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  1. Re: Deals collapsing for no reason There's a rule where you can only have three transfers with each club a season, so if you've already had three transfers with the other club then that's why. Other than that, the SMFA also block deals if they suspect either manager of cheating. It would have said something like 'Man Utd's Chairman has blocked the deal' if the chairman wasn't happy with it so it can't be that.
  2. Re: Deals collapsing for no reason Just to be clear both teams taking part in the transfer have to have at least 21 players AND at least 2 goalkeepers. As long as both of these conditions are met by both teams then the transfer should go through, as long as the transfer itself doesn't result in either of these conditions being broken (i.e. swapping one of two goalkeepers for a striker or two players for one when one team is on the borderline in meeting the conditions).
  3. Re: Deals collapsing for no reason I know you're not selling a Goalkeeper, but just to be sure do both teams have two Goalkeepers already? If he only has one Gk he might have to buy another one first. If, however, you both have at least two already then yeah it's probs a glitch unlucky
  4. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now ____________________ *Investment Update* ____________________ So far you would be on your way to making approx. £13,496,750 profit by investing in the ten players I listed from Slovakia, Czech Rep and Austria: Thread No., First Name(s), SURNAME(S), Current Rating-Predicted Rating/(s), Buying Price, Actual Rise, Chairman Value, Wages, Investment, Profit, Return on Investment (2 d.p.) _______________ SLOVAKIA _______________ 3. Martin DUBRAVKA 70-76 10k +7 520k(e1) 21*3.5k=73.5k(e1) 83.5k(e1) 436.5k 5.23 4. David SKUTKA 74-79 250k +4 680k 21*3.5k=73.5k 323.5k 356.5k 1.10 4. Milos LACNY 74-81 200k +6 1.06m 21*3.65k=76.65k 276.65k 783.35k 2.83 4. Dusan USKOVIC 70-77/78 10k +10 970k 21*11.4k=239.4k 249.4k 720.6k 2.89 7. Timon DOBIAS 70-79/80 10k +10 1.7346m(s1) 21*3.5k=73.5k(e2) 83.5k 1.6511m 19.77 _______________ CZECH REP _______________ 4. Anes HAURDIC 74-80 350k +6 1.51m 21*3.5k=73.5k 423.5k 1.0865m 2.57 4. Bono WILFRIED 74-81/82 275k +8 2.26m 21*3.5k=73.5k 348.5k 1.9115m 5.48 4. Vaclav KADLEC 74-80 300k +6 1.7808m(s2) 21*3.7k=77.7k 377.7k 1.4031m 3.71 _______________ AUSTRIA _______________ 1. Yasin PEHLIVAN 75-82/85 400k +10 4.46m 21*7.2k=151.2k 551.2k 3.9088m 7.09 2. Julian BAUMGARTLINGER 75-81 350k +7 1.74m 21*7.2k=151.2k 501.2k 1.2388m 2.47 1. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51442&highlight=austria+risers 2. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=52172&highlight=BAUMGARTLINGER 3. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51704&highlight=roman+wallner 4. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=48504&highlight=czech+risers&page=3 7. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=48161 I used all of the buying price, chairman's value and wages figures from my own set-up (since I bought them all too) except for: e1-estimated these because his rating went up before my bid was accepted s1-bought him ages ago so have already sold him hence have the sale figure instead of chairman's value (higher) e2-forgot to record his wages before I sold him so have estimated this s2-not available in my set-up but the manager who had him sold him for £1.7808m Of course all figures will however change from set-up to set-up so are approximate values. My first team average rating is 92; if yours is lower you'll make more money, if it's higher your chairman values will be lower so you'll make less money. _______________ SUMMARY _______________ So as I say the profit made is approx. £13,496,750 so far with Denmark, Holland and Germany still to come. More importantly, however, the figures show that the total cost of investing in these ten players would have been approx. £3,218,650 and after the changes they should now be worth around £16,715,400. This results in a return on investment (ROI) ratio of around 4.19 (2 decimal places) on the £3.2m investment after the 21-turn transfer ban (20 + 1 turn to sell). These ROI figures are the most significant as they can be used to compare investments whereby the higher the figure the better the investment. Timon DOBIAS therefore wins the award for best section 4 investment so far with a staggering ROI ratio of 19.77 compared to the next best money-making riser Yasin PEHLIVAN at 7.09. At 1.10, David SKUTKA was only just worth buying, so apologies go out for including him on the list. EDIT: It's just been drawn to my attention from another thread that I mucked up on USKOVIC - although my bid was accepted before he rose, the transfer was completed after he rose therefore he's on an 80-rated player's wages of £11.4k per turn. If you bought him sooner he'd be on around £3.5k per turn and his ROI would be significantly higher at around 11.62, second only to DOBIAS as best money-making riser so far.
