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  1. I have been offered a straight swap for RVP with Thomas Muller. My other strikers are: Diego Costa Lewandowski Suarez Schurrle (Most time used a AM) I usually play 4-2-4 What do you suggest?
  2. Re: Robin Van Persie - Keep or Sell? No opinions?
  3. Re: Robin Van Persie - Keep or Sell? What would you say for a P.E with Muller? My other strikers are: Diego Costa Lewandowski Suarez Schurrle (Most time used a AM) I usually play 4-2-4
  4. Re: De Gea or Courtois Do you think that he will be rated higher?
  5. I have both of this two as first keeper. Unfortunately due to concerns one must go. who should I keep?
  6. Re: I need help with squad clearout Nobody can help??
  7. Re: I need help with squad clearout I have concerns. I already sold Kwado Asamoah, Ivanovic, Thiago Alcantara, Alex Sandro.
  8. Hi this is my First team. I think that I must do some clearance. What do you think? DE GEA, David GK 23 91 COURTOIS, Thibaut GK 21 91 PIQUÉ, Gerard D© 26 95 SILVA, Thiago D© 29 95 CHIELLINI, Giorgio D(LC) 29 94 HUMMELS, Mats D,DM© 24 93 BOATENG, Jérôme D(RLC) 25 90 CARVAJAL, Daniel D,DM® 21 88 BENDER, Lars D®,DM,M(RC) 24 91 PISZCZEK, Lukasz D,DM,M® 28 92 MARCELO, Vieira D,DM,M(L) 25 93 BUSQUETS, Sergio D,DM,M© 25 95 DE ROSSI, DanieleD,DM,M© 30 94 ILLARRAMENDI, Asier DM,M© 23 89 KROOS, Toni M,AM© 23 92 MODRIĆ, Luka DM,M,AM© 28 93 BALE, Gareth AM(RLC) 24 94 REUS, Marco AM,F(RLC) 24 93 ÖZIL, Mesut AM(RLC) 25 94 SILVA, David AM(RLC) 27 94 GÖTZE, Mario AM(RLC),F(RL) 21 93 FÀBREGAS, Cesc M,AM,F© 26 95 MÜLLER, Thomas AM,F(RLC) 24 94 NEYMAR, Júnior AM,F(RLC) 21 93 ROONEY, Wayne AM©,F(RLC) 28 94 AGÜERO, Sergio AM©,F(RLC) 25 94
  9. Right now I have De Gea And Courtois both as my first keeper. This resulted on both having concerns. Joe Hart is currently available at an external club. Shall I exchange any of these two in order to get him? Probably most people will tell me to give De Gea and get Hart. But what will happen if Courtois rises to 92?
  10. What shall I do with these two? Is it worth keeping or sell them?
  11. Re: Sell hart or courtois? Hi guys. Who would you choose between De Gea or Courtois?
  12. I need cash. I usually play with one attacker. I already have Higuain, Neymar, Dzeko, Mandzukic and Jackson Martinez. Who between avezzi and Vucinic should I sell?
  13. Both of them are currently DM/CB. Isn't it time for them to get their CM back? De Rossi played as a CB only at EURO. Busquets doesn't remember the last time he played CB. De Rossi currently is a CM/DM. He has even scored some goals recently. Busquets is again a DM/CM. So that's the time to give them their correct positions back.
  14. Re: Sell Pato?? Hmmm, and what about if I had to choose between Pato and Dzeko?
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