) Badstuber 85 (CB/LB)
  8. Re: Dilemma I'll take that as a 'yes' then
  9. Re: hulk deal There are lots of 'immensly talented' strikers you can buy with £25mil
  10. Re: hulk deal Take the money and run.
  11. Re: Dilemma You are joking, right?
  12. Re: De Rossi Click & drag over my whole post
  13. Re: Mitchel Bastos or Marcelo Vieria?
  14. Re: Rising World Cup Goalkeepers No' date=' Brad Pitt journalists explain why Man United were reportedly after him It's rhyming slang
  15. Re: De Rossi Nooooooooo - don't sell him' date=' De Rossi's worth way more than £30 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you know I'm joking by the way
  16. Re: Mitchel Bastos or Marcelo Vieria?
  17. Re: Mitchel Bastos or Marcelo Vieria? I'd go for Marcelo. Both as bad at defending as each other, and pretty similar going forward too. But Marcelo is younger and has been playing well for Madrid this season (is suprisingly their most played player). He should have gone up to 91 in my opinion.
  18. Re: What ratings will these players be in 2 years time! Help! And here are some of the worst case scenarios, hope I've helped.
  19. Re: ROBINHO Keep or Sell I think the word you're looking for is was.
  20. Re: Which keeper? Ow yeah and then you have £18m to spend on another position, or if GK is your weakest position then offer Benaglio and the money or Doni and money for a 91 rated GK or higher instead of getting Kameni.
  21. Re: Which keeper? Swap Benaglio for Kameni to improve your GK short-term from 89 to 90, swap Rui Patricio for Eduardo as he is ahead in the national team pecking order, and wait for Sirigu to rise to 88 in the next change then sell or swap him for someone you need in another position. Finally keep an eye on Marchetti, Muslera and Rui Patricio, and after the world cup when Eduardo is probably at least 90 rated, swap Kameni for whichever of them or any other available goalkeeper is doing well. That's what I would do anyway.
  22. Re: 96 rated keeper vs 91,90 keepers in game There doesn't seem to be a difference between 'keeper performance indicators such as match rating, average performance, goals conceded, man of the match awards etc. when comparing a 96 rated goalkeeper with one rated 91. However, if I'm not mistaken the match engine does take the two teams' average ratings into account when generating results, in which case it does matter which 'keeper you have, just no-one seems to pick up on it. It matters less than outfield positions though, because apart from being significant in the average rating it doesn't have much effect on the GK position, as already stated, but a 91 rated striker rarely compares to a 96 rated one in both individual performance indicators and obviously team average rating. Anyone still reading? Probably not.
  23. Re: Higuain sell for? I'd say that's an especially bad spelling, considering it would have taken you less time to copy the correct spelling from the thread title than it took you to type '(bad spelling)'.
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