  5. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now
  6. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now
  7. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now
  8. Re: If you want to make money buy these 26 players now
  9. I made this list for myself but thought others may find it useful. It's basically a one-off thread for lazy forumers - bid for all of these players NOW, then sell them in two months time after they've risen and come off their transfer bans. All I've done personally is trawl through the 'Main League Section 4 riser threads' that I could find in a short-time and picked out the best and most reliable risers that will occur over the next few weeks from each league; if you want to give rep or find more info on players click on their relevant thread (listed below) and do so there - all credit goes to those who spent ages researching and posting the player rating predictions. Obviously it's not a complete list and the predictions may be wrong, but these are all the players I've bid for so it is what it is. _____________________________________________ MAIN RATING CHANGES SECTION 4 RISERS +4+ _____________________________________________ _______________ AUSTRIA _______________ 1. Yasin PEHLIVAN 75-82/85 2. Julian BAUMGARTLINGER 75-81 _______________ CZECH REP _______________ 4. Anes HAURDIC 74-80 4. Bono WILFRIED 74-81/82 _______________ DENMARK _______________ 4. Anders LINDEGAARD 74-80 4. Ricki OLSEN 75-79/80 4. Lasse NIELSEN 77-82 4. Kasper POVLSEN 74-79/80 4. Kevin CONBOY 73-80/81 4. David ADDY 72-77 *One transfer at a time* _______________ GERMANY _______________ 4./5. Stefan REINARTZ 74-81 5. Christoph MORITZ (FC Schalke 04) 75 -> 80-82 5. Andre SCHURRLE (1. FSV Mainz 05) 72 -> 78-80 5. Michael PARENSEN (1. FC Union Berlin) 73 -> 78 2.Bund from here onwards 5. Michael RATAJCZAK (Fortuna Düsseldorf) 74 -> 80 5. Sebastian LANGKAMP (Karlsruher SC) 75 -> 81-83 5. Manuel JUNGLAS (Alemannia Aachen) 74 -> 79-81 5. Herve OUSSALE (Alemannia Aachen) 72 -> 76/77 *One transfer at a time* _______________ NETHERLANDS _______________ 6. Jacob LENSKY 75-79/80 6. Kelvin LEERDAM 75-81 6. Diogo VIANA 72-76/78 *On loan from Porto _______________ SLOVAKIA _______________ 3. Martin DUBRAVKA 70-76 4. David SKUTKA 74-79 4. Milos LACNY 74-81 4. Dusan USKOVIC 70-77/78 7. Timon DOBIAS 70-79/80 1. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51442&highlight=austria+risers 2. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=52172&highlight=BAUMGARTLINGER 3. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51704&highlight=roman+wallner 4. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=48504&highlight=czech+risers&page=3 5. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=51248&highlight=german+risers 6. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=50221 7. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=48161 8. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?p=750652 In total they should cost around £6mil to buy and can probably be sold for at least £16mil once they've all risen, making a tidy profit of around £10mil assuming you sell them all after their two-month transfer ban (although you may want to keep some if you're a smaller club). If you're on a limited budget then buy the lower-rated risers first (70-74) and work your way up until you run out of money you want to invest. Hope this helps people. EDIT: 28 players now, the following two were unavailable in my set-up so aren't on the list, but should both rise and are promising players. Also forgot to mention that Diogo Viana is one worth keeping in my opinion. 4. Miroslav STOCH 75-83 4. Vaclav KADLEC 74-78/79
  10. Re: GROSSO or MARCELO? Erm......no.
  11. Re: Philippe Coutinho You'll be getting him cheaper than Inter Milan did according to Reuters, apparently he cost them 3.8million euros.
