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  1. Re: Gourcuff is 92!! Yeah I agree - I meant to say maybe Gorskino10' date=' who [i']salartacus[/i] quoted, got Lass and Alou mixed up when he said something along the lines of Diarra can't play football. And yes, Alou and Gignac starting against Ireland are classic examples of Domenech's lunacy.
  2. Re: RM and LM Risers Diego Perotti and Angel Di Maria if you don't mind wingers.
  3. Re: Is this deal worth it? No way would I do this deal. Depends what set-up you're in I suppose, but since top LBs are hard to find most teams are prepared to give away much better players than BUSQUETS for LAHM (regardless of him being RB/LB). The only improvement you can get on LAHM is CLICHY, EVRA and COLE with LB as their primary position, and CHIELLINI as long as he keeps LB as his secondary position. Not even ABIDAL, CHIVU and ZAMBROTTA are comparable to LAHM as they are all significantly older. In BUSQUET'S position, however, there are at least 30 other players on the database that you could get instead. If, on the other hand, you have or can get a replacement as KangarooJack says and you haven't got any good CM/DMs for your first-team and you can't get any good CM/DMs for your first-team and other riser CM/DMs such as Lass DIARRA, FELIPE MELO, MARCHISIO and RAMIRES aren't available, only then would I consider doing the deal.
  4. Re: Lloris -akinfeev-mandanda Akinfeev - top reflexes = great at penalties and shot-stopping. Not so good in the air. Lloris - only weakness atm is his consistency. Awful in the 5-5 draw with Marseille, but France's best player in the games against Ireland. Could easily become the best 'keeper in the world if he can consistently perform at his best. Mandanda - France's No. 2 behind Lloris, and rightly so. So Lloris is the best 'keeper of the three in my opinion, and is in the best position for a high SM rating (as Lyon/France > CSKA/Russia). I can see Akinfeev getting a transfer to a bigger club, maybe Bayern since Rensing sucks, but would still go for Lloris as he is the better GK in my opinion and is going to the World Cup courtesy of Henry's hand (whereas Russia aren't). EDIT: Atm I'm thinking max potential for the three are something like: Mandanda 91/92 (nearly peaked already) Akinfeev 92/93 (when he moves to a bigger club) Lloris 96 (best 'keeper in the world!) Just my opinion.
  5. Re: Gourcuff is 92!! Maybe he got him mixed up with Alou Diarra
  6. Re: Understanding Balance & Transfer Budgets from One Season to the Next But whenever I bought a player under the old system the Transfer Budget AND BALANCE decreased by the value of the player? And I ended last season with £20mil Balance and £45m Transfer Budget, new season started and I had (as expected) £20m Balance and £20m Transfer Budget (before SM changed it back to just £20m Balance). So surely this wasn't a case of last season's Transfer Budget being injected into the Balance (because then I'd have £65m), but rather a new Transfer Budget projected on the new season's Balance. You'll see what I mean if you read what I said here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=54019 Obviously it doesn't matter much now, but I'm just pointing out I genuinely think (perhaps incorrectly) that what I said above is right.
  7. Re: SM Getting Rid of Transfer Budget ? This is poor, what a mess.
  8. Re: Understanding Balance & Transfer Budgets from One Season to the Next Sorry, don't think it matters anymore, just logged in and saw this message: IMPORTANT NEWS: The chairman has decided to invest a further £682,664 into Manchester City. Your Chairman has decided to remove your Transfer Budget and instead allow you to spend all your available balance. Looks like SM have abandoned the Transfer Budget, there's a thread on it here: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=54695
  9. Re: Understanding Balance & Transfer Budgets from One Season to the Next
  10. Re: Honorato NILMAR The whole first-choice backline was injured so Capello was forced to pick them. Terry was injured just before the game, Ferdinand has calf/back problems, Johnson was out with a hamstring injury and Cole suffered a 'depressed fracture of the tibia'. This left probably the worst defense to line-up for England - Brown, Upson, Lescott, Bridge - I would have started Warnock, but not much else Capello could have done.
  11. Re: Chairman Expectations No? No-one thinks this would be a better way to work out chairman expectations? (Btw I'm only asking because I know it would be!)
  12. Re: Honorato NILMAR I think that's a bit harsh - it was just a fine early header from Nilmar who found himself completely unmarked, not Foster's fault at all.
  13. Re: midfielder Come again?
  14. Re: LUCHO GONZALEZ, Oscar But isn't the game in Madrid?
  15. Re: Who has the better potential? Neither, save your money.
  16. Re: Left Back Georgi SCHENNIKOV, 83-86+: http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=31270 You'd have to wait for the next Russian changes, however long that will be.
  17. Re: need decent forward I'm just speculating, but I would say 89's in the bag with a chance of 90 depending on how he plays 'til the changes, probs 60/40 against going by his and Benfica's form at the moment.
  18. Re: pepe for ferdinand ? Where's Chiellini at? I'd swap Ferdinand for him if anybody.
  19. Re: cole or evra? Tough one but Evra just edges it for me. I certainly wouldn't say Cole is the best left-back in the world without doubt; I wonder which team joeybirks supports.
  20. Re: TOP 5 LBs rated between 80-90 1. Aly CISSOKHO 2. Domenico CRISCITO 3. Pereira da Silva FABIO 4. Kieran GIBBS 5. Emiliano INSUA I haven't included Davide SANTON because he'll most likely be Italy's future RB not LB, while imo Clarindo ANDRÉ SANTOS and Luís Kasmirski FILIPE are merely standing in as Brazil's LB until FABIO's game inevitably improves as he matures. TAIWO is athletic with a powerful shot but I'm not so sure of his defensive credentials, BAINES will be behind GIBBS as England's future LB, and BOCCHETTI is more of a CB so can be discounted. I've also discounted Vieira MARCELO on the principle that left-backs should be able to defend, although he clearly shows his qualities when going forward. Paolo DE CEGLIE has good attacking qualities also, but he's not the defender CRISCITO is; Juventus should have kept him in my opinion.
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