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  1. Re: Best option for Left Back? Bit extreme for a Deportivo player mate, he should get a 90. I don't agree Lescott's done enough yet to warrant a rise to 91 either, but maybe that's just me.
  2. Re: Who to buy as a DM? There's Moussa SISSOKO 86-87/88 (in the France squad for Rep of Ireland matches) and Eliaquim MANGALA 80-85/86 (scored against Arsenal in Champs League in September, regular Standard Liege player at 17 years of age) to consider. FERNANDO should be a safe 90 though if you need someone for your first team.
  3. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Cheers, I'd better get saving for Clichy then - only got £40mil which the Arsenal manager has already turned down
  4. Re: Which one is best? Am I the only one who doesn't understand this?!
  5. Re: Rising right back I was going to say Marius STANKEVICIUS, a solid rising RB from 87 to 88 with 10 games for Sampdoria so far this season and 4 games for Lithuania, but he'll most likely never reach 90 so I don't think this is what you're after. Instead, assuming the obvious SANTON and RAFAEL are taken, you'll most likely want to sign someone like César AZPILICUETA, Juan ZUNIGA, or Garry BOCALY for their future potential. The first of these was coincidentally linked with a move to Man City or Arsenal in today's press.
  6. Re: Best option for Left Back? Cissokho for sure.
  7. Re: Think i was robbed! So your club only has £2.5 million in the bank and are probs making a loss of half a million a turn due to too high wages, but you want to go out and spend £45 million on transfers anyway? Not exactly Arsene Wenger are you?
  8. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Hello Italian experts, Anyone know if Grosso has a chance of regaining his 92 anytime soon now he's at Juve? He's the weak link in my team so I'm considering an outrageous bid for Clichy if not. Thanks in advance.
  9. Re: Deal ? Or No Deal ? - Chelsea new club If he is then he's crazy.
  10. Re: Deal ? Or No Deal ? - Chelsea new club NO DEAL! And shocking is offering a generous £20m for Lavezzi (90), then receiving a counter-offer of Mexes (92), Berbatov (93) and the £20m for him
  11. Re: Looking for high rated CBsand fullback? Keep the great advice coming guys...
  12. Re: Dragan Stojković Piksi I know where you're coming from, I mean it's not as if there were over 22,000 witnesses or anything...
  13. Re: Dragan Stojković Piksi He should be on the pitch still, showing those Japanese punks how football's supposed to be played
  14. Jahmes


    Re: Dida Give it up, he's past it and you know it.
  15. Re: Valencia + Zezinho = Di Maria Di Maria will probably rise to 89 in the next change actually. He wasn't a regular starter last season, I think he had something like 2 goals in 12 league starts and 12 sub appearances, but so far this season he's missed just 1 game. And he won't be losing his starting place soon judging by the three goals he set-up in Benfica's 5-0 demolition of Everton in the Europa league tonight. This, combined with his starts in the last two WC Qualifying wins for Argentina, will lead anyone who has actually been following him to conclude he will rise to at least 89. I personally would do the deal since Di Maria is a lot more technically gifted than Valencia so has the highest potential rating in my opinion, but you can't really argue with a regular starter for Man Utd who will rise, so for the short-term the deal doesn't make sense (plus throwing in Zezinho takes the biscuit). Depends if Valencia is your first choice winger now/upon rising to 90/91, or just back-up. Plus Di Maria's six year contract and £40million buy-out clause is a slight stumbling block for any potential move to a bigger club.
  16. Re: southgate sacked!! Gareth Southgate: nice bloke, sh!t manager.
  17. Re: Any 94+ RISER ??????? Oh dear, this has to be one of the worst predicitions I've seen.
  18. Re: Diego CAPEL Just to add insult to injury, you should buy Diego Perotti to replace him if available, and watch as he rises from 86-88 then 89/90 in the next couple of rating changes while Capel drops to 89
  19. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now Yeah the 10 players I've listed from Slovakia, Czech Rep and Austria have all risen, but the 18 from Denmark, Holland and Germany are still to come so hold onto them for now.
  20. Re: Deals collapsing for no reason
  21. Re: Deals collapsing for no reason
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