  12. Re: any midfielders rising?? These rating predictions are for the next two changes, with the first of two numbers (89/90) the most likely in my opinion: CMs: Marchisio 89-90-90/91 Caps for Italy and Italian league regular Ramires 89-90-90/91 Caps for Brazil and Benfica regular Fernando 89-90/89-90/89 Ever-present at Porto Busquets 88-90/89-90/89 Barcelona squad player Denilson 89-89/90-90/89 Good but currently injured Diaby 88-89/88-89/90 Not so good but regular player and not bad either Palacios 88-89/88-89/90 Good but plays for Spurs (no euro comp) Lucas 88-88/89-89 Bad player (and I'm a Liverpool fan) but regular for now Wingers: Michel Bastos 89-90/89-90/91 Minor injury atm but first team player for Lyon when fit Lennon 89-90/89-90/91 Playing well, scoring goals, should be England first choice RW from now on Valencia 89-90/89-90/89 Self-explanatory Gentner 88-89/90-90/89 Caps for Germany and Wolfsburg first teamer, positional change to LM/CM or similar Pablo Hernandez 88-89/90-90/89 Played well when given his chance this season including 2 league goals for Valencia Marin 89-89/90-89/90 Caps for Germany but Weder aren't doing so well so far this season Di Maria 88-89/88-89/90 Regular for Benfica who are currently 2nd in league table Perotti 86-88/89-89/90 Also has 2 league goals, this time for Sevilla while keeping Capel on the bench
  13. Re: Midfielders 88/89 to rise Marchisio would be my first choice - currently Juve first teamer despite tough competition in midfield and has recently attained his first couple of caps for the Italian national team Others that will probs rise soon are Busquets, Denilson, Ramires, Franciso Fernando, D'Agostino and Gentner.
  14. Re: Chagas PAULO HENRIQUE I am, yes, and I even highlighted this fact when I said I'd sold Paulo Henrique in my first post on this thread (part , yet MsF still took it upon himself to put down my setup and question the integrity of my advice.
  15. Re: Chagas PAULO HENRIQUE Tut tut tut, people need to look up the term 'opportunity cost'. Yes if you keep him he will most likely rise to around 86/87 in the next Brazilian rating changes (MsF can confirm), and his value will increase from about £4/5mil to say £7/8mil, but if you sell him now you can use the £4/5mil you get to buy more risers and turn it into around £15mil (I find I at least triple any investment in risers). So money wise, it makes perfect sense to sell him now as the opportunity cost of not doing so is £15mil - £7/8mil = £7/8mil. This means the only questions you have to ask are: a) will he become a regular player for a top european club in the future and/or become a brazilian international? and will someone else in my set-up snap him up if I sell him or will I be able to safely buy him back? They are of course tough questions to judge the answers to, but if you think either answer is 'no' then sell him. I invested £10k in Paulo Henrique a while back, and then sold him after his rise as I judged the answers to both questions to be 'no' (although I could well be proved wrong).
  16. Jahmes

    100+ youth players!

    Re: 100+ youth players!
  17. Re: Who to keep??? Sell them all, seriously. Sure some of them will rise again in the next changes, but the opportunity cost of keeping them is greater than the profit you'll make from this second rise. Instead sell them (you've probs at least tripled the money you invested in them) and invest the money in more typical risers then repeat the cycle. The only reason to keep risers is if they have talent as well which, naturally, most riser threads don't take into account. From the list below the ones with the most potential, if any, are probably Skogseid and Hedenestad. Still sell them, only re-shortlist them after they're sold and monitor their progress to see if they move to a top club or get games for Norway (which won't be for ages if at all), in which case you can re-sign them.
  18. Re: who should i sell to raise money? I would sell Benaglio, Baines, Cleiton Xavier and Sessegnon. None are due a decrease in rating but you have better alternatives. You might have to wait for Asenjo to rise before you can sell Benaglio, Sessegnon I would take the £14mil now if you want to raise money (although really it depends on what you need the money for). As for Cleiton Xavier, he'll probs rise to 89 maybe 90 but then won't be able to rise anymore all the time he stays in Brazil, whereas the four other CMs you have are seeing game time for top European clubs. Finally, with the money you raise you'll probs want to buy a better right-winger than Nani (who you can keep as back-up), another promising striker and then maybe swap Motta for Criscito/Filipe/Taiwo. If Pogrebnyak is at an unmanaged club defo don't do the deal, Berg will probs rise either this change or the next then you can do a straight swap depending on how many goals each have in the Bundesliga by then.
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