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  1. Re: Gareth Bale - Rise, Rise and Rise Lay off the drugs please
  2. Re: Chris Smalling It's DEFINITELY Zamora, lol. Look at google images of both players if you don't believe me, in particular the different nose (CS rounder), ears (CS bigger earlobe) and hairline (BZ receded further).
  3. Jahmes

    Youth squad

    Re: Youth squad I'd keep Fiorillo since he's consistently touted as the next Buffon so clearly has a lot of talent, and I'd keep Borini as he looks a good prospect from the apps he has made for Chelsea so far. I'd sell the rest, with Coquelin in particular looking very poor from the little I've seen of him; I doubt he'll make it at Arsenal.
  4. Re: Chris Smalling Sorry to be so pedantic arsenalrocs, but Chris Smalling looks an awful lot like Bobby Zamora in that last picture!
  5. Re: ROBINHO Keep or Sell Not for cash, swap him.
  6. Re: Fernando Torres Try and give him Kanoute, Di Natale or even Forlan instead of Van Persie first, but if he doesn't accept I'd still do the Toulalan, £10mil & Van Persie deal anyway. From a numbers viewpoint: GK Adler 91 RB Sagna 92 LB Clichy 92 CB Bruno Alves 92 CB Mexes 92 CM Toulalan 93 OR Diarra 92 CM Fabregas 95 RM Maxi Rodriguez 93 LM Nasri 92 CF Forlan 94 CF Kanoute 93 OR Torres 96 Your 1st XI Average Rating would go up from 92.63r to 92.81r. There'll be a phase when Forlan is past his best and you'll wish you still had Van Persie hence my suggestion to try and swap an older striker, but still it'll be a lot easier to prise away a 93 rated Fwd than a 96 rated CF like Torres so do the deal. If you haven't already try to swap Adler for Lloris too, he'll reach 92 sooner.
  7. Re: Why Patrice Evra deserves a rise to 94! Either Evra should rise to 94 or Ramos should drop to 93. Cole should stay. Evra is one of Utd's best players behind Rooney and the CB partnership (but not by 2 rating points let alone 3). You only have to look at the last game v Besiktas to see how he lifted the team when he came on, all the best chances to equalise were created after his arrival. Cole on the other hand can have games where he's anonymous; he contributes less to his team as he doesn't need to with the Chelsea midfield dominating nearly every game.
  8. Re: My team, can it get better? Yeah there is one way your team can get better - change the manager!
  9. Re: Fabiano SANTACROCE CB 23 ( napoli ) drop or stay If you want a replacement instead of selling Santacroce, then swap him for Kjaer of Palermo who will be rising from 87 to 89.
  10. Re: Fabiano SANTACROCE CB 23 ( napoli ) drop or stay Well let's see, Fabiano Santacroce Serie A stats for 09/10: 2 apps out of a possible 13 I'll let you decide...
  11. Re: Could someone help with a few prediction?
  12. Re: ronn's AC Milan rating prediction! LOL, that is officially the understatement of the decade!
  13. Re: ronn's AC Milan rating prediction! He may have a higher chance of dropping than rising' date=' but surely he has an even higher chance of staying than dropping? It's about time [b']Gattuso[/b] dropped to at least 93, but dropping Ambrosini now when he's in his best form for years wouldn't be too fair. I'm guessing it sounds like I have Ambrosini from these posts - well I don't, but I have the opportunity to buy him for the short-term and probs will despite the risk of him dropping This means I will of course be quite disappointed if he drops
  14. Re: Looking for a rising RM!! Yeah sorry I forgot to mention that' date=' but as [i']rooneyisyummy[/i] says I find wingers play just as well as RM/LMs if not better. And I would say he's the next best thing after Pablo. It's the wrong time to say it with Pablo's current lethal form, but he's arguably a better prospect at 21 years of age compared to Pablo's 24.
  15. Re: Looking for a rising RM!! Diego Perotti? Should rise 86-88/89
  16. Re: Could someone help with a few prediction? Hello mate, your predictions are generally pretty good. Here are the few I [slightly] disagree with: RB-Glen Johnson 89 < 90/91 50/50 but wouldn't be surprised if his pre-injury form gets him a 91 CB-Joleon Lescott 90 < 91 Maybe stay at 90 for now so 90/91 or 91/90 DM-Alexandre Song 88 < 89 Small chance of 90 if they're feeling generous so 89/90 CM-Gareth Barry 91 < 92 Slight doubt but you're probs right 92/91 WING-Ashley Young 90 < 91 Not likely in my opinion, 90/91 FWD-Honorato Nilmar 89 < 90/91 Classy v Chile/Eng, but not playing/scoring in Spain so 90/89 (70%/30%) FWD-Givanildo Vieira Hulk 88 < 90 As long as his unfavourable stats don't blind SM so 90/89 FWD-Edin Dzeko 91 < 91 Nothing wrong with this now but keep in mind he could be 92 in 2/3 changes FWD-Alvaro Negredo 90 < 91 Maybe stay 90 for now so 90/91 But yeah, your squad is coming along nicely. I would think about getting a LB and RB as cover, especially LB since Marcelo might get a LM/LB positional change, and then an extra Wing or AM. You might want to consider one of these for the latter position if available: Giovinco, Sebastian 88-89/88 Di Maria, Angel 88-89 Perotti, Diego 86-88/89 Pablo Hernandez 88-90 Mata, Juan Manuel 91-92 You've probs heard of all of these already but you can see where I'm coming from
  17. Re: Victor Valdes Rating of 91 Ken always talks a lot of sense so I'm assuming he means Frey and Reina are much better than Valdes. Funnily enough I agree SM ratings should be based on how well someone actually plays football and not about stats, which is why I completely abhor the thought of Valdes rising to 93 just because Barcelona won the treble. I would be disappointed with an increase to 92 too as he's the weak link at Barca just like Almunia at Arsenal who adds nothing special to the team, but if he reaches 93 without a radical change in his game, that's the time to quit playing SM or let blind people decide player ratings. Ow and this has to be the most biased poll I've seen yet - will Valdes rise or will he rise even more? D'oh!
  18. Re: ronn's AC Milan rating prediction! How comes everyone's so sure Massimo Ambrosini will drop? He's the club captain, has played a part in 11 of 13 Serie A games so far this season and has started all 5 of Milan's Champions League games so far (only being subbed off in the first). According to the stats he has just 1 assist this season, but seeing as he's a defensive midfielder and according to all match reports I've read is doing his job well, in addition to the fact the 94-rated Gattuso has no assists in the 7 Serie A games and 1 Champs League game he's managed this season, surely he should keep his 92? Milan even renewed his contract 'til 2011 after naming him club captain for the season - surely not how they would treat a player if they believed he was on the decline?
  19. Re: What the crud sm transfer bid max!! Well I've always assumed the max bid would be linked to who needs the player the most as you say, but I can't say I'm surprised by this revelation it's not. I should have learnt by now it's pretty much safe to assume any changes SM bring in are more likely to FU the game BAR than make it fairer.
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