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  1. Re: Sports Injuries. I saved a penalty with my face once, was laying on the ground temporarily blind while the penalty-taker tapped in the rebound Still, doesn't compare to a dislocated kneecap
  2. Re: Goalkeeper!!!!!!! With £36mil you might be able to afford Frey and Lloris as back-up - you'd be set then and can sell all your other 'keepers.
  3. Re: More leniency from the chairman please
  4. Re: Player stats and extra Yes it has been mentioned before, yes it is a good idea, yes injuries are ridiculous and yes media attention would be a good idea, even if it will just likely confuse the SM developers who will manage to muck it up along with most other game 'improvements'. EDIT: welcome to the forum
  5. Re: Who Should I Sell? Firstly, obviously keep Aaron Ramsey - don't you know he plays for Arsenal?! Secondly, if you have two higher-rated goalkeepers then sell Ross Turnbull, if not then keep him as first-choice or back-up. Lastly, if any of McNaughton, Parry, Whittingham or Thompson get in your first team then keep them, if not sell them. Sorted.
  6. Re: Need a CM/LM rate 89 or better and got 8 Million ?????? CM/DM Claudio MARCHISIO 89-90 - playing well for Juventus at the moment and has recently made his first two appearances for the senior Italian international team. CM Kwadwo ASAMOAH 85-87/88-89/90 - injured right now but should be back soon and will rise due to breaking into the Ghanian international team after brilliant performances for Udinese in Serie A. DM/CM Ranieri SANDRO 86-88-88/89 - another international debutant, this time for Brazil after some impressive performances for Internacional. Brazil changes have just been however so you would have to wait for his rise. LM/Wing Fernandes MICHEL BASTOS 89-89/90-90-90/91 - played well for Lille, moved to Lyon and is playing well. Is currently out with a calf injury but is a first-teamer when fit. Of these Marchisio has the greatest potential in my opinion since he's already a first team player (despite facing tough competition for a midfield place at Juventus). EDIT: whilst the best value for money is of course Asamoah. Busquets then Granero are the best from KNVB's list in my opinion, while so far D'Agostino isn't playing nearly as well as he was for Udinese last season with Di Natale stealing the limelight.
  7. Re: 4 great CB's but which TWO to sell?
  8. Poll to see who agrees the chairman's role sucks. The chairman's suppose to block transfers bad for your club; it's the complete opposite, my own chairman's blocked the best two transfers I've set-up. This game is now officially ridiculous, first SM take away all your money and force you to sell players, then they stop you from buying players and make the players you have left injury-prone. What's next the chairman tells you which players to play and sets up the tactics?
  9. Re: Diego Perotti - Sevilla. Bargain!
  10. Re: Diego Perotti - Sevilla. I think he played in over half of Sevilla's games in between around last Christmas to the end of last season (can't be bothered to look it up), replacing Capel in the Sevilla side (they're both 21 year-old wingers). This season he's played a part in all 5 of Sevilla's competitive games, including 2 goals in 4 league starts (scored second in 2-0 win against Mallorca two days ago), again keeping the 90-rated Capel on the bench. So he should rise to 88/89 then 89/90 in the next two changes. Not sure if this means Capel will drop one short-term, he often comes off the bench though.
  11. Re: Diego BUONANOTTE and Honorato NILMAR for KANOUTE Those links don't work but you've probably already worked out what to do yourself by now. In case you weren't aware Nilmar scored a hat-trick for Brazil against Chile two weeks ago, but then again what do I know...
  12. Re: Wingers ?!?! Cheers mate, I wasn't aware of that website.
  13. Re: Yoann GOURCUFF Agreed, Gourcuff's been likened to Zinedine Zidane. Now I'm not particularly saying he's as good as Zidane now or will be one of the best footballers ever like Zidane, but Anderson isn't exactly comparable to Kaka is he? I think you got a good deal there
  14. Re: Wingers ?!?! Diego Perotti would be another good option if available. He's played a part in all of Sevilla's five competitive games this season, scoring two goals in four league starts: http://soccernet.espn.go.com/team/results?id=243&cc=5739 (click the 'FT' hyperlinks under the 'STATUS' column for team line-ups) He's currently rated 86 and is restricting 90-rated Capel to appearances from the bench for most games so can't be that bad. Will probably rise to 88/89 then 89/90.
  15. Re: SANDRO, Ranieri (86) - 9C How good is he? The Brazilian Mascherano? I have him in my squad but also have De Rossi, Felipe Melo, Lass and Asamoah, and I'm trying to work out how far down the list he is.
  16. Re: Retiring Players I get it, it's a joke, but it doesn't even make sense - who are you talking to? That's now two unnecessary comments on this scrapheap of a thread (four if you count my retaliatory posts).
  17. Re: Player Ratings help Lol true! I feel stupid now' date=' but not as stupid as the managers in my set-up who have loads of naff players but [i']don't[/i] sell them for unmanaged club's good ones as you say (which even I'm not too stupid to do!) I'll be quiet now
  18. Don't know a lot about how SM treat player positions, so will Thomas Vermaelen keep his LB secondary position even though he's only played as a CB for Arsenal (and probs never will play as a LB, at least not before the English rating changes)? I hope so because I could do with a decent LB, esp. since Vermaelen will still be my third choice CB even with the expected rise, but it's probs just wishful thinking.
  19. Re: Player Ratings help Yeah it's a pretty necessary rule too if you think about it; otherwise once a manager leaves a club, and after the 7 day transfer embargo of said club, every good player at that club will be swapped for two naff players by other managers in the set-up. This will ruin the team sufficiently enough to discourage anyone else coming into the set-up and managing it.
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